Shop Vera Bradley cute, colorful accessories on sale for the perfect finishing touch at too-tempting prices.

Amanda in Julep Tulip Productinfo
Blue BayouJulep Tulip


$28.00 $19.60 MORE COLORS
Photo Frame in Sun Valley Productinfo
Sun ValleyMarina PaisleyJazzy Blooms

Photo Frame

$28.00 $19.60 MORE COLORS
Sun Hat in Lilli Bell Productinfo
Tutti FruttiLilli Bell

Sun Hat

$38.00 $26.60 MORE COLORS
Lindsay in Baroque Productinfo


$28.00 $19.60
Vera Belt in Dogwood Productinfo
DogwoodEnglish RoseProvencalCanyonPortobello Road

Vera Belt

$29.00 $17.40 MORE COLORS
Layla in Midnight Blues Productinfo
Midnight BluesJazzy Blooms


$99.00 $69.30 MORE COLORS
Jewelry Folio in Canyon Productinfo

Jewelry Folio

Ornament in Dogwood Productinfo
DogwoodProvencalSuzaniHappy SnailsMocha Rouge


$19.00 $11.40 MORE COLORS
Bow Headband in Olivia Pink Productinfo
Olivia PinkBittersweet

Bow Headband

$15.00 $10.50 MORE COLORS
Lisa in Blue Bayou Productinfo
Blue BayouClementine


$28.00 $19.60 MORE COLORS
Cookin' With Vera in Marina Paisley Productinfo
Marina Paisley

Cookin' With Vera

Cocktail Party Napkins in Suzani Productinfo
SuzaniFloral NightingalePlum PetalsMocha Rouge

Cocktail Party Napkins

$22.00  $11.00–$13.20 MORE COLORS
Trina in Go Wild Productinfo
Go Wild


$99.00 $59.40
2014 Student Agenda in Venetian Paisley Productinfo
Venetian Paisley

2014 Student Agenda

$18.00 $1.98
Initial Keychain in Heather Productinfo

Initial Keychain

$15.00 $10.50
Happy Hour Set in Baroque Productinfo
BoysenberryBaroqueVery Berry Paisley

Happy Hour Set

$20.00  $10.00–$14.00 MORE COLORS
Dinner Plates in Boysenberry Productinfo

Dinner Plates

$7.00 $3.50
Medium eBook Cover in Go Wild Productinfo
Go Wild

Medium eBook Cover

$39.00 $23.40
Knotted Headwrap in Pink Swirls Productinfo
Pink Swirls

Knotted Headwrap

$16.00 $11.20
Snap On Case for iPhone 4/4S in Dogwood Productinfo

Snap On Case for iPhone 4/4S

$35.00 $21.00
Cocktail Plates in Boysenberry Productinfo

Cocktail Plates

$6.00 $3.00
Hair Ties in Flutterby Productinfo

Hair Ties

$12.00 $8.40
Reversible Toss Pillow in Paisley Meets Plaid Productinfo
Paisley Meets Plaid

Reversible Toss Pillow

$38.00 $26.60
Pocket Zip ID in Wine Productinfo

Pocket Zip ID

Beaded Stretch Headband in Ziggy Zinnia Productinfo
African VioletPink SwirlsZiggy Zinnia

Beaded Stretch Headband

$20.00 $14.00 MORE COLORS
2014 Student Agenda in Go Wild Productinfo
Go Wild

2014 Student Agenda

$18.00 $1.98
Fill In Invitations in Lime's Up Productinfo
Lime's UpPriscilla Pink

Fill In Invitations

$14.00 $8.40 MORE COLORS