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What’s Inside: The Breakup Bag

We all know the power of the perfect handbag. You know, the one that fits every outfit, occasion and essential. We know that your beautiful leather clutch can’t double as Fido’s travel bag (he gets his own, obvi), and a crossbody may not hold enough ice cream and wine to cheer up your bestie after a bad breakup. Enter: our latest blog series. Each month, we select and assemble a bag that caters to a situation in which you’re bound to find yourself.

February may be known as the month of love, but your bestie’s winter whirlwind romance has come to an end, and now it’s your time to shine. No one knows how to cheer her up like you do, so you’re going to need to pull out all the stops. It’s your job to help pull her out of her slump — and we know exactly what you need to do so (we have it down to a science). There are five things needed to help your girlfriend cheer up, reboot and move on — and luckily, they can all fit in your trusty Vivian Hobo Bag. We know what you’re thinking — there is no way a bottle of wine can fit in your shoulder bag. But that, friends, is the real beauty of our Vivian Hobo Bag — well, that and the front zip pockets for your phone, removable crossbody strap and interior storage galore …

the breakup bag

1. Wine

She suffered through the Whole30 last month and now a breakup this month – give the girl a bottle of wine! Pick up her favorite rosé. This thoughtful gesture is sure to bring a smile to her face and will be the perfect complement to #3.

2. Snacks

The first step to getting over a break up is ice cream (it’s a scientific fact). Bring over her favorite flavor of Halo Top and maybe a few chocolates to share over wine and girl talk.

3. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Does it have to be Bridget Jones specifically? The answer is yes. There is no cure for heartbreak quite like ice cream paired with a witty British rom-com. Renée Zellweger is charming and so relatable — and her love interests aren’t bad on the eyes either. This is guaranteed to have her laughing and ready to get back out there in no time.

4. Tissues

Whether girl talk gets sentimental or the movie has her laughing until she cries, tissues are always a must.

5. Something Pretty

You want your friend to know she’s a total catch, so pick up a little something pretty for her to wear when she’s ready to get back out into the dating world. A cute scarf is just a small token of your confidence in her that she’ll truly appreciate.

Do you have a foolproof method to cheer up your friends? We’d love to hear it! Share below in the comments.

For The Girl Who Loves to Travel

The holiday of love is right around the corner, so we’re sure you have a lot on your mind between Galentine’s brunch and a romantic date night. Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to just be about your significant other – it should also be about treating yourself. You work your booty off all year, so it’s about time you show yourself a little love. You know that trip you’ve been dying to take? There’s really no better time go (obviously after you do a little research and score the best deal)! Blogger Maya of Charmingly Styled knows a thing or two about treating herself, so we got the scoop on how she’s turning her travel goal into a reality this year (and which bag is coming along for the ride).

the girl that loves to travel

One of my 2017 goals is to visit  Morocco!  I love that it is  colorful and eclectic.  My bucket list for this trip includes  wandering around the spice markets  and  buying a rug for my living room.   I’ll be traveling with  my boyfriend  and I can’t wait.

I will be bringing along my  Large Duffel in Canyon Sunset  and packing it full of  my carry-on items for the long plane ride.  I love  how spacious the bag is  because  it allows me to pack all my clothes and accessories into one bag for a two-week-long adventure   This season, I am all about  bright colors for my bags,  which makes me think of  the colorful and bright photos I’ve always seen of Moroccan markets and tile buildings. 
This look is destined for adventure!

the girl that loves to travel

Where is 2017 taking you? Tell us below in the comments!

For The Girl Who Loves a Night Out

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, you’re finally solidifying your plans. The annual holiday of love is one of your favorites and not just because you get to dress up and be showered with affection from your other half. Valentine’s Day is a day where you, too, spread the love to your friends and family. From your Galentine’s brunch to a romantic date night, there is one bag that can easily transition from morning to night. From its smooth leather exterior to the fiery color pop, the Mini Vivian Crossbody is a showstopper. It is big enough to stash the essentials and has a perfectly-sized front pocket for easy phone access. We wanted to show you just how easy it is to take this crossbody from day to night by sharing how we wear it.

brunch time

Leslie Knope taught us a lot – but our biggest takeaway was the importance of spending time with your girls on Galentine’s Day. For your squad’s annual Galentine’s brunch, you’ll want to go festive with pink and red (it is tradition, after all). A ruffle-sleeved pink top paired with gray jeans and neutral accessories is special enough for the occasion, but casual enough for daytime. Bonus points if you can tie the ensemble together with some fun, colorblock shoes.

date night

Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, so you’ll definitely want to go all out and wear your perfect-fit, luxurious lace LBD (you know, the fancy one you save for special occasions). Since your date night is a little more formal, the bright red will serve as an accent through your crossbody and lace-up heels. For accessories, we like choosing one statement piece and keeping everything else pretty simple – in this case, tassel earrings are a must! We know that you’ll wow him (and everyone else) in this look.

What is your go-to bag for day to night? Share below in the comments!

All About Our Site Makeover

You may have noticed something new about this week. We made a few changes, and it’s all for you! We customized our site to cater to your suggestions and create an amazing shopping experience. Our new digital platform is easier to navigate and even more fun to shop for your favorite patterns and styles. VP of Digital and CRM, Tom, gives the full story behind the new (and improved)

What was the motivation behind the new

“The new project was established to develop a digital platform so we could easily build new capabilities that were important to our customers, have greater capabilities to deliver omni-channel experiences and support telling the story of our brand.

