Canterberry Magenta

Mini Loft Duffel in Canterberry Magenta with Black Trim Productinfo
Clementine with Geranium TrimJulep Tulip with Plum Trim

Mini Loft Duffel

$98.00 $68.60 MORE COLORS


$60.00 $40.00 MORE COLORS
Shimmer Evening Bag in Canterberry Magenta Productinfo

Shimmer Evening Bag

$58.00 $40.60 SOLD OUT


$86.00 $60.00 MORE COLORS
Laptop Backpack in Canterberry Magenta Productinfo
BittersweetGo Wild

Laptop Backpack

$109.00 $75.00 MORE COLORS
Backpack in Canterberry Magenta Productinfo
Plum CrazyJazzy BloomsGo WildDogwood


$89.00 $59.00 MORE COLORS
Neoprene Laptop Case in Canterberry Magenta Productinfo

Neoprene Laptop Case

$54.00 $37.80 SOLD OUT
Home and Away Cosmetic in Canterberry Magenta Productinfo

Home and Away Cosmetic

$49.00 $34.30 SOLD OUT

Medium Cosmetic

$26.00  $18.20–$19.00 MORE COLORS

Small Cosmetic

$22.00  $15.40–$16.00 MORE COLORS
3-1-1 Cosmetic in Flower Shower Productinfo

3-1-1 Cosmetic

$28.00 $19.60 SOLD OUT
Brush and Pencil in Baroque Productinfo
Cheery BlossomsFlower Shower

Brush and Pencil

$26.00 $18.20 MORE COLORS
Jewelry Box in Venetian Paisley Productinfo
Venetian Paisley

Jewelry Box

$50.00 $35.00

Ditty Bag

$28.00 $19.60 MORE COLORS

Lunch Sack

$34.00 $23.80 MORE COLORS
Lunch Bunch in Canyon Productinfo
Cheery BlossomsEmerald PaisleyZiggy ZinniaCanyon

Lunch Bunch

$34.00  $20.40–$23.80 MORE COLORS

Breakaway Lanyard

$16.00  $9.60–$11.20 MORE COLORS
Lanyard in Fanfare Productinfo
African VioletPink SwirlsFlutterbyBlue BayouClementine


$12.00 $8.40 MORE COLORS
Checkbook Cover in Canterberry Magenta Productinfo
Canterberry MagentaVenetian Paisley

Checkbook Cover

$20.00 $14.00 MORE COLORS

Turn Lock Wallet

$49.00  $34.30–$35.00 MORE COLORS

Euro Wallet

$32.00 $20.00 MORE COLORS

Zip ID Case

$12.00  $8.00–$8.40 MORE COLORS

Coin Purse

$14.00 $9.80 MORE COLORS
Shimmer Wristlet in Canterberry Magenta Productinfo

Shimmer Wristlet


Ball Point Pen

$19.00  $9.50–$13.30 MORE COLORS
Pocket Stickies in Midnight Blues Productinfo
Midnight BluesPlum Crazy

Pocket Stickies

$10.00  $6.00–$7.00 MORE COLORS
Striped Knit Glove in Canterberry Magenta Productinfo

Striped Knit Glove

Colorful Link Bracelet in Canterberry Magenta Productinfo

Colorful Link Bracelet

Vera Bangle in Heather

Vera Bangle


Bangle Set

$48.00  $28.80–$33.60 MORE COLORS

Heart Bangle

$38.00  $22.80–$26.60 MORE COLORS
Braided Charm Bracelet in Heather Productinfo
HeatherPlum Crazy

Braided Charm Bracelet

$22.00 $15.40 MORE COLORS

Travel Mug

$19.00 $13.30 MORE COLORS


$18.00 $12.60 MORE COLORS