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Laurie Readers in Blue Bayou Productinfo
Blue BayouJulep Tulip

Laurie Readers

$28.00  $16.80–$19.60 MORE COLORS
Laurie Readers in Plum Crazy Productinfo
Plum Crazy

Laurie Readers

$28.00 $19.60 MORE COLORS
Lindsay Readers in Baroque Productinfo

Lindsay Readers

$28.00 $16.80 Sold Out
Kimberly Readers in Purple Punch Productinfo
Purple Punch

Kimberly Readers

Card Case in Leopard Spots Productinfo
Leopard SpotsPetite Pink

Card Case

$16.00 $11.20 MORE COLORS
Twice as Nice Keychain in Blossoms Productinfo
BlossomsEmerald DiamondsLeopard SpotsPetite Pink

Twice as Nice Keychain

$16.00 $11.20 MORE COLORS
Zip-Around Wristlet in Pink Swirls Productinfo
Cheery BlossomsEmerald PaisleyPink Swirls

Zip-Around Wristlet

$38.00 $26.60 MORE COLORS
Trimmed Wristlet in Petite Pink with Fuchsia Trim Productinfo
Leopard Spots with Black TrimPetite Pink with Fuchsia Trim

Trimmed Wristlet

$38.00 $26.60 MORE COLORS
Regina Sunglasses in Emerald Paisley Productinfo
Emerald Paisley

NEW! Regina Sunglasses

$64.00 $44.80
Rosemary Sunglasses in Emerald Paisley Productinfo
Emerald Paisley

NEW! Rosemary Sunglasses

$64.00 $44.80 MORE COLORS