Garment Bag in Happy Snails

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SKU #10618111  | 23" x 43½" with 45½" removable strap

Our Garment Bag is ideal for the jet-setting lady who’s really going places. The flexible luggage piece holds several garments at once. Simply fold it over, loop the single handle through and you're ready to go! Updates include a tie closure, removable closet hook, soft rolled handle, removable padded shoulder strap and double magnetic closure for a sleek appearance.

Details & Care Tips


  • Zipper closure around garments
  • One 9" x 23" zipper storage compartment
  • Fabric loop holds hanger in place
  • Two snap closures

Care Tips

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, only non-chlorine bleach as needed, line dry
Mocha Rouge

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

Garment Bag 4 5 39 39
Total waste of money I am so disappointed with this bag. It's so short that a long dress or pants will bunch up at the bottom; there is not one single pocket for shoes or accessories, so you can't use it for one complete outfit--you still have to carry another bag for shoes, stockings, and slip. Considering the few things you can use it for, it's too heavy and bulky. Even a blazer comes out with wrinkled sleeves because it's too narrow. This bag is totally useless to me, so it's off to Goodwill. June 12, 2014
Have never really liked this I have lots of Vera bags and I hate to say it but I dread packing this one. Maybe it's just me but I have not been able to figure this thing out. It's just plain awkward. I have used it on lots of trips taken by car and I am to the point of selling it on ebay. I hate to write a negative review and would not , if to be totally honest to help some in the future but its not my favorite. March 29, 2014
Perfect for the soldier on the go! I purchased this garment bag because I'm in an Army Band and we travel quite a bit. I needed a reliable garment bag to store and move my dress uniforms and I found it in this bag! The patterns on the bag help me spot my bag easier than my coworkers (who have the same generic black garment bags). I read the earlier reviews where customers complained about their clothes falling off the hook holder, to which I have found a simple remedy. I noticed that if you bend the top of the hanger that you're using with some pliers to make a smaller circle (on the hook part of the hanger), the bag holds the clothes more securely. Not really a design flaw of the bag, just the nature of hangers in general. I can fit two dress uniforms (pants, jacket, skirt, slacks, long sleeve and short sleeve) comfortably and fit my stockings, beret, and both sets of dress shoes in this bag. It has met my needs well! :) I would definitely recommend this bag to any traveling professional! January 28, 2014
Great! I have this in safari sunset! It could hold 8 dresses! It is great and very convienent how it folds up! I hoghly reccomend this! November 26, 2013
Poorly designed I seriously hated this bag--so much so that I sold it on eBay. It is poorly designed and holds very little. I was so happy to have it out of my closet! You guys need to go back to the drawing board on this one. July 6, 2013
Good for a few items I ordered the garment bag in Mocha Rouge for an upcoming cruise. I ended up putting about twice as much in it as I should have, as I couldn't fold it to carry it by the strap. However, on the way home, when I only hung a few things, it was great! I would recommend it for someone who just needs a few garments. Also, I didn't like that there wasn't an actual "hanger", I had to take everything out and then store the bag in a suitcase, the new design has taken care of this, it appears! March 28, 2013
Great bag... What's the fuss??? I recently purchased this bag and was so happy to see the zip outer pocket, beautiful craftsmanship (as usual) and functionality. I think the size of the bag is just fine. Granted, I am a slim person, however, this can hold all my items I would want to hang and not fold. The Mocha Rough is great! I recommend to all skeptics! January 16, 2013
Perfect Garment Bag for My Needs I was taken aback by the negative comments about the garment bag. I truly don't see the drawbacks several customers have mentioned, such as the clothes falling to the bottom of the bag. I am able to fit several suits and dresses in the bag without any problem, and all the garments stay in place once I tie the two tassels on the inside of the bag at the top. I'm 5'3", so I don't have to worry about folding my garments at the bottom. If you're a taller woman, then you may have to fold your items; but, I haven't encountered a garment bag where longer clothing items didn't have to be folded. I think the design of the garment bag is ingenious-especially the detachable hanging hook. The way the two ends fold underneath the flap at the top of the bag provides for more security of the clothing. The garment bag paired with any VB travel bag #i.e., Grand Traveler, Weekender, or Duffle# makes for a sophisticated travel set. I own the garment bag in 3 colors - Very Berry Paisley, Mocha Rouge, and Rhythm & Blues. I'm planning to purchase one more to complete my Baroque set. If you're on the fence about purchasing the garment bag, don't be swayed by the negative reviews. Do as I did-try it for yourself and you'll see what a great product this really is. January 13, 2013
A Good Bag with Potential to be Superior I detest having to make a return so I will avoid ordering something unless I am 99% sure that I will keep it. After reading the mixed reviews multiple times over the past year and struggling with indecision because some of the reviews left me confused, I finally decided to order this bag to see for myself. I have owned several garment bags and wanted one which was useful, pretty, feminine, and lightweight ---without heavy clunky hardware. Initially, I would have complained that the shoulder strap was too long and the shoulder pad was in the way of shortening it, until I figured out that the pad could be removed, the strap shortened and then the pad replaced over the shortened doubled strap. YAY!!! There is NO garment bag where SOME clothing article doesn't have to be folded. Clothing has to be folded in a suitcase as well. That said, I really like the size of this garment bag! I do not think it is too small or short. As I see it, there are two needed improvements in design: 1# Needs a STRAP!!! It is easy to understand that clothes will bunch at the fold if there is NO STRAP INSIDE to hold them in place. What I DO LIKE about this bag is that you bring "bottom" to "top" to carry rather than having to flip the bag over and carry the bag from the middle or where it would be folded. Luckily,I sew and will be adding my own strap. 2# Now I understand why others have said that they cannot lay the bag out flat in the car # you can, but with great inconvenience#. The bottom of the bag #which has the only hand carry strap# meets and tucks under a flap that is at the top. This flap, along with a tie and magnetic closures secures the two ends together while giving it stability. Wondering if you could skip the "flap aspect" but still using the same materials at the top to give the bag support. #This reinforced area would be just above the zipper). Add another tie or two and another soft rolled handle to the top of the bag as well. The two metal attachments for the shoulder strap could then be placed diagonally from each other #say, one at the top left and another bottom right). I don't think these changes would detract from the beauty of the bag and it would be so much more "user friendly". January 11, 2013
Garment bag needs to be redesigned. Once the garment bag arrived, I realized what some of the reviewers had commented on. Indeed, the clothes will collect to the bottom because the handle and strap tie the two ends together rather than being placed in the middle of the bag so that the clothes would drape rather than fail to defy gravity and bunch up at the ends. It too bad that there isn't an inner strap either to tie the clothes down. Hope this bag gets redesigned again. It's clever but needs improvement. December 11, 2012
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