To do all of this, we gathered customer feedback on the previous website about what customers liked and didn’t like, what features we had that were beneficial and the features we didn’t have that they would value. We combined that with selecting an eCommerce platform that could grow and scale as our business needs require.”

What are three things that customers can benefit from on the new site?

shopping at your fingertips
1. Improved Mobile Experience
“The mobile experience for improved significantly through ‘building for touch,’ which uses responsive web design and streamlines the steps from browse to purchase. Over 60% of our customers visit and shop on their smartphones, so this became an imperative.”

see the product in action
2. Advanced Design
“We had already implemented many of the visual changes related to our brand relaunch in August 2016. Customers will now see a refined browse and navigation experience, redesigned product detail pages and a simplified and intuitive checkout experience. We know Vera Bradley customers use our website heavily for research, and the improved product page brings enhanced imagery, product videos, helpful reviews and user-generated content to show our product in action.”

feed the impulse shopper
3. New Capabilities
“New capabilities like PayPal (top-requested enhancement from customers), a ShopRunner subscription shipping service and E-Gift cards have all been added to the new We also added the ability to buy online and pickup in your nearest Vera Bradley Store — a convenient way to get your favorite style or new pattern when you have to have it now. Look for even more new capabilities throughout the year!”

What is one of the biggest changes customers will see when they visit the new, and why is it a good change?

“I think we really have made our brand and our product ‘the heroines’ on our new website. We have a new section called ‘Discover’, where you can read our story, see the inspiration for the season, download our patterned digital wallpaper for your phone or desktop and engage with our digital communities.

a new section to "discover"

The changes to both the browse and the product pages really highlight the features and benefits. Each handbag, travel piece and accessory has a unique story to tell.

Please tell us what you think about our new website! There is always a feedback link either floating in the right margin or in the footer of every page for you to share your thoughts with us at any time.” — Tom

What do you think about the new site? Leave your feedback in the comments section, or go visit and let us know there. Happy shopping!

The Monthly Edit: February

How is it that we’re already in the second month of the New Year? Between falling into a new routine, tracking your goals and planning that spring break trip, time is flying. Don’t let the highlights of February get lost in the shuffle. Grab your planner and pencil in five things you can’t miss this month.

the monthly edit: February
the monthly edit: February
the monthly edit: February
the monthly edit: February
the monthly edit: February

What are you most looking forward to this month? Share below in the comments!

Define the Design: RFID

With the start of the New Year comes new adventures. When brainstorming your declarations this year, traveling more was one thing that kept coming to mind. Organization and research are essential for planning any vacation. Another detail to add to your trip: an item from our RFID collection. Designed with the traveler in mind, styles enhanced with this technology help keep your personal information safe from the airport to the city.

We got the scoop on our newest innovation and how it works from Supplier Quality Engineer, Sarah.

behind the design: RFID

What It Is

“RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. The acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and antenna. The majority of the public has RFID chips embedded in their credit cards. RFID skimming is a form of digital theft, which enables information from RFID chips at a distance using an RFID reader device. We have incorporated a technology to shield from this theft in many of our wallets.”


“RFID will block the transmission of illegally collected data from personal credit cards and passports. We have conducted extensive lab testing to confirm the shield capability of our styles using this technology.”


“We line the walls of the product with RFID fabric to protect the interior of the style where credit cards or passports are placed.”

Fit For

“RFID technology is perfect for travelers and anyone on the go concerned with keeping their personal information safe.”

Our RFID collection still incorporates the functionality and beautiful details you love. Shop the collection.

Behind the Scenes: Spring Photo Shoot

Our new Spring arrivals may have just been released, but we’ve been planning them for over a year! All of our styles and patterns go through many phases before being put into production or even making it onto a photo shoot set. Back in October when everyone was wrapped in blanket scarves sipping on PSLs, our creative team was in New Orleans, Louisiana for our Spring 2017 photo shoot. VP of Creative, John, gave us an exclusive scoop on where the team dined, shopped and played off camera.

Spring 2017: Behind the scenes

Where to Shop

Who doesn’t love shopping while on vacation (or at least a work trip)? Canal Place is perfect for knocking out your shopping at once with a combination of boutiques and specialty retailers. The Anthropologie will draw you in, and the J.Crew and Lululemon will keep you there for hours.

Where to Eat

“We filmed at St. Roch Market and it was an amazing find. Super local and very cool.” — John

St. Roch Market is a local southern food hall with a variety of cuisines that makes for a very unique dining experience. John loves that St. Roch Market is run entirely by locals. He recommends the oysters, coffee and juice bar. See their current vendors here.

“We ate at Shaya and it was amazing! They make their own pita bread and the whole experience was amazing.” — John

Located on famous Magazine Street, Shaya offers Israeli cuisine for the international food lovers.

Where to Get a Cocktail

“Let’s face it — people go to NOLA to eat, drink and have a good time.” — John

John says a unique (and awesome) quality about New Orleans is the high number of female bartenders. Not only are there a lot of them, these expert mixologists are pretty well-known around New Orleans. Although it’s hard to choose a favorite, we love Compère Lapin and Bourbon “O” Bar. Wherever you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a good time in New Orleans.

Where to Visit

Rich in culture, New Orleans has a breadth of activities to fill your evenings. From Broadway musicals (Lion King is currently in town) to multiple art and music festivals, there’s always something to do and see. Magazine Street is a must for first timers. Located in the Garden District, stretching six miles to Uptown, this street is filled with specialty coffee shops, antique stores, art galleries and boutiques.

Where to next? Only time will tell!

Where is 2017 taking you? Share your upcoming trip with us in the comments below!