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Warm intentions

According to the sunshine streaming in through our office windows, it’s time to get out there and start taking advantage of all the season has to offer. We sat down and compiled a warm-weather bucket list of places and pastimes we plan to visit between now and the first chill of fall.

Summer Bucket List

[Styles for our bucket list: Small Journal in Rio Rosie | Paddleboard in Marrakesh | Rolling Luggage in Black | Market Tote in Marrakesh Medallion | Cooler Tote in Pixie Confetti]

Feel free to use our suggestions as inspiration and share your bucket list below!

Wear. What. How. A fine line

Our assortment of dazzling accessories just keeps growing. The latest arrivals to our Jewelry category are exceptional examples of how introducing a touch of Vera Bradley, perhaps in an unexpected way, can truly enhance your look.

For more evidence, we asked Lindsay, a Product Development Assistant, to step in and show the best Jewelry pairings for the medley of necklines you might have in your closet.

Necklace pairings

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Six days of Sparkle

If you’ve been following @verabradley on Instagram this week, you’ve seen the glitz and glimmer of our Summer Sparkle shoot and received an open invitation to show us how you shine.

When we decided to have employees pose for our collection spotlight, we were thrilled to get a sunny day and beyond elated to have the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo as our set. A few hours in the rain forest makes for a pretty enjoyable day at the office. (Bonus: We got a special sneak peek at Asmara, the zoo’s baby orangutan.)

Summer Sparkle Photo Shoot

But just because our series is coming to an end, doesn’t mean your sparkle has to dim. We love seeing how you accessorize throughout the seasons! Be sure to include #verabradley for the opportunity to see yourself on our site and social media, and keep those stylish selfies coming!

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Crown thee colorful

 To our delightful surprise, it turns out our Brand Ambassador Meryl Davis is more than just a great athlete. She’s pretty crafty as well! Below, she shares her 4 simple steps for creating a Coachella-inspired flower crown.

Missing out on a DIY flower crown JUST bc I’m not going to Coachella ~ No way Jose #Coachella15 #VeraBradley

A video posted by Meryl Davis (@meryledavis) on


DIY Floral Crown

Items: wire, electrical tape (preferably green), bouquet of flowers and scissors/wire cutters (that’s it!)

Step 1: Shape the wire into a circle. You can wrap the two ends to connect or tape (or both). The wire should sit loosely around the top of your head.

Step 2: Cut the flower stems to about 2 inches; just long enough to be able to attach to the wire.

Step 3: Attach the larger flowers evenly around the circle using the tape.

Step 4: Fill in the spaces with the remaining large flowers, then medium, and finally the smaller flowers.

Done! You can further secure the flowers to the wire or the crown to your hair using bobby pins. Enjoy!

DIY Floral Crown

DIY Floral Crown

Polish off the look

Polish off the lookOur celebration of Summer Sparkle starts with a lustrous manicure. Product Development Design Assistant Van joins us today to share her guide to this glitzy, glimmering nail art, inspired by Pixie Blooms.

Polish off the look

Van’s advice:

Before you apply your base coat, buffer your nails and then clean with alcohol or water (not soap).

Paint the glitter ground and then apply a topcoat. Let it dry for 5 minutes and then apply your artwork. Use just the tip of the brush when making your flower petals.

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A look back: #vbos15

It passed in a flash, but another Outlet Sale has indeed come and gone. Join us to take a look back at some of our favorite, awe-inspiring facts about the past week.


… but our favorite number? The thousands of friendly, smiling (some familiar) faces we saw each day. Thank you for joining us and making the 2015 Outlet Sale such a success!







Mark your calendars: 2016 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale April 6 – 10.

Guest Dressed. Summer Sparkle

All next week, we’ll be celebrating Summer Sparkle, a collection that symbolizes a uniqueness and playfulness that goes hand in hand with sunny days and warm-weather style. Kate Blue from the blog For the Love of Fancy joins us to start the Sparkle celebration with her take on the subtle glitz of our latest offerings.

guest dressed

“Summer and Sparkle, two of my very favorite things! I’ve never been one to shy away from color, so it was love at first sight for me with this collection. The mix of corals, oranges, pinks and sequins just make for the perfect summer bag. The Summer Sparkle Crossbody is perfect for a night out. It’s the ideal size to hold your iPhone and lip gloss (most important things, right?).”

guest dressed

The Summer Sparkle Tote is equally as amazing. I’ve always loved a big bag that can carry absolutely everything. This is going to be my go-to this summer for weekend lake getaways and beach trips. No one said your travel bag had to be boring!

guest dressed

I paired both of these fun bags with my off-the-shoulder summer style. This top is such an effortless, warm weather piece. I paired it with wide-leg denim and heels for a dressed-up look. It could easily be dressed down with a pair of boyfriend shorts, sandals and the Summer Sparkle Crossbody for a fun lunch date or shopping trip.

guest dressed

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Houston can get preeeetty darn hot in the summer. In the warm summer months, I always look forward to a summer cocktail. It’s pretty simple and so refreshing!

guest dressedSummer Sparkle Cocktail

What your fabrication says about you …

You’re more than the style you carry. That being said, we have noticed a few fun correlations between fabrications and some common character traits. Play along and see which collection pairs well with your persona.



You’re one of the first people your friends think of when adventure calls. You love expressing yourself, especially through happy, bold color. While many see your free, creative side, you often put an emphasis on function when finding things to fit into your busy schedule. Everything needs to be an easygoing extension of your vibrant spirit.

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B.B. Collection

B.B. Collection

Much to your credit, you prefer to look at things from every angle. Color is a great place to take chances, but a classic silhouette will typically be what rests on your shoulder. You treasure a simple transition from day to night and subscribe to the work-hard-play-hard mentality. Balance is a top priority.

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You are that person at the dinner party who has a bursting vision board at home. You’ve seen amazing things and have a list of locations you long to visit. You’re in tune with the trends but don’t take fashion too seriously. We know you’re great at getting things done, but have a playful, worldly side as well.

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Faux Leather

Every group needs a planner to make sure things run smoothly, and that’s you! You pride yourself on research and strategy, but make bold statements when the occasion calls for it. You think treats are something best served in moderation and would be described as extremely rosy and reliable.

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Quilted Leather


You’re as loyal as they come, with a caregiver’s heart. Your work ethic is partnered with a seize-the-day mentality that makes rewarding yourself a sweet priority. You value a good investment when it comes to both relationships and style.

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