Double Eye in Provencal

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SKU #10872129  | 4" x 7½"

Always a favorite, this case's design easily holds two pair of eyeglasses, making it perfect for anyone with readers. A solid back helps it protect contents and retain its shape.

Details & Care Tips


  • Holds two pairs of glasses
  • Solid back protects frames and helps retain case's shape

Care Tips

The Signature Collection is made of 100% cotton. We recommend machine washing (cool/gentle cycle) with mild detergent, then air-drying. Do not bleach. (Please note: Some items have a solid base that must be removed before washing. If the base is sewn in, it can be safely washed.) Vera Bradley does not recommend the use of Woolite®, since it is not recommended for cotton fabrics. Check product care label for further instructions.
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Customer Reviews

Double Eye 4.5 5 60 60
Double Eye so disappointed with this item. I thought it was going to be my solution to have both my prescription glasses and sun glasses in one spot but it did not hold both. my sunglasses did not fit not even on their own. had to return it =( August 5, 2014
love it This is the pefect case to fit my glass in. I recently had the vera bradley hard case in go wild and hate it. It came apart easily and got dirty I am hoping this item will be better and stay clean longer. April 19, 2014
Perfect Protection for iPhone Like another reviewer, I only wanted something to protect my phone, particularly the screen, and not a case for any other purpose. i also wanted it to take up little room in my bag. My iPhone 5 in an otterbox commuter series case fits perfectly inside and the whole thing ends up as a nice slim case. It's easy to get the phone in and out but it also stays put inside. The front pocket can be used for earbuds, cleaning cloth, whatever, if you want. Love this use of it! August 14, 2013
Perfect for my glasses and sunglasses clip on I have been looking for a case that will hold both my regular glasses and the magnetic clip on that goes over them to make them sunglasses and this holds both perfectly. Now they are both in the same place in my purse, yay! Thanks Vera! July 27, 2013
It Does Hold Two Pair of Glasses I've noticed some reviews saying it won't really hold two pairs of glasses. I beg to differ. I have a relatively large pair of nice Brighton sunglasses and I always carry a pair of readers with me. At first I had trouble figuring out how to get them in there properly, but if you try a couple of different variations of placement, they fit like a glove in the two separate compartments. I put mine in with the outside "glass" side facing the same direction in each compartment and my glasses are always safe from damage. I love mine and plan to buy a few more! June 2, 2013
Best sunglasses case I recently purchased the double eye in summer cottage. I am able to fit my Ray Ban aviator sunglasses in the back pocket and in the front I have the tie back string and the lens cleaner. It fits right into the pocket of my little Mandy and fits in very well in my little hipster and frannie. I am not worried about my glasses being smushed because of Vera Bradley's wonderful padding. I would recomend this to anyone with sunglasses running amok around their purse. :) May 31, 2013
Perfect case for larger cell phones I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and this fits my cell phone (in a protective cover) perfectly. While I was miffed that Vera discontinued all cell phone cases that aren't attached to a wallet (or for iPhones), I found this to be a perfect substitute. May 9, 2013
Great for Small Size Sunglasses PLUS iPhone My Double Eye is doing double duty (: It holds a pair of smallish sunglasses in the main pocket, AND my iPhone in the other pocket. Couldn't be more compact and useful. It fits neatly into the little hipster, along with a cosmetic case the same size as the Double Eye. That's all I need - and I'm good to go ! It's all in Midnight Blue - so summery !! March 26, 2013
Does not hold two pairs of glasses I bought this to hold my sunglasses and my readers together. One of each, of course. Also, wish I had read the reviews before purchasing. It will hold two pair of readers. Now what do I do for my sunglasses? Definitely wouldn't buy another! Mine did not have two pockets like I read in one of the reviews. Thought it did. That's why I bought it . Very disappointed! March 1, 2013
Does the trick, and doesn't take up too much room. I didn't want a hard case for my glasses, because they take up too much room in my purse, and I was just trying to prevent scratches. This did just the trick. It's compact and soft... and pretty. :) February 6, 2013
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