Contact Case in Twirly Birds Pink

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SKU #11497100  | 2¾" x 1¼" x 2¼"

Your contacts never had such a beautiful dwelling! Signature colors and a kisslock closure make this case a eye-pleasing essential. The lens compartments are debossed with an "L" and an "R" for feeler-friendly use.

Details & Care Tips


  • Metal kisslock closure
  • Contact lens case with debossed "L" and "R" labels on top, and "R" on the bottom
  • Mirror on lid
  • Main compartment large enough to hold small solution bottle (not included)

Care Tips

Spot clean with a damp cloth.
Happy SnailsBaroque

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Customer Reviews

Contact Case 4.7 5 97 100
Awesome contact case I ordered the contact case in Happy Snails. It is as cute as can be! I just love it. It comes with a plastic contact case inside. It is great to use for traveling. It is small enough that it doesn't take up much room in your purse. I also ordered one for my daughter. She doesn't wear contacts, so she took out the plastic case and uses it to carry bobbie pins and hair ties. It fits great in her backpack or purse. July 9, 2014
I don't wear contacts but... I am young but recently suffered a hearing loss and began to wear a hearing aid. This makes a GREAT case for my hearing aid! It is about half the size of the case that came with my hearing aid and is far cuter! I love having a pretty case for my aid, and with the pretty VB fabric, no one would guess that I keep a hearing aid in it, so it is discreet. I just removed the plastic contact holder and the case, although nice and small, has plenty of room for a package of batteries, a cloth, and my hearing aid. I liked it so much, I just ordered another in a different pattern. March 24, 2014
Updated style please! I bought this case a few years a go and I love it! I just wish you would come up with an updated case in new patterns! February 8, 2014
Love this thing! I have daily lenses, but I travel constantly, so I can pack five days worth of contacts into one of these babies and go without worrying if they're somewhere at the bottom of my duffel! All of my travel accessories are in Rhythm and Blues, and this one is no exception! Definitely going to buy another one in the future! November 3, 2013
Great Product for Absolutely Anyone! I actually bought two of these, one for me and one for my sister. I purchased one in Tea Garden and one in Happy Snails. Both me and my sister noticed that you can use this case for a number of different things! Which means that it is just as versatile as every other Vera product! You can take out the little contact case inside and use it for your jewelry or other small items. Still, both of us use this product for our contacts every day. It's just the right size so that it does not get lost in the bottom of your purse! Thanks Vera! July 15, 2013
Love this for earrings and medicine I bought several of these last year during a sale simply because it was just too cute and I knew that I would find several uses for it due to its compact and convenient size. My daughter recently had her ears pierced and this little case is perfect for her to keep her earrings in for sleepovers or travel. The mirror is convenient for her too. I use mine to hold medications and pills in my purse. I have also used it to hold my jewelry that I take off at the end of the day before I get home. I used to put my jewelry in the coin part of my wallet because I never had a place to put it. I now have the Tune In (which I LOVE), but I kept my earbuds in one too. Before I had lazer surgery on my eyes, I wore contacts so this would have been nice for its intended purpose, but would have preferred it to have a very small sized bottle for drops or contact solution. Overall, this is a great size for many uses. Get one before their gone! 1. contacts 2. earrings and jewelry 3. medication and pills 4. earbuds 5. hair ties, bobby pins, clips June 12, 2013
LOVE these! My mom purchased me one of these lil guys for Christmas this past year in the "Suzani" print. I don't wear contacts so at first I wasn't sure what I could use this for, but now I keep little hair knickknacks such as bobby pins, hair clips, and hairties to store in my medium cosmetic case! It's perfect for this too because there's a little mirror inside so you can see how it comes out, just incase you want one of these and need an idea! I'd definitely recommend =) January 31, 2013
Never go without earrings again! A friend gave me one of these and I thought what am I going to do with this, I don't wear contacts. Then it dawned on me to use as a keeper of my earrings. Often times when I'm in a hurry to get out the door what do I do?.....forget my earrings! Boy do I hate that! I feel like I haven't finished getting dressed! Not as long as I have my contact case in my purse with several options of earrings to wear! I used to take earrings off and put them in the coin zippered compartment of my Vera wallet but I worried about losing them or them getting scratched by the coins. Now I don't have to worry and I always have a pair to finish off my outfit! December 26, 2012
More uses than you can imagine Got one for my daughter who wears contacts. Then I got one for myself and I keep my Bluetooth Earpiece in it. I didn't think i should keep the Bluetooth loose in my purse, but it's original case was too big to carry in there. I took the clip off an old keychain and put it around the hinge of the contact case and then clipped it onto my purse. Then if I get a call that I want to put on Bluetooth I know exactly where it is and can get to it quickly. Now, if only the contact case were plastic lined I would get one for all the girls in the family that wear retainers. And I'd rig them onto a VB lanyard and they would be able to wear that to lunch at school and never throw away the retainer again! December 11, 2012
Adorable little case I have the contact case in Lemon Parfait and it has so many functions! So far I have used it to hold contacts, then bobby pins/hair clips, then pills. A wonderful buy. Get one before they're gone! December 8, 2012
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