Lanyard in Heather Productinfo
Midnight PaisleyCheery BlossomsMoon BloomsHeather


Double Eye in Moon Blooms Productinfo
Moon BloomsHeather

Double Eye

Eyeglass Case in Rio

NEW! Eyeglass Case

$24.00 Sold Out
Eyeglass Case in Lucky Dots

NEW! Eyeglass Case

$24.00 Sold Out
Turn Lock Wallet in Ziggy Zags Productinfo
Midnight HoundstoothLeopard SpotsZiggy ZagsShower Vines

Turn Lock Wallet

Coin Purse in Midnight Paisley Productinfo
Midnight Paisley

NEW! Coin Purse

Kiss Kiss Coin Purse in Lucky You Productinfo
Lucky You

NEW! Kiss Kiss Coin Purse

Kiss Kiss Coin Purse in Lucky Dots

NEW! Kiss Kiss Coin Purse

$22.00 Sold Out
Front Zip Wristlet in Lucky You Productinfo
Lucky You

NEW! Front Zip Wristlet

Front Zip Wristlet in Pink Swirls Flowers Productinfo
Pink Swirls Flowers

NEW! Front Zip Wristlet

Click Pens in African Violet Productinfo

Click Pens

Sold Out
Gel Pens in Fall 2014 Productinfo
Spring 2015Winter 2014Fall 2014

Gel Pens

Mechanical Pencil Set in African Violet Productinfo

Mechanical Pencil Set

$12.00 Sold Out
Dual Tip Highlighters in Fall 2014 Productinfo

Dual Tip Highlighters

Sold Out
Notebook with Pocket in Ziggy Zinnia Productinfo

Notebook with Pocket

$14.00 Sold Out
Study Buddy in African Violet Productinfo
African VioletPink SwirlsZiggy Zinnia

Study Buddy

Slim Journal Set in Pink Swirls Productinfo
Cheery BlossomsEmerald PaisleyPink Swirls

Slim Journal Set

Mini Memo Cube in Emerald Paisley Productinfo
Cheery BlossomsEmerald Paisley

Mini Memo Cube

Notepad with Pen in Cheery Blossoms

Notepad with Pen

$12.00 Sold Out