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What to Wear: New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a universally loved holiday. It brings friends and family together to celebrate the end of an era and welcome in new beginnings. New Year’s Eve is the fashion girl’s favorite holiday since there is always a party – so you better believe we’ve been dreaming up our outfits for weeks! Whether you’re going low-key for a game night with friends, dolling up for a girl’s night out or going full-out glam for that black tie event with bae, we’ve styled the perfect ensemble (and bag to coordinate) for any occasion.

game night

What to wear: You’ve had your crazy New Year’s Eve’s out on the town, so this year you’re keeping it chill. Wear something you’ll be comfortable sitting in for a few hours – we recommend a sweater and jeans.  Slip on your go-to riding boots and minimal jewelry. Don’t forget a watch for that countdown to midnight!

What to carry: You’re bringing Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity, obviously – so you need a bag big enough to carry them. Our Get Carried Away Tote is the perfect size for games, plus the essentials you’d normally stash in your handbag.

girl's nightWhat to wear: In the midst of the holiday chaos, you’ve gathered your closest girlfriends together for a fun night out. This calls for something fierce. Pair a shimmery crop top with a high-waisted midi skirt for the ultimate classy meets sassy look. Red lipstick, a statement bangle and some killer booties will perfectly top off your look.

What to carry: Girl’s nights out mean lots of dancing, so you’ll need something hands-free. The Elena Crossbody will fit your phone, card, lipstick and a travel eau de toilette to freshen up in between all the dancing.

black tie

What to wear: Whenever we hear “Black Tie Event”, we immediately go to our tried and true little black dress. Dress it up with a dainty choker, statement earrings, and suede pumps. Merlot lipstick will bring the perfect pop to your LBD.

What to carry: Formal events call for a clutch. Our Elise Tassel Clutch is sophisticated and spacious for its size. You’ll have no problem fitting what you need, plus a pair of ballet flats in case the heels get the best of you!

How are you spending New Year’s Eve this year? Share below in the comments!

What to Wear: Holiday Party

The holidays are a time filled with baking, shopping, and plenty of get-togethers. With such a large social circle, you’re sure to have a holiday party or two on the calendar this month. You’re relieved to not be hosting, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t been planning the perfect holiday party outfit for months. With so many great options in your closet, you may be torn on which route to go – but don’t worry, we’ve got you. We have a simple formula that makes dressing for holiday parties a breeze.

holiday party outfit inspiration
Step one: Start with a statement dress – you know the one. That sassy leopard dress you have been waiting to wear is perfect for holiday parties. Wear your favorite wool peacoat while traveling to the party and shun it once you arrive for a stunning entrance. (Don’t worry about being cold, with so many people at the party, you’ll be fine going sleeveless.)

Step two: Select the perfect bag. We love going with something classic that you can carry for all of your holiday gatherings, regardless of your dress. Meet the Elise Clutch. This beautiful leather bag is surprisingly spacious for its size and will fit the essentials for a night out. Plus, you can’t go wrong with black since it will go with everything in your closet. Don’t forget to slip in a pocket mirror to ensure there isn’t a lipstick-on-teeth crisis.

Step three: Select the accessories to complement your dress. Since the dress makes such a statement, keep the jewelry simple with pretty chandelier earrings and a sophisticated arm stack. Add a bold color pop with red pumps and you’re sure to stand out.

Don’t show up empty handed! If you’re still in need of a hostess gift, we’ve got it covered.

Morning Routines of Successful Women: Sandra

Morning routines of successful women: Sandra
Eight out of the twelve members of our executive committee at Vera Bradley are women. Ahem, who runs the world? It’s no surprise that we admire women who shatter glass ceilings and break stereotypes in the workplace, but now we want to know how they do it. In search of the secrets of Superwoman, we’re studying highly successful females and how they spend the first few hours of the day. Take out your schedules; you’re going to want to write this down.

Making connections and staying humble is the secret to Jessica’s success, Sherry attributes positivity and hard work to her achievements and Celeste’s passion inspired us to go after our dreams. This month, meet Sandra de Ovando, Founder and Creative Director of Ovando Design and Production, one of New York’s most sought after floral design and event production firms. One may see her stunning floral installations and custom props at places like the Four Seasons, Saks Fifth Avenue and The MoMa. Entrepreneur of a company loved by celebrities, high-end restaurants and luxury hotels, we wanted the formula to Sandra’s success – starting with her morning routine.
Morning routines of successful women: Sandra
“No matter what, the first thing I do after waking up is meditate for 20 minutes. Lately, I’ve been using [the app] headspace, , which has helped guide a little more.
After that, I always pray and then journal. I believe the way you start the morning sets you up for the whole day.”

“… I work on self-growth before the business.”

“I have one or two cups of coffee after that and I don’t eat breakfast until I get to work. Then, I arrive at work and the day begins!”

