Whether you want a new look for lunch with the girls or dinner with the family, there's one of our designer handbags on sale to match the occasion. Shop Vera Bradley handbags at sale prices you’ll love.

Edie Satchel in Dogwood Productinfo
DogwoodProvencalPortobello RoadVa Va Bloom

Edie Satchel

$80.00 $36.00 MORE COLORS
Bowler in Provencal Productinfo
ProvencalPortobello RoadVa Va BloomPriscilla Pink


$86.00 $38.70 MORE COLORS


$70.00  $42.00–$49.00 MORE COLORS
Little Mandy in Bittersweet Productinfo

Little Mandy

$60.00  $30.00–$36.00 Sold Out
Eloise in Provencal Productinfo
ProvencalCanyonPortobello RoadVa Va BloomPriscilla Pink


$75.00 $33.75 MORE COLORS
Chain Shoulder Bag in Raisin Productinfo

Chain Shoulder Bag

$88.00 $61.60 MORE COLORS
Chain Bag in Priscilla Pink Productinfo
Priscilla PinkMocha Rouge

Chain Bag

$78.00 $35.10 MORE COLORS
100 Handbag in Portobello Road Productinfo

100 Handbag

$54.00  $27.00–$32.40 Sold Out
Cassidy in Provencal Productinfo
ProvencalPortobello Road


$58.00  $29.00–$34.80 MORE COLORS
Celebration Clutch in Classic Black with Midnight Blossoms Productinfo

Celebration Clutch

$58.00 $40.60 Sold Out
Laser-Cut Clutch in Cheery Blossoms Productinfo
Midnight PaisleyCheery BlossomsEmerald PaisleyZiggy Zinnia

Laser-Cut Clutch

$68.00 $47.60 MORE COLORS


$68.00 $30.60 MORE COLORS
Julia Handbag in Very Berry Paisley Productinfo
Very Berry Paisley

Julia Handbag

$52.00 $23.40
Mini Turn Lock Crossbody in Flutterby with Purple Trim Productinfo
Flower Shower with Brown TrimPetal Paisley with Navy TrimFlutterby with Purple Trim

Mini Turn Lock Crossbody

$48.00 $33.60 MORE COLORS

Carryall Crossbody

$72.00  $43.20–$50.40 MORE COLORS