Tune In in Camellia

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SKU #12040118  | 4" x 2 ½" x ¾"

It's the earbud organizer with volumes of style! You'll love how your small headphones conveniently wrap around a pullout bobbin. The main case is designed to hold most small MP3 players, while everything is kept together by a zip-around closure.

Details & Care Tips


  • Earbuds wrap around a pullout bobbin
  • Designed to hold most smaller MP3 players
  • Zip-around closure

Care Tips

Spot Clean

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

Tune In 4.3 5 41 42
Zipper came detached with hardly any use. Picked this up in two patterns for my work and home earbuds. The work one (rosy Posies), which gets used a ton, is holding up fine. The home one (Doodle Daisy), which barely get used at all, the zipper stitching has completely detached from the case, so it won't stay closed. I'm now treating the Rosy Posies one like it's made of glass, just in case. October 6, 2013
Great for iPod Shuffle I purchased this in Ellie Blue and use it for my iPod Shuffle. The iPod, ear buds, and tiny little charger cable (which is like 3 inches long) all fit in it great. The case is actually quite large for the iPod, but I really appreciate the size because the Shuffle is so TINY I fear it would get lost or crushed if not for this case! It is nice quality, well padded, keeps my iPod safe and stops my earbuds from becoming a tangled mess. If I could change one thing, I would add a tiny pocket to the inside to slip the iPod charging cable into (I have to be careful it doesn't slip out when I open the case) and the little replacement rubber ear pieces for my earbuds. June 14, 2013
I love this for saver cards!!! I bought 2 of these and cut out the ear bud wrap around bobbin to use them for all those cards you need for stores now. 1 holds all the random store cards and the other holds all my health type cards. This beats wrapping a rubber band or hair tie around them and just sticking them in your purse. These little organizers hold them all together. I no longer have to dig in my purse to find a mess of cards:) June 2, 2013
Ear bud saver! My ear buds are always getting tangled in my bag...NO MORE! These are awesome! I am now ordering some for my daughter and other women in the family, for we all usually just toss our headphones in our bag and gone. Knots be gone! May 26, 2013
Love this for my earbuds! I have earbuds for my Samsung Galaxy S3 and this item is perfect to store my earbuds. I found this item on YouTube by watching some reviews. Then the lady said to check out the sale section for it because it's being discontinued. Otherwise I wouldn't have known about it. So glad I found this item! I got mine in Rosie Posies and LOVE the color! I couldn't wait to put my earbuds in it. May 7, 2013
I use earbuds a lot, and I'm always getting them tangled in something. I keep my Bose earphones in their own dedicated case, but my cheaper everyday earbuds were getting tangled on everything in my purse. Got this little thing for Christmas, and it works well. My earbuds don't get tangled, and the profile is so small that it fits anywhere. This would fit an iPod nano or shuffle, but nothing larger than that. March 23, 2013
Love it! Love this for my iPod nano 6th generation, the small square touch version. It is the perfect size and I love the spindle for my ear buds. I wouldn't suggest to anyone with anything much larger because it is very small I believe it would be great for the longer versions of the nano as well but not an iPod touch or anything of that sort. I would definitely recommend it to people like me who always like the smaller versions of things! Can't believe it's discontinued =( March 9, 2013
Three pairs of buds. I keep three pairs of earbuds (the kids are always "borrowing" them) and my iPod Nano in this little case. It's compact, and it keeps my earbuds from getting tangled with everything else in my purse. February 6, 2013
Great just to carry headphones I bought 4 of these recently. I bought one for myself (Rosie Posie), one for my sister (Tea Garden), 2 for gifts (Island Blooms and Priscilla Pink). They are great just for headphones. My sister has an Ipod Nano (not sure what generation) but it fits in there with the headphones. I am a college kid so I switch bags reguarly (Vera for school, East West Tote for a purse, and many other bags) so when I switch out my wallet and planner I just move the Tune in to another pocket. It is very small and fits in any of the VB pockets in the bags. The bobin is a nice idea and keeps my headphones from getting tangled. My sister loves hers and my best friend who I gave the Island Blooms one too keeps it in her backpack at school. Buy them for yourself and for gifts before they are gone forever. January 29, 2013
Great headphone bag Love this wee bag for keeping my earbuds untangled. It was a Christmas Gift to match the tech bag in Viva La Vera, January 7, 2013
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