Medium eBook Cover in Go Wild

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SKU #12426135  | 5 ½" x 8" Fits: Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard, NOOK, Kobo Wi-Fi, Kobo Touch, Kobo Vox, Sony Reader Wi-Fi, Black Berry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tb, HTC Flyer, Dell Streak 7

This book-style tech case is designed to keep most medium E-readers safe on the move. Wrapped in our softly-padded Signature cotton and protective padding, its interior features a soft lining and a handy slim pocket for plane tickets or business cards.

Details & Care Tips


  • Wrapped in softly-padded Signature cotton
  • Interior features soft lining and handy slim pocket
  • Elastic corner bands with silicone securely hold most medium E-readers

Care Tips

Spot Clean
Go Wild

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Customer Reviews

Medium eBook Cover 3.4 5 47 48
It stinks! I was very excited to get this cover for my Kindle Fire. It's beautiful and a very snug fit. My concern is that it has a HORRIBLE chemical smell. I've scrubbed it with every known cleaner in the house, set it outside to air out, and hosed it with Lysol and Febreeze and it still smells. The smell is so bad that it gives me a headache. July 31, 2014
Love this for my Kindle Fire I have been using this cover on my Kindle Fire for about two years. I have actually had two different Kindle Fires, as the cover has outlasted my Kindle! The cover fit both of my Kindle Fire just fine, especially considering the fact that it was not made specifically to fit the Kindle Fire. As far as durability, I would imagine after two years of use it would show some wear. However, the amount of wear it shows is so minimal that it is barely noticeable. One of the elastic holders inside appears to be a little "stretched" but it still has a lot of life left in it, and none of the elastic holders have become loose. That is the only wear I truly notice, and that is on the inside. The outside shows little to no wear. I really don't know how you can go wrong with this cover. The size is perfect for most tablets, and the durability is outstanding! July 31, 2014
Fits Kindle Paperwhite!! Wasn't sure if this would fit my Paperwhite, since it's not listed on the recommended devices, but fits very snugly and securely with access to all buttons at the bottom! Great case for the price! June 19, 2014
Not Impressed with Quality I thought that this would be a great item to get to go with my other Vera products. I was disappointed with the quality of the cover. It is not very durable. This has been the first Vera product that I was dissatisfied with so if you are looking for a decent ereader cover, please do not get this one. January 29, 2014
PERFECT FOR KINDLE FIRE HD My daughter got a Kindle Fire HD for graduation so I bought this cover for her in Provencal. She absolutely loves it! It was a perfect fit and we have not noticed any type of chemical odor or any other odor for that matter. I will definitely purchase this cover when I get a Kindle Fire HD for myself! July 24, 2013
Does not fit a Kindle Fire The elastic bands on this are the problem on why this does not fit a Kindle Fire as advertised. The bands are too far in or something. I love VB but they really need to fix this issue. June 27, 2013
Not good for the Nook tablet I got this as a gift this past Christmas. I really liked it, and put it on my Nook right away. It wasn't long before I started having problems with my Nook. It kept dying on me, and would not hold a charge. Well, it was still under warranty (barely) so I sent it back to the manufacturer and they sent me a new one. To my surprise, this one wouldn't hold a charge either. At first, I was right disgusted with my ereader. Then, I started looking at the Vera Bradley cover that was on the Nook. I found that the upper left corner strap that holds the cover onto the Nook was actually on top of the power button. I removed this strap, then charged my Nook fully. I checked on it several hours later, and it still had the charge. So, the problem was strap. It's been several weeks now, and it's still working fine. So, now I have my Nook in it's Vera Bradley cover, utilizing only 3 of the 4 straps. It works, but it does look a bit crooked. Without all the straps, it doesn't sit well in the cover. I may go back to my old Nook cover. This product may work well with other ereaders, but If you have a Nook ereader, I do not recommend using this product. March 29, 2013
DOSEN'T FIT iPad MINI!!!! I went to a store today with my iPad Mini. When I put it in the case, it wouldn't shut. I was very mad. I wished it would've shut properly. March 23, 2013
Needs better description and photos. I measured my device carefully and it's comparable to one of those listed as fitting, but it doesn't fit. I had no problem with odor and the flowers are arranged suitably (not upside down). I would still recommend this to a friend but would suggest seeking out in person and trying the device inside the case, rather than ordering online. Please begin adding interior dimensions for tech cases (fits up to length x width) and showing a better photo of where the attachments are. Thanks! February 27, 2013
Horrible Smell and doesn't fit Nexus 7 This product has a such a HORRIBLE chemical smell that even after airing it out in the freezing cold temperature for several days it still smells so bad that I can't use it. In addition, the magnet is on the pricing strip so when you remove that strip the cover doesn't stay closed. Which would be fine, except that the straps cover the power button so without the magnet to turn the tablet off and on there is no way for me to use this item without taking it completely out of the top of the case to power up. So disappointed... returning. February 26, 2013
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