Sandra chose the Vera Tote in Kiev Paisley as her work bag of choice. The beautiful pattern of the bag paired perfectly with her shop’s stunning décor.
Morning routines of successful women: Sandra
Born in Mexico City to Spanish and Russian parents, Sandra fell in love with nature, flowers and bold colors at a young age when she spent weekends gardening with her mother. She started her business over 13 years ago, indulging her passion for design and love for the beauty of flowers. We asked Sandra for her advice for any woman looking to grow in her career or business venture and she answered in her beautiful accent,

“Be self-confident. Believe in yourself. Don’t think that men have anything or any right to have more than us.”

Morning routines of successful women: Sandra
Well said, Sandra. We walked out of the Ovando studio feeling inspired to follow our dreams and celebrate our passions. We love looking into the lives of those that inspire us; some say it’s nosey, we prefer curious. Stay connected with us as we give more glimpses into the morning routines of other successful women next month. If you’re still hungry to see more hustle – take a look at how seven female leaders spend their first hour at work.
Morning routines of successful women: Sandra


What’s Inside: The Hostess Bag

We all know the power of the perfect handbag. You know, the one that fits every outfit, occasion and essential. We know that your beautiful leather clutch can’t double as Fido’s travel bag (he gets his own, obvi) and a crossbody may not hold enough ice cream and wine required to cheer your bestie after a bad break up. Enter: Our latest blog series. Each month, we select and assemble a bag that caters to a situation you’re bound to find yourself.

It’s official dinner party and cocktail hour season and your weekends are booked. Between planning a trip to visit your sister and last minute holiday shopping, the last thing you’re thinking about is Friday’s dinner party at your bestie’s. You pride yourself on being a good guest and know how much work she put into this party – so you can’t show up empty-handed. A hostess gift doesn’t require anything too grand, just a few little things to show you care and appreciate her. Here’s the deal: you pick out the killer outfit; we’ll put together the perfect hostess gift. Start with our (adorable) Scottie Dogs Market Tote and fill it with these four goodies that she can enjoy post-party.

the hostess bag

1. Cozy Socks
She put in the work for days and it’s time for her to unwind. Give her some Cozy Socks that she can kick back in and finally catch up on the Gilmore Girls revival.

2. Coloring Book
We all loved coloring as kids, and that love didn’t diminish as adults. Our new coloring book is perfect for kids and adults alike as a therapeutic way to unwind after a long day. Don’t forget the colored pencils!

3. Scented Candle
There’s nothing like relaxing after a long night with some candles and a bubble bath – seriously, nothing. Our new Pinecone Fir scented candle is sure to have her dreaming of her upcoming ski trip to the mountains.

4. Holiday Treat
She assured you it wasn’t necessary to bring a treat along, but you just can’t resist some cute holiday cookies! Bring a dozen locally made holiday treats for dessert (bonus points if you know how to whip these up yourself). What’s cuter than a cookie to match her new socks and Market Tote? Answer: nothing.

Now that you have the hostess gift wrapped, find out what you should be packing in your bag for the dinner party.

Blogger Gift Guide

We look to them for fashion advice and styling inspiration, so why not ask for their holiday gift picks? Our favorite fashion bloggers give us their holiday gift guides. Are you a leading lady that loves fashion like Brooke or kicking it back with cozy gifts like Cathy? Pick your personality and let these style icons fill your gift list.

Cathy is planning to cozy up this season and picked these gifts to go on her list.

“Cozy gifts make the best gifts this time of year, because when the weather is cold and the snow starts to fall, all we want is to be curled up at home and staying warm in the softest pieces of the season!”
– Cathy from Poor Little It Girl

cozy gifts

1. Cozy Flannel Pajama Pant, 2. Cozy Slipper
3. Throw Blanket, 4. Luxe Life Ear Muffs

Brooke’s fashion-forward gift picks are perfect for the girl that loves a little glam with her holidays.

“When fashion meets function, you get gorgeous high quality handbags like this Marlo Satchel from Vera Bradley! I can always count on Vera Bradley’s leather handbags to elevate my look while also providing an everyday bag that is completely functional too!”
– Brooke from KB Styled

fashion gifts

1. Diana Satchel, 2. Mia Wristlet
3. Leighton Backpack, 4. Marlo Satchel

If her phone is always dying, or she’s the busy bee of the group – go with Kristi’s list of her favorite Tech items this season.

“Thanks to VB, I was completely covered, bag-wise, for my trip up to see my family in San Francisco. My Keep Charged Campus Tech Backpack is extremely light and highly functional with room for my laptop and charging capabilities for my phone as well.”
– Kristi from Currently Crushing

tech gifts

1. Keep Charged Triple Zip Hipster, 2. Keep Charged Campus Tech Backpack
3. All in One Crossbody and Wristlet, 4. Keep Charged Triple Compartment Bag

If your family and friends are frequent travelers like Lawren, you’ll love her gift picks for the adventurer.

