Alice in Plum Petals

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SKU #10960117  | 13½" x 11¾" x 4" with 9" strap drop

Retro, vintage and stylish, we present Alice. The fabric-covered kisslock frame tops off this 1940s look while its many pockets organizes your essentials in a snap. There’s even a hidden front pocket for your phone or powder compact!

Details & Care Tips


  • Fabric-covered kisslock frame
  • Hidden outer pocket behind narrow trim

Care Tips

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
BoysenberryPurple Punch

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

Alice 4.7 5 249 250
I Love This Purse!!! I ordered the Alice in Java Blue just after Christmas and absolutely LOVE it!! It has a lot of room, many pockets on the inside so you don't have to dig for your small stuff and a small hidden pocket on the outside that is perfect for your keys or cell phone. The kisslock closure at the top is very sturdy and soooo stylish! I have gotten several compliments on it. The quality of this piece is wonderful. Vera Bradley is quality. I have had several VB pieces over the years, and have not found any problems with quality or function of any of the items that I have purchased. I have tried bags from other companies that do not hold a candle to what you get with Vera Bradley. These other purses have literally fallen apart at the seams. I have never experienced this with Vera Bradley. I actually am still a VB checkbook cover that I received as a graduation gift about 15 years ago...and it still looks great today (which is why I can still carry it!!!) I see the items that I purchase from Vera Bradley as an investment, and I will use these pieces for years to come. January 19, 2011
THIS PURSE IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! :D I just used this purse for going to a fancy restaurant and I absolutely love it!!! It fits ever single thing I need! I can fit my accordion wallet in watercolor I can fit lip products I can't fit tissues,lotion, hand sanitizer , note pad and many more items!!!!!!!! So totally recommend this purse! :) and I think everyone who collects VB should have on like me:) March 9, 2014
Broke 2 of them I love the shape and style of this bag. however..... The 1st one I ordered broke in 2 1/2 mths of regular use. I paid to ship to to VB, and they sent me a new one...90 day warranty...just made it! Well....the 2nd one broke as well. Not bothering to order another. The first one broke because one side of the ball latch broke right off in my hand when I was opening it. The second one, the fabric pulled right away from the metal frame, leaving a huge hole. I love vera, but will not order any more purses with a metal frame or clasp. October 23, 2013
Love! but... Will buy again. However, I have only had my bag for 3 months or so and one of the clasps broke! Am trying to find a way to glue the little silver ball back on and fix the clasp but I do not know if it will work. May 21, 2013
Great for any occasion. I love Alice its the 2nd handbag that I got in Buttercup and love everything about this bag. Also the kisslock idea was brillant and the way it opens I can get anything out of the bag as quickly as possible. I'm the kind of person who buys a handbag and I know I will get use to it. I love the pockets and zipper. By the way I did get into a bad storm and my bag never BLED out. I found about Vera bradley late in life and now I know Buttercup soon will be retired color. This does sadden me but I know that I love the future colors as well. Hopefully I soon get to buy another Alice handbag before its a retired style. May 21, 2013
Great as a gift! But so-so. Being new at Vera, this is my fourth bag. First, I was turned to Vera because I am a mom of 3 toddlers and other moms reccommend these due to the ability of washing. Sad but this one specifically had instructions to wipe and not wash unlike the Hobo I purchased. :(. As far as style, the handles are good, the inside pockets are great and the surprise outer pocket is wonderful for a phone or keylesscar keys. However I found that for versatility the Eloise would be a better choice. They share the cuteness of e clasp but Eloise isnbroader to give you more room to work with and has long outer pockets that are magnetic great for makeup, phones or documents. I also found the purse to have a big bottom and smaller top entry so it seems as your items can get lost below and you wouldnhave to dig for them. Tis, tis. Overall cute but wished for more. I am regifting this one :) March 11, 2013
Very feminine purse I don't know why I had never looked at this purse before, but I received two of them from my twin grand-daughters for my birthday: one in Baroque and one in Make Me Blush. They are beautiful, and much bigger than I had expected. I like the outside "hidden" pocket, and am so grateful it has a zippered pocket on the inside (Vera needs to start putting a zippered pocket in EVERY purse). The one in Make Me Blush looks so retro, like someone would carry it in the 1940's. I just wish the straps were a wee bit longer. I like to carry my purses on my shoulder, and even though the edge of the purse isn't touching my underarm, it is a little close. But they are so beautiful that I am sure I will get a lot of use out of them. February 13, 2013
Very durable bag! On December 22nd I was in a motor vehicle accident. I have this bag in "Make Me Blush". The vehicle I was driving was rear-ended and I rolled twice. The bag was launched out onto the pavement and took a little ride itself. There was glass all over the outside and inside the bag when it finally landed. After removing the glass and dusting off the bag, it amazingly looks good as new! Awesome quality! January 30, 2013
I LOVE THE ALICE PURSE! Alice is my favorite purse of all from Vera Bradley! I hope they make an Alice in Classic Black! January 27, 2013
A Statement Piece!...but I own an Alice in Call me Coral. It's so stylish and def. a statement piece. I am a HUGE Vera fan, and have never had any problem with any of my vera products until I noticed after a couple months threads starting to unravel. I used mine quite heavily and maybe it wasn't made for everyday use; perhaps a "every-once-in-a-while" kind of purse. It's beautful, nevertheless, but I wouldn't recommend for constant everyday use. January 8, 2013
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