Shop Vera Bradley cute, colorful accessories on sale for the perfect finishing touch at too-tempting prices.

Initial Keychain in Heather Productinfo

Initial Keychain

$15.00 $7.50 Sold Out

Loop Keychain

$16.00  $9.60–$11.20 MORE COLORS
Mirror Mirror Keychain in Marina Paisley Productinfo

Mirror Mirror Keychain

Sold Out
Seashore Keychain in Plum Crazy Productinfo

Seashore Keychain

$15.00 $10.50 Sold Out
Tote Around Keychain in Sun Valley Productinfo

Tote Around Keychain

$22.00 $13.20 Sold Out
Breakaway Lanyard in Midnight Blues Productinfo

Breakaway Lanyard

$16.00  $8.00–$11.20 MORE COLORS
Lanyard in Tutti Frutti Productinfo


$12.00  $6.00–$8.40 MORE COLORS
Trifold Wallet in Raisin Productinfo

Trifold Wallet

$48.00 $33.60 MORE COLORS
Celebration Wristlet in Classic Black with Pink Blossoms

Celebration Wristlet

$38.00 $26.60 Sold Out
Shimmer Wristlet in Blossoms

Shimmer Wristlet

$38.00 $26.60 Sold Out
Shimmer Zip Pouch in Emerald Paisley

Shimmer Zip Pouch

$24.00 $16.80 Sold Out
Accordion Wallet in Fanfare Fans Productinfo

Accordion Wallet

$42.00 $29.40 MORE COLORS
Pom Pom Knit Hat in Leopard Spots

Pom Pom Knit Hat

$28.00 $19.60 Sold Out
Knit Scarf in Moon Drops

Knit Scarf

$48.00 $33.60 Sold Out

Accordion Wallet

$49.00  $24.50–$34.30 MORE COLORS