Shop Vera Bradley cute, colorful accessories on sale for the perfect finishing touch at too-tempting prices.

3-1-1 Cosmetic in Midnight Blues Productinfo

3-1-1 Cosmetic

$28.00 $19.60 Sold Out
Cosmetic Trio in Flutterby Productinfo
FanfareFlutterbyPlum Crazy

Cosmetic Trio

$40.00  $16.00–$28.00 MORE COLORS
Puffy Cosmetic in Fern Productinfo

Puffy Cosmetic

$36.00 $18.00
Mirror Cosmetic in Go Wild Productinfo

Mirror Cosmetic

$28.00 $14.00 Sold Out

Brush and Pencil

$26.00  $10.40–$18.20 MORE COLORS

Jewelry Case

$34.00  $20.40–$23.80 MORE COLORS
Jewelry Box in Venetian Paisley Productinfo
Venetian Paisley

Jewelry Box

$50.00 $30.00

Ditty Bag

$28.00  $11.20–$19.60 MORE COLORS

Lunch Sack

$34.00  $17.00–$23.80 MORE COLORS
Stay Cooler in Canterberry Magenta Productinfo
Canterberry MagentaMidnight Blues

Stay Cooler

$36.00  $14.40–$25.20 MORE COLORS
Lunch Tote in Plum Crazy Productinfo
Plum CrazyJazzy Blooms

Lunch Tote

$36.00  $21.60–$25.20 MORE COLORS
Lunch Break in Portobello Road Productinfo
DogwoodEnglish RoseRibbonsCanyonPortobello Road

Lunch Break

$34.00  $13.60–$20.40 MORE COLORS

Lunch Bunch

$34.00 $23.80 MORE COLORS
Bird Keychain in Flower Shower Productinfo

Bird Keychain

$12.00 $6.00 Sold Out