Throw Blanket in Olivia Pink

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SKU #12408146  | 50" x 80"

Grab your favorite book and settle in under this lightweight, beautiful blanket. Super soft and colorful as can be, it's covered in oversized design on both sides.

Details & Care Tips


  • Super soft, made from 100% polyester micro-fleece
  • Light enough to be a throw or an extra layer on the bed
  • Features oversized detail from each color

Care Tips

Machine wash warm with like colors; gentle cycle; only non-chlorine bleach as needed; tumble dry medium
FlutterbyFlower ShowerFanfarePetal PaisleyBlue BayouClementineJulep TulipCanterberry MagentaVenetian PaisleyOlivia PinkBittersweetTutti Frutti

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

Throw Blanket 4.6 5 164 168
WONDERFUL (until you wash it) I purchased the throw in Lola in December. The colors are true to the purse fabric. Very vibrant, very pretty. The throw is the perfect size to cuddle on the couch and to leave folded over the back (which is what I did...looked AWESOME on my dark brown leather couch). I came down with a cold and slept under this blanket for 3 days (so, so cuddly and soft). Since I was sick, I decided I'd wash it. I washed it per the instructions, using Woolite. This was the only item in the washer. When I went to put it in the dryer, you could see that there were fuzzies everywhere. They weren't pilling, almost like dust bunnies. I didn't think too much about it since it was the first wash. It got 100X worse in the dryer. It completely filled up my lint trap. When it was finished, the entire blanket was COVERED in little fuzzy lint balls. I used a sticky roller and got what I thought was most of it off. Slept with it that night. The next morning, my pjs, and everything in my bed was covered in the lint balls. So I washed it again. Same thing. Fuzzies everywhere. This time, I used my handheld vacuum to remove the lint. Much to my sadness, once again everything was covered in lint. So, I wash it a third time and vacuumed it again. This time I just folded it up and it is just decorative at the foot of my bed. I can tell you though that after 3 washes, lint rolling, and 2 vacuums....the colors and the softness are still awesome. It is just multiplying lint like nothing I've ever seen. Really is a shame, because it is probably the coziest blanket I have ever owned. Maybe the trick is to never wash it (ew!). April 21, 2014
"Blanket Throw Perfect Gift " OH MY GOSH!! This blanket is the most perfect throw ever. There is no other throw on the market that is this soft, and 80" long is unheard of. This blanket is in a class all it's own. To date, I have purchased 13. I only had one for myself until just recently. I got tired of my husband getting to it before me, so I finally purchased the second one for myself. I have given 11 as gifts. Christmas, showers, weddings, birthdays and "Just Because". Every single person I have given them to absolutely rave about theirs. They all comment on the length and softness. One lady said she had to tell her teenage daughters, "hands off, this one's mine"! I recently gave one for a wedding shower. Three other people were in attendance that I had given them to. They all said, "Oh my gosh, you're going to love that blanket!" Some others in attendance said, "Well I want one too". They are especially an absolute awesome gift for any sick person, especially a cancer patient going through chemo. You will brighten their day, believe me. I try to have at least one on hand just for cases like these. I've made a list of about a dozen more people that I want to bless, "just because". Go brighten someone's day and purchase them a VB throw blanket. PS You don't have to try and match their décor. They will never be on the back of a couch to just look pretty anyway. This is one gift that will be used. And that's what all the recipients have told me. Any color will do!! PPS I do wish VB would come out with a few colors that aren't all flowery. Men love these blankets too, but to give one as a gift to a man, the choices acceptable are very few. There needs to be a masculine choice. Sun Valley was more masculine but there aren't many in that category. April 21, 2014
Best Blanket Ever! :-) I got this blanket today in Flutterby, and it is just perfect! Ot's soft, high quality, and the colors are so vibrant! Ths blanket is the best gift out there! Flutterby is so pretty with this blanket! I love this blanket! April 20, 2014
Love them!!! Great quality! I have six of the vera throws and they are so soft and durable. My dog loves them too! I have washed all of my throws several times following the directions listed on the tag and have never had any issues. I'm not sure why others so stating they have shedding issues. They are the best throws and I will continue buying them as Vera keeps coming out with amazing new colors and patterns! March 31, 2014
The SOFEST blanket ever! I ordered this throw online in Sun Valley after reading the reviews. Since this was the only item I ordered at this time, I was expecting a small box to arrive in the mail. To my surprise, I received a humungous box! I opened it up to find the softest, largest throw blanket I had ever seen! It's absolutely gorgeous and large enough for 2! While the product description says that the design is printed on both sides, it isn't actually printed on both sides.... for anyone who has ever bought a patterned throw blanket before, you would know that the design is clearly printed on one side and although the mirror image of the pattern can be seen on the reverse side, it is a little fuzzier and a more faded version of the actual image. But that's just the way all patterned throw blankets are made. Sun Valley is a gorgeous pattern, however, the blue is a much darker navy than in the picture. I washed this blanket once upon receiving it just to get the factory smell out of it and again a month later. The first time I washed it, the blanket shed a bit - very very minor - but the second time I washed it, there was no shedding at all. The first time I washed it, I washed it alone on a gentle cycle with cold water (vs warm as indicated). I let the blanket air-dry for the most part and then threw it in the dryer on low heat for 5 mins just to get it to fluff up a bit. The second time I washed it, I washed it again in cold water on a gentle cycle with some other dark-coloured blankets (Sun Valley is a dark coloured pattern) and then threw it in the dryer on low heat. I don't know why so many people were having problems with shedding. Maybe there was some defect in the fabric or something but I haven't had any problems other than the very first time I washed it, but there was only very minor shedding and most throw blankets will shed a little the first time you wash them. The second time I washed it, there was no shedding at all. I highly recommend this Vera Bradley product. It is super soft and an absolutely wonderful addition to any living room or bedroom. I am looking forward to purchasing another very soon. March 27, 2014
My favorite blanket! I have owned this blanket for a while now and it is my go-to blanket for pretty much anything. I use it all the time to cover up with when I am laying on the couch and I even use it as an extra blanket on my bed just in case I need one. I love that it is over-sized so that I can actually cover my entire body with it. Other reviews have stated problems with fuzzies getting everywhere after washing, but I haven't had any problems with mine. Overall this is an amazing blanket and I would recommend it to anyone! March 23, 2014
Soft and Colorful This is SUPER Soft and all the patterns are beautiful ! Everyone chooses this throw above all the other throws we have, even our cat! Be careul how you wash it though, I washed one of ours and after washing and drying it wasnt as plush and soft, but the colors were still as vibrant. March 22, 2014
Soft as feathers I own three of these beautiful blankets in Heather, Lilly bell and Sun Valley they are sooooo soft, fluffy, and warm. I live in Michigan and our winters are cold and theses blankets are great . They are perfert to snuggle with on a cold night and I would highly recommend these blankets to everyone , these blankets are a must have and well worth the money. March 21, 2014
Poor Quality I purchased this blanket for a birthday gift for my sister. We were both very disappointed with the quality of the blanket. Although very soft, it was finished off terribly. The stitching was very uneven and the corners looked like a child had stitched them. This certainly was not Vera Bradley quality! March 21, 2014
Love them! So does our Chihuahua Have 6 of them and I'm lucky if I get to use any of them. The kids have their fav, hubby has his, and our fur baby hogs the rest of them. They are so soft and comfy. Like these a lot better than the stadium blankets that came out a couple yrs back.They wash well-I always wash several at one time or with similar items. Only complaint is that one of the 1st ones I recvd had a small hole in it-so always check them over really good when they arrive. March 18, 2014
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