Ditty Bag in Tutti Frutti

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SKU #10132140  | 8½" x 13½"

The "everything bag". Take it to the gym with shower essentials, or pack it with lunch for school. Lined with plastic, our Ditty has a simple drawstring closure.

Details & Care Tips


  • Lined bag for wet bathing suits or bottles that may spill
  • Use for snacks and games while traveling
  • Easy pull-style closure
  • Ideal for hair accessories

Care Tips

The Signature Collection is made of 100% cotton. We recommend machine washing (cool/gentle cycle) with mild detergent, then air-drying. Do not bleach. (Please note: Some items have a solid base that must be removed before washing. If the base is sewn in, it can be safely washed.) Vera Bradley does not recommend the use of Woolite®, since it is not recommended for cotton fabrics. Check product care label for further instructions.
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Customer Reviews

Ditty Bag 4.6 5 119 121
Ditty Bag I lOVE my ditty bag. It perfect for the extra cloth when traveling its big enough to hold cloth for my husband and for me yet light enough that it fits perfect in my carryon. its protected on the inside that we've used it to keep our wet cloth when going to water parks and/or pool and it works out awesome just clean it after and its all ready for holding dry cloths again. August 5, 2014
Lots of uses! My daughter and I love the Ditty Bag. So far I have used it as a beach tote for my water bottle, book and suncreen. Perfect! With the plastic lining, it is great for fluids when I travel---so easy if I am taking some regular size bottles with me. It makes a great shoe bag, dirty clothes bag and in my daughter's case a diaper bag or tote for wet swimsuits! We love the plastic lining and the price makes it a great gift. I have just purchased two for my sisters. July 27, 2014
New favorite baby shower gift! I have one ditty bag for each of my kids and we never leave home without them when we travel. It's perfect for dirty laundry on short trips, and come in handy at home or in the car as well. The plastic lining makes it great for things that are wet or damp. I gifted one to my sister in law when she had a baby to help keep soiled clothes and other baby gear separated when out and about. She loved it and now it's my standard baby shower gift! July 16, 2014
Good bag I like this bag a lot. It absolutely is versatile. Right now, I use mine as a lunch bag for work. It's easy to clean and light weight. The bag fits a good amount of items as well. My only criticism is the "handle". The only way to carry it is by the drawstring or hold the top of it. I think this is a bit awkward. I wish it had more of a real handle or a strap. June 6, 2014
Good in theory only I'm so jealous of those that have bags that haven't ripped. The lining in mine ripped quickly. Also, the string handle looks to be a good idea but put any weight in that bag and it will dig into your hand/arm/shoulder. I so wanted to like this bag. June 3, 2014
Awesome Bag very versatile... I drive a semi truck and use my Ditty Bag in Heather print to hold my laundry soap, dryer sheets, Downy Unstoppables. I love this bag. I am going to be purchasing 3 more. 1 to throw in my emergency bag for pair of shoes and the other 2 to put an emergency food bag together to keep in truck should I get stuck. May 5, 2014
15 years and not a single rip or loose thread! The previous review pretty much says it all when it comes to how versatile and practical this little drawstring bag is. So at the risk of sounding redundant, I'll just say that this was my very first Vera Bradley purchase and I've been using it regularly for nearly 15 years and it's still holding up like new! Over the years, I have purchased a total of 9 ditty bags, all in gorgeous prints - French Blue (1999), Maison Blue (2002), Seaport Navy (2004), Mediterranean Blue (2008), Simply Violet (2010), Island Blooms (2012), Ribbons & Marina Paisley (2013), and Blue Bayou (2014). This is definitely one of Vera Bradley's best products! High quality, great price, and built to last. You definitely won't regret this purchase. Five star ++++ rating! April 14, 2014
A True Must Have VB Staple........A Top 5 Product! I'm not sure that I can add a new use for the Ditty Bag because so many great ones have already been given by previous reviewers, but I do want to reiterate just how fabulous the Ditty Bag truly is. In my opinion, the Ditty Bag is one of if not the most versatile VB product and I definitely place the Ditty Bag in my Top 5 Vera Bradley Products list. I rate it a Top 5 Product for the following reasons: 1. The price is right. Not too expensive, but just right for gift giving. Everyone that I have given the Ditty Bag to has loved it and more often than not, has ended up wanting another one once they realized how useful it was. A great item to have on hand for last minutes gifts. 2. Plastic lined interior. Other than handbags, I love a product with a wipeable liner that offers a little more protection with wet or liquid items. The plastic lining allows the Diity Bag to be used with wet or damp clothing, food, toiletries, etc. 3. The size is perfect. For traveling, the Ditty Bag can easily accomodate 2-3 pairs of shoes so they don't touch the clothing. It also works great as a mini laundry bag, separating the dirtys from the cleans. I have also used it for my larger full sized bottles of toiletries for times when I don't want to take the smaller bottles. It's great for holding my hair products like my hair brush, flat iron (cooled, of course), gels and sprays, etc. The size of the Ditty Bag is awesome...........I'll list more uses below. 4. The non-structure and no hard base is a plus for me because it allows the Ditty Bag to more easily conform to what I need it to. It's like a pretty Zip Lock bag. ;) I love that it can be folded flat when not in use. In addition to the Ditty Bags that I use while traveling, I always take an extra one for those "just in case" moments. 5. The drawstring closure pulls double duty. It keeps items secure and can be used as a carrying strap. LOVE the Ditty Bag!!! It has endless uses. Most, if not all, have previously been mentioned, but I'll mention them again for anyone that is new to the Ditty Bag. Traveling: shoe bag, mini laundry bag, toiletries bag, organizer Lunch or Snack Bag Pool or Beach Bag: great for lotions, hats, sunglasses, books, electronics, phones, towel, dry clothes, wet swimsuits, snacks, etc. Crafting: great for crafting projects on the go, knitting, etc. Gym Bag: I just got one for my daughter to use as her PE bag. It's perfect for her to take her PE clothes back and forth from home to school for laundering. It's big enough for her to keep a hair brush, deoderant, feminine products, and a few other toiletries along with her clothes, but still small enough to fit in the PE lockers. Great for an adult gym bag as well. Car Bag: great for wrangling all the necessities we seem to keep in our cars like tissues, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, wipes, pens, notepad, sunglasses, coin purse, flashlight, etc. Electronics Accessories Bag: great for keeping cords, chargers, wireless mouse, headphones, etc. The uses for the Ditty Bag are unlimited. As the school year will be ending soon, I will be purchasing a few more Ditty Bags to give as end of the year/happy summer teacher gifts. I use the Ditty Bag as the gift bag to hold a fun water bottle, magazine, and a couple of sweet treats along with a handwritten note of thanks. A super easy gift to give and one that has always been loved and used. March 31, 2014
great bag This bag is so useful , I have two of them and just order third one I had to in Heather to match my collection I use this bag to hold dirty clothes, lunch, as well as my shoes It is a must have. March 27, 2014
The mini laundry hamper! And so much more! I bring my ditty bag with me on vacation no matter what, I use it to contain all of my dirty clothes and separate them from what's still clean, my mother appreciates it too. You can't smell it, it doesn't take up much space, and if anything happens you just toss it in the wash and it's good as new! When it's not being used as a hamper, I store my tiny VB stuff inside (contact case, lanyards, wristlets, even my mini hipster) and hang it up on a hook so it won't get lost. I have two already, but I think I'll buy one more to match my new duffel... December 29, 2013
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