2014 Student Agenda in Go Wild

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Get set for school with this durable, flexible 20-month agenda, which now features a fun medley of three colors on the inside - Lilli Bell, Go Wild and Plum Crazy. Built-in pockets, stickers, schedules, fun holidays and conversion tables are just a few great little extras found in this scholarly planner.

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  • 20-month calendar (May 2013 - December 2014)
  • Durable spiral binding and a flexible cover with elastic band
  • Includes monthly and weekly spreads, two pockets, notes area, metric conversion table, bookmark, stickers and more
Plum CrazyGo Wild

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Customer Reviews

2014 Student Agenda 3.8 5 17 19
LOVE IT I bought this agenda in lilli bell, and i adore it! It is great quality and i love it! Each day has a block that has room to write down more then one activity each day! I was so surprised when i found out it was 2013 and 2014 cuz it said "2014 agenda" but that was okay! I love that this agenda comes with cute stickers and has 2 inside pockets that can hold small papers. I love that it has room to jot down your schedule and includes all national holidays and some i have never heard of. I like then when the agenda is closed you cant see the tabs that organize it but when it is open u can. I was slightly disappointed when i saw that the agenda had different patterns on the inside but that did not stop me from giving this 5 stars. Lastly, my favorite part is the strap that holds the agenda closed it blends in perfect and is great quality. I 100 percent recommend this to all VB lovers. Nice move VB!! May 21, 2014
Great planner... cheap cover ruins it. I love the inside of this planner. It is filled with quality paper... monthly calendars that actually have room necessary to write several appointments in, weekly calenders with tons of space, cute stickers, vibrant colors, etc. However, the cover of this planner has worn very easily. Within just a month or two of purchase, the cover was incredibly scratched, worn, and faded. For a planner that should last 20 months, I would expect a better quality cover. The cover is so easily distressed... that I would not purchase this product again. What a disappointment. February 5, 2014
Not the best I ordered this agenda this past summer at the start of my crazy schedule of summer classes to keep me organized, plus my target agenda was falling apart. At first, I was super excited about the agenda, it was cute, had everything I needed to keep me organized, and went all the way through December 2014, which meant that it would most likely last that long. Wrong. It's been eight months and the cover is totally faded and the binding is not staying put. I am highly disappointed in this agenda. I am in my last semester in college and I was really hoping to not have to purchase a new agenda until after graduation, but sadly I will have to go out and find one for student teaching. If you are like me and need an agenda to schedule your life and truly depend on it to keep you organized, this is not a good and reliable agenda for you. December 16, 2013
Perfect for my needs Plenty of space for all my activities (homework, cheer practice, performances, meetings, appointment, etc), handy tables and charts in the back, and the perfect size. I love that there are so many months, however with it ending on December I either have to get a new agenda and waste the first few months of the new one or the last few months of the old one. October 13, 2013
Perfect Agenda for anyone! I love this agenda! It was a little bigger than I thought it'd be but for holding 20 months its got to be larger than the normal 1 year agendas. The only negative is that you get all 3 patterns in one. This is something I knew when I ordered it but I really don't like the "Go Wild" pattern. There are 2 pockets, one in front and one in back #very handy!#. The first page contains floral stickers in each of the 3 patterns. The 2nd page is for your name. Then there are 3 pages of full year calendars # 2013, 2014, 2015# and a page giving all the important dates for these 3 years #also very handy!# After that there is a schedule tab so that you can put in your schedule for each semester #I'm not a student so I didn't use this#. Each month starts out by giving you a full month calendar view listing all major holidays and even some you wouldn't normally see on a calendar #Sea Monkey Day?, Waffle Day? lol!# Then you get each day in a weekly fashion where you have a large box daily that you can write stuff in #appointments, meetings etc#. In the back they have listed important numbers for airlines, car rentals, credit cards and hotels and they have a blank space listed for you to write your own important numbers. They also have weights and measurement conversions and a place for notes. And last but not least there is an elastic band so you can keep your spot instead of always having to flip through tabs to find your current month. I love this agenda, I can't think of any way to improve it, it'll work for anyone, even those who are not students #like me#. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a bit of organization in their life. :) September 27, 2013
Not what I expected however.... I was really excited to get this planner but I was disappointed when I received it. The weekly pages do NOT have lines on the days of the week. It's just a block on each day for the writing space. I'm the type of person that needs lines to write on. Also, I ordered Plum Crazy but it included all three patterns which I was not happy about. I thought the book would just be completely in Plum Crazy. Lastly , when I received it (I ordered it from the website) the binding was bent. I wanted to get a different book so I decided to look into the other agenda via online chat. The main thing I wanted to make sure about to ask about the other books to see if they had lines on the weekly pages. Vera Bradley's customer service was EXCELLENT. They took the time to answer all of my questions about the other agendas. I ended up choosing a different agenda which they replaced at no charge to me because the one I received was damaged. Vera Bradley is the best! August 12, 2013
The best agenda ever! This agenda is so cheerful. I love that the writing space on the weekly pages is colored to match its pattern. It is the correct size and is the best value of all the planners because it is good for eighteen months. It is great to have the elastic closure. Vera Bradley, please do not cancel this planner. It is my favorite! August 9, 2013
WONDERFUL PLANNER I have had this planner since July and have loved it!! It keeps me so organized. (I am NOT an organized person) My only problem with it (and the only reason why I only gave it 4 stars) is that I had no clue that all three of the patterns that it had on the "Color Choice" part would be included in the planner. I like Plum Crazy and Lili Bell but I cannot stand Go Wild!!! The inside pockets look like you purchased it at the Dollar Tree!! (Cheetah print in four different colors) Not Vera Bradley. I guess that that is just part of that pattern. I hope that in the future VB will consider making planners with just one pattern in them instead of three!! Otherwise, it is a great product. :) August 6, 2013
3rd year in a row never lets me down! I have used this planner consistently for 3 years.I carry it in my purse with a white out paper pen and a regular pen for everything. I mostly use the month square pages for my major stuff and the daily pages for homework, my kids work, and daily activities that I cannot forget! I absolutely love how it keeps me organized and never 'forgetting' an important event! July 9, 2013
LOVE this Agenda! I bought two of these agendas, one for myself and the other for a friend graduating high school because I knew it would be handy in college. I absolutely love this agenda! Not only is it cute, it really helps me to stay organized with work and college. It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but that really isn't an issue for me. I wish I would have gotten one a lot sooner! May 24, 2013
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