Large Duffel in Lilli Bell

SKU #10139142
$85.00 $60.00

Large Duffel in Lilli Bell

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SKU #10139142
$85.00 $60.00

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This travel bag has long handles and loads of room, yet is still carry-on compliant. One easy-access end pocket.

Details & Care Tips


  • 15" strap drop
  • Handy outside end pocket
  • Larger size but still meets airline carry-on regulations
  • Great for sweaters and out of season clothes
  • Folds flat for easy storing


22" x 11½" x 11½"

Care Tips

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, only non-chlorine bleach as needed, line dry


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Customer Reviews

Large Duffel 4.9 5 913 934
This thing is a beast I got one of these bags when I was a junior in high school for Christmas from my family. I have now just graduated law school and am starting my practice - it's finally time to replace it. In that time, I carried that thing back and forth to college, to my boyfriend's/fiance's house, to Europe, to the gym, to virtually every event in college where I needed changes of clothes - and I was in a bunch of clubs, so I was always hopping from one event to another. I had it with me for every single legal interview, both on campus and off campus, and I even took it with me to the bar exam for 3 days. I can fit easily 4 or 5 days of clothes in it, plus all my make up bags and a couple pairs of shoes, etc. The crazy thing is, the reason I need to finally replace it is because my friend's dog chewed on it and tore a hole in my trusty bag. I was completely crushed - I actually cried. If it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't be looking for a replacement any time soon. As it is, I've fallen in love with the canyon pattern and plan to replace my old (gorgeous) maison blue pattern from nearly 10 years ago. For what it's worth, I have the large cosmetic too, and that was the bag I used every single day for 4 years while in college (and many other times before and after - every. single. trip.), because I didn't have a better place to put my lotions, makeup, etc. in my dorm. It finally developed a tear in the plastic lining, but the outside is still as good as new. It's crazy. If you're thinking about investing in VB, go for it. Find a pattern you love, find bags that fit your lifestyle, and maybe in 10 years it will be time to look again - or maybe not. College kids' luggage probably gets more abuse than the average person's, so I'm thinking I'll probably get 15 years out of my canyon pattern. September 12, 2012
Best Bag I've Ever Used For Traveling! I love this bag SOOO much!! I have been eyeing it for 2 years and I finally ordered it today! Most of my friends have one and they all love it and I've seen them use them and this just seems like a great bag! I will be using it for church camp in a few weeks, a senior lake retreat, various school choir performances, and many other church trips throughout next year! I will also use this when I get to college! I don't think I'll ever regret this purchase! July 3, 2014
Fantastic Huge Weekend Bag I bought this bag in Midnight Blues wanting something I could pack my clothes, my cosmetic case, my extra shoes, blow dryer, curling iron, and more into. I frequently run to the City for the weekend, but I don't want to take several bags that I have to lug around. Finding a bag that will accommodate everything, and yet not add to the weight itself was not easy. This bag manages it wonderfully. I can put all of my things in it, and sling it over my shoulder for carrying in and out of hotels. With it I only make one trip from the car to my room when traveling. Carrying only one bag and my purse is a huge advantage to me. The straps are nicely made and don't cut into the shoulder. The slip pocket on one end is great for things you want get to quickly. I'm thrilled by the workmanship. This is a well-constructed bag at a great price. I definitely recommend it. July 2, 2014
Room This is the best duffel bag I ever had its is so roomy inside you can fit clothes a shoes bag and your makeup and it so cute to I also love the price. June 27, 2014
Love it!!!! This duffel bag is great for a long trip or a short trip. Keep in mind that it is big. When I got it, I was debating on whether on not to get the small duffel or the large duffel and I got the large duffel and I was surprised on how big it was. In a couple weeks I'm going to Florida and I'm pretty well convinced that that bag will hold all of my stuff. The bag is so light and great looking. I got mine in plum crazy and I absolutely love it!!!!!! June 26, 2014
Large duffel Just bought this and using it for my first time today, so will keep you posted how it does. :) June 21, 2014
THE Travel Bag I have this in plum crazy and I adore this bag. I always bring so much stuff for my weekend trips. I have enough clothes for a whole week, including four pairs of jeans, two pairs of sweatpants, shirts, sweatshirts, dresses and so much more and I STILL have room for more clothes if I really wanted to! I can fit that and my hair dryer and curling iron into this bag and I still have room for other things. This bag is so durable despite all of the stuff I put in it. This bag is of great quality and I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially those who travel a lot because this is not super big, yet holds a lot!! I would buy another one again just because I love it so much!! June 4, 2014
Fabulous product! I bought this duffel a few months ago for an upcoming vacation. I was able to fit 5 days of clothes plus shoes and toiletries. Best part is it qualifies as a carry-on. I love this product and definitely have to buy another one! June 3, 2014
The absolute best travel bag This is the best bag for traveling that you could ever get! Mine goes everywhere with me when I'm spending the night out or going out of town. It has the perfect amount of space for all the things you would need while being away from where you live. Mine goes to all my friends houses when I spend the night out and it has also comes in handy for church mission trips or retreats. If you are going to the beach for a week this bag works really good to because you can just stuff as much as you need in it and then use another bag if you need too. I especially pack too much for small things and this bag seems to hold everything I need. I highly recommend it! June 2, 2014
Carry On? I love this bag so far, I am going on my first plane trip with it later this week. Has anyone had any problems with it being rejected as a carry-on? June 1, 2014
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