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Change is in the air. What starts out as a swinging wristlet easily transforms to an adorable handbag with just two quick clicks of the trigger clasp. Or, you can attach it to a larger bag in a snap. The zipper closure reveals and interior pocket and ample room for all the essentials.

Details & Care Tips


  • 6 ¾" wrist strap
  • Trigger clasp lets you switch from swinging wristed to a handbag
  • Attaches to a larger bag in a snap
  • Zipper closure reveals an interior pocket and ample room for all the essentials


7" x 3 ½" x 1 ¼" - 6 ¾" wrist strap

Care Tips

The Signature Collection is made of 100% cotton. We recommend machine washing (cool/gentle cycle) with mild detergent, then air-drying. Do not bleach. (Please note: Some items have a solid base that must be removed before washing. If the base is sewn in, it can be safely washed.) Vera Bradley does not recommend the use of Woolite®, since it is not recommended for cotton fabrics. Check product care label for further instructions.