2014 Agenda in Go Wild

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It’s a date! Never miss an important date again with this colorful 20-month agenda, which now features a fun medley of three colors inside - Lilli Bell, Go Wild and Plum Crazy.

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  • 20-month calendar (May 2013 - December 2014)
  • Includes monthly and weekly spreads, laminated tabs, two pockets, bookmark, stickers and address booklet
Lilli BellGo Wild

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

2014 Agenda 4 5 35 35
Great Planner for Teachers Love! Love this planner but you didn't make it for this school year 2014-2015 - I love the hard cover binding of this one and rings that open - this year's planner has spiral binding which will get ruined in a book bag. - Plus you can't open the binding. What I would really like is the hard cover binding that you can buy refills for - please consider this! August 26, 2014
Suggestions I just purchased and received the Plum Crazy agenda. Obviously it only has about 6 months left for the year, I got it on sale. Then I guess we'll see if I get one for next year because this one ends in December. Hmmm...what do I do until May? I actually saw it at a clients house and loved it!! I do see issues with it tho No refills? In a world where we all have to much "stuff", and to help better the environment, I do suggest making refills. And don't do them for 20 months, that's just silly. 24 months would be better or just do 12. I read all the reviews and seems like people would still buy if they weren't wasting 6 months worth. Those are my only suggestions. Guess I'll wait and see what happens come December and it's time for a new agenda. :) June 22, 2014
Love the planner in Lilli Bell! I just have to say I love the mix of prints inside the planner! And I absolutely love multicolor cheetah print that lines the covers, but I love animal print! Would love to see some animal prints in the future! The only thing I would love, is if Vera Bradley sells refills in the future. I know I can buy a new planner, but I like the cover I have! April 28, 2014
Please re-visit the prints!! I LOVE this agenda and buy one every year, however the prints this year are just not appealing to the eye. The cheetah print on the inside is just not attractive. I will continue to buy these agendas, but please go back to the nice uniform prints that were previously available! January 16, 2014
Beautiful item I buy an agenda each year that I don't receive it as a gift. It is high on my gift list. For those who have leftover binders from years past in great condition, consider creating cookbooks either for yourself or grown children. My binders survive lots of travel and they are super pretty and sturdy. I would love refill pages, but I enjoy getting new patterns each year. Staples and OfficeMax have boring refills or pages for cookbooks for leftover binders. I'm just thrilled to get one each year. Please keep it the same and include a bookmark ribbon if possible. Thanks for a great product. December 30, 2013
New agenda design disturbing I order an agenda every year. I was wildly disappointed when my agenda arrived this year. The agenda actually contains 3 completely disparate designs. This thing is HIDEOUS!!!! Why on earth would you want three different designs. Please, next year, go back to having one design, and not three in one. Bleh! December 12, 2013
My favorite planner has let me down I have purchased this planner every year for the past at least 5 years and it is my favorite planner I've ever had. I love the nice dividers and tabs and having both monthly and daily calendars and to do lists. The cons and things I have always been annoyed at are the additional/unusable 6 months that I cannot use because it overlaps with the one I already have and the paper getting thinner each year. This year is different, however. I was so excited to see that they added this style of agenda after only having the square one at first. And I was equally excited to see that it was offered in Plum Crazy, which is my favorite pattern. However, I absolutely cannot stand the giraffe print that is inside and I hate having 3 patterns (that are nothing alike) mixed together in one planner. I also miss the colored blocks that highlighted each day in the past. I am sure that all of these changes make the planner cheaper and easier to manufacture, but the lack of little details that made this planner so nice in the past are outweighing the positives. I almost did not purchase this planner again this year because of these changes and it will be my last unless they bring back having one pattern throughout the planner. December 5, 2013
A Must I can't live without my yearly agenda. Its got pockets on the front and back covers. Keeps my life organized and they're so classy compared to the bland agendas you buy in an office supply store. It's on my desk everyday and home with me at night. I buy many for gifts. November 6, 2013
Love this agenda! This is my second year purchasing this agenda and I absolutely love it. I see the new spiral agenda is being offered. I hope this agenda is not discontinued. I love the binder style and the interior pockets. The size is perfect with plenty of room to write. November 2, 2013
Good but months could be better I have bought this agenda for the past three years and it serves it's purpose well! It holds up and is quite sturdy. The only complaint I have is that the months are from May through December of the NEXT year. So when I get a new one in January of the new year, the months of May up through the previous December are a complete waste to me. Other than that I love this agenda! October 15, 2013
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