One for the Money in Very Berry Paisley

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SKU #11354063  | 5½" x 4"

This wallet definitely gets “two for the show” with the kisslock coin purse located right inside! Use it for coins, gloss or a small compact. Two more pockets hold everything else, from cards to cash.

Details & Care Tips


  • Screw-threaded closable hook for keys tucks into inside slip pocket
  • Kisslock coin, zip and slip pockets inside
  • ID window on back with top opening for easy access
  • Snap closure

Care Tips

Spot clean with a damp cloth.

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

One for the Money 4.6 5 65 66
One for the Money This is the BEST wallet I have ever owned. Why would you take this out of your collection Vera Bradley?? . January 27, 2014
Best Wallet Ever I have had my One for the Money Wallet in Make Me Blush for almost a year. It is absolutely the BEST wallet ever. One for the Money has ample room for coins in the kiss lock coin purse, plenty of room in the pocket behind the kiss lock for paper money (folded in half), stamps and coupons, and a zippered compartment inside the top of the flap for my DL, insurance card, debit card and credit cards. The ID slot is nice, but I prefer to have my ID inside my wallet. I have never used the key chain, but think it would be great if you had one or two keys that you needed occasionally but didn't want to keep on your regular keychain. One for the Money fits nicely in my Cassidy, Hipster, and Frannie, all of which are small and/or narrower purses. I love the One for the Money Wallet and highly recommend it to anyone who likes to carry a smaller wallet. January 11, 2014
Perfect size! This wallet is a perfect size for everyday use. It holds change, id's and has a nice zipper compartment where I store money and cards. I like the see through id panel on the outside, it's right there ready to be shown and there is a roomy pocket on the inside I use for receipts and business cards. It's big enough to store everything you need without being bulky. I only wish it were available in other colors. January 5, 2014
Great wallet overall, especially for its size I purchased this wallet in Night and Day, and I love it! The kisslock coin purse holds quite a bit, but maybe not enough for a person who carries around tons of change. The slip pocket behind the kisslock coin purse is much roomier than expected, and ( as long almost nothing else is in it ) is enough for my phone, an LG slider. The zip pocket on the top has as much room as expected, which isn't all that much, but enough for me. The way the wallet is constructed, a detachable strap ( normal purse or wristlet ) could be attached easily ( either through the wallet or to the key chain ). The part of the wallet for your keys ( it's attached to the inner, upper left-hand corner of the slip pocket behind the kiss-lock coin purse) is certainly enough for a few keys and " mini key chain cards" but not enough for a hefty key chain, unless you want your keys to hang out of the wallet ( which is possible) or if you want to slip them into the slip pocket, as long as nothing much is in there. According to my measurements, the wallet just a little over 5 1/2 inches and a little under 4 inches.The snap closure isn't the fastest closure (just a little more effort) doable but is better than a magnetic closure, especially since this wallet doesn't stay perfectly flat when full. OVERALL, this is a fantastic wallet for someone who wants to carry around some change, cash, and only a FEW cards( 5 or 6) June 8, 2013
Nice Wallet This wallet is good but I would like more space for money to be held considering it has one pocket and its quite small. Also the change purse part if you put to much in it when you open it everything pops out which gets me mad. But it is great to look at and is somewhat useful. April 11, 2013
Not what I expected, but still good It's smaller than I expected so that threw me off a bit in terms of what I was wanting to use it for. I was thinking it was smaller and more of an essentials only kind of wallet.........more credit card sized. That's my own fault however because the dimensions stated in the description are completely accurate. Although I usually love a kisslock clousure, I think a few card slots or another zip pocket would have been a better idea. Because of the location and size of the kisslock pouch, I don't feel like it is very secure. One side of the kisslock opens all the way which means it essentially opens completely flat and items can easily fall out. So either another zip pocket, card slots, or a narrower kisslock would be better. Because it's bigger than I expected, I use it more as a wristlet or very small clutch. I keep my cash, change, debit card, driver's license, and library card in the zip pocket. I like the security of a zipper for my money and cards. I keep a bandaid, small nail file, lip gloss, small Swiss Army Knife, and a couple of Advils in the kisslock pouch. In the pocket behind the kisslock pouch, I keep my iPhone 5. I don't have a large bulky case on my phone so it fits. If you have an Otter Box or Life Proof case, the iPhone 5 won't fit. My keys are kept on the attached ring. Those are my essentials and must haves for daily use so I have grown to enjoy it for a small clutch type purse that holds my necessities. Now for the things I would like to see in an updated version........a little tweeking. ;) 1. NO ID window on the outside. I don't carry a checkbook anymore so I rarely need to show my ID, but more importantly, I really don't want my information showing for anyone to know. I would much rather have my ID window tucked nicely inside my wallet. 2. Add another zip pocket on the outside in place of the ID window. If the ID window was inside, that allows for another pocket on the outside. We can never have too many pockets. 3. Because another pocket could be added on the outside, 4-6 card slots would be great in place of the kisslock pouch. Or add 4-6 card slots on the zip pocket inside the wallet and the ID window on the kisslock pouch. All in all, I have found the One For The Money wallet to be a good alternative to a wristlet and something I can easily fit in a bigger bag or tote. February 27, 2013
"Really Cute Wallet" I recently purchased my One for the Money in Folkloric and I absolutely love it. It is such a cute wallet and the pattern is very pretty. I especially like "the kisslock coin purse located right inside". At first, I wasn'st sure if the wallet would fit into my smaller hispter such as the Frannie, but it fits perfectly with room to spare. I am glad that I purchased this wallet and plan to get more in different patterns. February 10, 2013
Great Modified Wristlet for Outings, Sports Events I purchased the One for the Money in Night and Day as a wallet to carry in my matching Backpack for day outings. I was really missing a general wristlet but all the reviews said they couldn't fit a smartphone with a case into even their largest VB wristlet. BONUS is that the pocket behind the kisslock holds my iPhone4 in an thick Otterbox case!!!! Yay! You won't find that in any of the other wristlets.Well, I remembered there is a screw-closed chain clasp for keys in the One for the Money - Perfect. When I'm out I can just attach the clasp to a belt loop instead and be hands free. Now if only VB would sell matching wristlet chains separately like lanyards I could add it to the keychain. I love the flexibility of this wallet. November 28, 2012
Great wallet for teens! I'm a teen, and I just got this wallet, and I absolutely love it! I got it in Buttercup to match my Frannie purse, and it is perfect for everyday. The kisslock coin purse is big enough to hold spare change and even my chapstick. It's easily accessible too, which is good, because before I had this wallet, I couldn't get my change into my wallet fast enough, and people behind me in lines to pay were getting impatient. ;) But for this wallet, I can just pop the change right in and be done! However, this wallet doesn't have a larger place to put dollars. I just stuff them in the zippered pouch instead. (That works just as well.) The wallet actually has more pockets than shown. There is actually an ID slot on the back of the wallet, and there is a pocket behind the kisslock purse. This pocket, (the one behind the kisslock purse) is big enough to fit receipts and an iPod or a small phone, which is perfect for when I don't want to carry a purse. It even has a chain to hook keys onto inside the pocket. The wallet is a little bigger in real life than on the screen. However, this is my favorite Vera wallet and I suggest it to teens and anyone who loves the idea of a kisslock change purse, but doesn't mind not having a larger pocket for money. October 18, 2012
Perfect for my little Girl I got this wallet for myself with a matching coin purse and lanyard and I loved them I gave the wallet to my 8 year old and the Coin purse to my niece and they both have put alot of use into them and they still look great October 11, 2012
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