Honor Roll in Buttercup

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SKU #11325068  | 18" x 9¼" x 9¼" with 15" strap drop

The Honor Roll sees to it that students go from class to practice to weekend fun without missing a beat. Fully laminated to hold swim gear, workout clothes or toiletry items, this is one duffel no student should live without!

Details & Care Tips


  • Laminated cotton exterior with patent details
  • Silver hardware
  • Removable floral charm on strap ring
  • Pleated slip pockets on either end of bag and one large zip pocket inside
  • Zippered closure

Care Tips

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Carry this color and show your support for breast cancer research. Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

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Customer Reviews

Honor Roll 2.2 5 23 23
Replaced once and ripped again.... I bought this bag for my daughter and it ripped upon the first time she used it. I was pleased that with sending a picture of it Vera Bradley replaced it. But then the replacement ripped the first time she used it as well. It was a waste of my money and I will not purchase anything similar. Marylee May 12, 2013
Love this bag but disappointed, needs revised I carried this bag on vacation and loved it until gettting it out of the car one day and the handle ripped. I was soooo disappointed. I have another one in a different color so I plan on using it on my next vacation and hopefully it will not do the same thing. I hope Vera will keep making this bag but sew reinforcements on the straps. This is one of the best bags, in my opinion, because of the laminate material. Everything else about it is great. I am hoping I can somehow fix my bag. I am a huge Vera fan and even though I had a bad experience with this bag I still buy many of her products and love them all. Although I don't recommend this bag until they make a revised version I do recommend any other Vera product. This is the only thing I have ever had any problems with and I own lots of Vera bags!!!!! August 19, 2012
I must have lucked out on this one I carried my pink Twirly Birds Honor Roll as a purse for several months. It stayed clean because of the laminate and the end pockets were just wide enough to accommodate my slender iphone (however it was too tight for a normal Samsung cellphone). Admittedly I am sort of rough on my purses and the handles have never even threatened to come off of it. Phew. The one thing I would say is that this bag does not make the best use of space. It was a tight squeeze getting some of my square shaped items in there (and again... I WAS rough on it. I packed it to the max and the zipper never broke). I guess I must have lucked out on this one and my final word would have to be that it's a pretty good bag - so long as it stays together like mine did! December 5, 2011
Cute, but Received this as a gift. Used it one time and one of the handles seperated from the bag. The friend who gave the bag to me was with me when this happened and was mortified. I was very disappointed, as I loved the look, and a very generous gift was a waste of the giver's money. Now the bag is useless. November 19, 2011
Such a disappointment I loved this bag sooooo much. Bought it to keep my beach things like books, my camera, hats and a coverup dry while on the boat in the Caribbean. The handle ripped the 2nd time I picked it up. The bag had no reinforcement on the handle attachment to the bag. I haven't used it since as the torn out area is oh so obvious. Maybe Gorilla Glue could help... I'd love to see a Frill tote back. November 3, 2011
I am so sad :( I loved this bag. Loved carrying it. Loved its size. Loved the wipe-clean laminate. One month after purchase, I had the bag in the back seat of my car, reached around, mistakenly picked it up by just one handle and ...RRRRRRRRIP. Sounds like lots of us experienced this. Ms Vera, why didn't you make a better bag? Can we sent it to you to be fixed? October 16, 2011
Cute bag. Not very durable plastic by handle ripped within a month of purchase.. Very cute but very practical to carry as gym bag. September 24, 2011
A "Must Have" ! I love this bag! I got it for Xmas (in Baroque, personally my fav!) to use as a gym bag for school. It fits in my locker perfectly (my locker is not AT ALL big) and it holds all of my items GREAT! I love the idea of the laminate part, so it wipes clean whenever my shoes get mud on it, for example. The side pockets are also helpful , yet stylish, and the straps don't dig into your shoulder - they're comfortable. The inside pocket is also great for small items (such as hair clips, etc.) It also doubles as an overnight bag for me, as it's the perfect size! It's a great bag for a great price. I would definitely recomend this bag to anyone:) August 1, 2011
Access too tight Love the laminate--- but the access into the bag is too tight...feeling like every time I go into bag I am fighting with too small an opening for size of bag...need bigger zipper that would allow you to fully open the bag. July 7, 2011
Terrible Quality I used it for a school trip to New Orleans. After I got it off the charter bus the handle ripped. When we got back my mom bought a new one for me in the same style and pattern. Yet again it ripped. I would never reccomend this bag unless you like wasting money! May 26, 2011
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