Sugar and Spice Crossbody in Blue Lagoon

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SKU #11470104  | 8¾" x 9" with 53" adjustable srap

Open the large kisslock frame closure on this crossbody and you find a deep slip pocket and three credit card pockets. With an adjustable strap, this is a trendy yet functional choice.

Details & Care Tips


  • Wide opening kisslock frame
  • Deep slip pocket and three card pockets
  • Slip pocket on front highlighted with scallop detail
  • Adjustable crossbody strap

Care Tips

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

Sugar and Spice Crossbody 3 5 22 22
Cute & fun if you are willing to repair straps! This is a really cute bag to hold your necessities while shopping. It's adorably cute and the exterior pocket is big enough to hold a Droid Bionic, which is one of the bigger smartphones. The only problem was, as so many others said, the straps. I read that some others had come up with a fix and thought it was so cute that I wast bought it anyway, even knowing about the straps. Once I got it, I thought what the heck, before I go to the trouble of fixing the straps I'll wait and see how much of a problem they are. Immediately on Day 1 they slipped off. I simply picked it up to carry after I got my stuff in it and the strap was just laying there not connected to the bag on one side. And it happened repeatedly over the course of the one day I carried it. I plan to fix it before carrying it again. So beware if you buy this bag that fixing the straps will be mandatory as otherwise they come off constantly. If you are willing to fix them, then you'll be very happy with this bag, it is cute cute cute. Just keep in mind you will HAVE to fix the straps, as they will cause you major aggravation if you don't. If you are not inclined to take the time to fix it, skip this purchase. I gave it a 3 instead of a 5 because of the straps. If the straps didn't require fixing, I'd give it a 5. Still a great little bag. May 6, 2012
Really Cute! I got one in my FAVE pattern (Blue Lagoon) for a good price at the VB outlet in Virginia. It's the perfect size...I was able to fit my VB all-in-one wristlet w/the phone, my VB compact mirror, and my VB lanyard. So awesome! At first I had some strap difficulties but I've gotten used to it and I know how to work it better. In fact, just today I went on a bike ride with it (I adjusted the strap and the knot didn't fall out, which was good) and no strap difficulties. Love how it is adjustable. Also, it's like a cute little purse even without the strap! Really cute! A lot of my friends have Mini Hipsters but this is a good alternative and I like to be original! April 6, 2012
Good Bag, Bad Strap Although on my bag the clip broke and the strap falls of someone often, i used key rings to fasten the strap to the bag. It works very well that way. But other then that the bag is very spacious for being a small bag. Since i put the key rings on it is a very good and handy bag. November 9, 2011
A BIG LET DOWN I was very disappointed with this bag. I read the reviews online but figured some of them were just emphasizing the fact that the strap comes off. I bought this purse and when I got it home I was excited but the first time i used it, the strap fell off!!! I haven't thought of a solution to the problem yet but I am extremely disappointed. October 23, 2011
Functional bag, baaaaad hook First of all, I LOVE this bag. It's function is perfect for this mom of a wild 3 year-old. However, the latch comes unhooked at the most inopportune times. I think this could be resolved if the latch / hooking mechanism could swivel. Because it doesn't, it twists itself out of place. So VB, if you bring this bag back, new hooks. :) Other than that, I love and use it every day. August 25, 2011
The Rumors Are True... I fell in love with this purse when I saw it in stores! So when I got it home, I was disappointed. As far as the look of the bag: it is GREAT to take out shopping or just a short trip to a store or the movies! I like the idea of the strap adjustment, and it holds all of my things without looking bulgy - a fantastic addition! It is even easy to get in and out of. BUT, like many other reviewers on here are saying, there really ARE strap troubles. They don't fall off my arm - the hooks that attach to the inside metal pieces constantly come unhooked. Something about the hook must get caught and fail to stay attached to the inside - which could obviously cause serious problems! I still have it and have not done anything to fix the problem, but others have done that and it seems to help. I bought this in Boysenberry and it's so cute I will probably keep it for a while. Unless you don't mind sacrificing a few mishaps once in a while to own a stylish purse, I WOULD NOT purchase this bag. (I personally still like and will continue to use it until it gets considerably bad!) August 5, 2011
friends had strap trouble, I didn't I really like this bag! The best part is the wipe-clean cover (this is my second frill bag). Two friends bought this same bag in February of 2011 and had problems with the strap unhooking all the time. However, I bought one in early June of '11 and have only had the strap unhook once - and I use it all the time. It's the best small purse I have ever owned - I have to carry a lot of medicine and it holds it all, plus keys, money (I have the double kiss wallet, which is also great), credit cards, etc. I would recommend this purse. June 19, 2011
Super cute but a super pain I received this purse (red flowers) as a gift (my first and probably last vera bradley). It is super cute - I love the little pocket on the front for my cell phone and I love the small size just perfect for my wallet and keys. I also love that it's not the plain fabric, but is coated. However, the strap falling off all the time drives me to distraction. I also had to bend the "snaps" a bit to keep the purse closed on top. If I open the purse when I am not wearing it, the straps fall into the purse and I have to figure out a way to hold both of the metal pieces in the "up" position in order to close it and not catch the strap. I will try the fix that others have suggested and hope for the best, but I am disappointed that I have to. May 31, 2011
Big Disappointment! Really cute purse, but the strap fell off before I even got out the door with it for the first time. I bought split rings at the craft store, used pliers to get off the dysfunctional hardware and solved the problem. This is the first time I have ever had a problem with a Vera Bradley product. From now on, I will always read reviews here before I buy. May 10, 2011
adorable bag but that darn strap! This is such a cute little bag but I, too, have a problem with the strap coming off all the time. Usually it falls to the pavement! yikes! April 19, 2011
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