“I love to share the joy of adventure with the people in my life, and whether traveling to another country or to a neighbors house for the night, a travel gift is the perfect gift for any adventurer or jet-setter.”
-Lawren from Saltwater and Stilettos

travel gifts

1. Hanging Travel Organizer, 2. Lighten Up Wheeled Carry On Luggage
3. 22″ Spinner, 4. 4 pc. Cosmetic Organizer

Still having trouble finding the perfect present for her personality? Take our quiz, and you’ll be checking off your list in no time.

Dashing Darla’s Gift Picks

Dashing Darla gift picksShe’s back! Our good friend Dashing Darla has been spending the past few weeks spreading cheer on social media (because we all know it could use a little more positivity)! If you’re not familiar with Dashing Darla’s mission, here’s a little bit about her, taken from her Facebook page:

“My name is Dashing Darla, and giving Vera Bradley gifts is what I do.
If you’re a fan like I am, my next surprise might be for you.
On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I’m a social butterfly.
Just share your love of Vera Bradley and look for my reply.
I might comment with kind words or maybe with something more.
It could be a note to let you know I got you a product you adore.
As for my true identity, you may be wondering ‘who?’ or ‘how?’
Sorry, but that’s going to stay my little secret (at least for now).”

Dashing Darla is back at it again and working with our customer service team to surprise a few lucky Vera Bradley fans this holiday season with her gifting favorites. We were able to get the inside scoop on a few of the items she’s selected to gift fellow fans this year!

Jacquard Scarf

Dashing Darla gift picks

“The weather’s getting colder, and I don’t want you to freeze!
One of my favorite gifts this year will keep you warm with ease.
The Jacquard Scarf is oh-so toasty and totally on trend,
You’ll be wearing this one through the season’s end.”

Travel Cosmetic Set

Dashing Darla gift picks

“When it comes to certain presents, the more pieces, the merrier.
That’s why I love gifting Vera Bradley’s travel cosmetic carrier!
For holiday travelers, this set goes the extra mile,
And in bold Kiev Paisley, you’ll always be in style.”

Elena Crossbody

Dashing Darla gift picks

“This one’s for my closest friends, the most luxe gift of all.
It’s my way of thanking you for being such a doll!
You’re always on the go, so functionality is key.
The Elena Crossbody is fashionable and hands-free!”

Throw Blanket

Dashing Darla gift picks

“Cold weather is here, and in some places, even snow.
Let me help keep you warm with a Vera Bradley throw!
It’s luxuriously soft and in a pattern we all adore.
Scottie Dogs doubles as festive couch décor.”

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to follow Dashing Darla on her social channels. Leave on comment on Vera Bradley’s social pages and you could be her next gift recipient!
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5 Holiday Party Hacks

holiday party hacks

Ever since you can remember, you’ve always been the hostess. Creating warm environments and making everyone comfortable is your thing – but that doesn’t mean it’s always sunshine and roses. There is an expectation that hostesses have it together – not only are they exceptional cooks but also ambience experts and gift-giving gurus. Being a hostess can be a stressful role during the holidays, making wearing so many hats difficult to juggle. This year, make setting up for your holiday party easier with our five quick and simple holiday hacks!

1. Décor

Over Thanksgiving, you started to put out some of your holiday decorations, but you’re not close to finishing. To make your space more festive in a pinch, use ornaments as a centerpiece. Arrange your most glittery ornaments in a tray or bowl on your table for instant holiday spirit.

holiday party hacks

2. Ambience

A festive party is all in the atmosphere – so make sure your perfectly curated holiday playlist  (Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” included) doesn’t fall short. Use this one to get in the spirit. Amplify the sound of your playlist by placing your phone in a mug. Trust us, it works.

3. Tablesetting

Larger dinner parties may call for a seating chart. Rather than individually folding intricate place cards, use Zip ID Cases with names slipped inside of each. These will jazz up your tablescape and serve as a small party favor to each guest at the same time.

holiday party hacks

4. Serving

When your college roomies get together again, it can be a struggle to remember everyone’s favorite wine. We recommend keeping it simple by serving just one holiday cocktail recipe. This cranberry apple libation is sure to be a hit.

5. Gifting

If your holiday party is also serving as your annual gift exchange, you’ll want to make sure you spend a little time wrapping your gifts, since you’ll have an audience. We love turning part of a gift into the wrapping. Our bag charms serve as perfect gift toppers for any holiday gift. You’ll have everyone hoping you have their name in next year’s Secret Santa.

holiday party hacks

Now that you’ve completed party planning, you’ll want to use these five apps to get through the holidays. Not hosting this year? This is what you’ll want to bring with you to your next dinner party.