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Take 20 with Kat

Take 20 with Kat

On October 23, we welcomed a dynamic duo of colors to the Vera Bradley family. Cheery Blossoms – the scarlet and blush floral counterpart to the verdant hues of Emerald Paisley – was the conceptual design darling of Materials Developer Kat Kovac.

Watching the pattern come to fruition was a particularly rewarding process for the longtime Product Development team member. “I love getting to start with a blank sheet of paper or Adobe Illustrator artwork board, and bringing all the design inspiration and ideas together to create one design,” she said.

We wanted to know more. So, we’re taking a 20-question timeout with Kat to ask some burning questions about design, her desk and deserted islands.

1 How long have you worked at Vera Bradley?

a little over 7 years

2 How did the idea for Cheery Blossoms come to you?

I was looking at a lot of pinwheels and newsprint
and it just popped into my head

3 How many versions did you go through?

35 – 40, mainly colors versions

4 What is your favorite thing about the pattern?

the pink and red

5 What makes you feel cheery?


6 What inspires you?


7 What would you take to a desert island?

the practical side of me says water filter,
but the other side says Beach Towel to lay out

8 What show do you never miss?

The Walking Dead

9 Favorite app?


10 Favorite season?


11 Best gift you’ve ever received?

YSL shoes

12 Style you think looks best in Cheery Blossoms?

Turnlock Crossbody

13 How do you take your coffee?

cream and sugar

14 If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be?

Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory

15 What’s the coolest thing on your desk?

wedding photo in a beach chair frame

16 Favorite flower?


17 Thanksgiving or Christmas?


18 Favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

the food

19 3 things that are always in your purse?

gummy snacks, my phone and a notebook

20 All-time favorite pattern?


The evolution of Cheery Blossoms …

Take 20 with Kat

Shop Cheery Blossoms online and in stores

Snow Report

When our digital design team decided they wanted a snow-covered campaign for the holiday season, we knew we would need to create a flurry … and fast. And thus, the first-ever Vera Bradley Snowflake Cutting Party commenced against a backdrop of carols, A Charlie Brown Christmas and twinkle lights. Hot cocoa flowed in abundance, as did good cheer, as people caught up over their creations. A few festive attendees even proclaimed it holiday sweater weather.

“We were thrilled to have so many people from the office join in to help. The snowflakes they cut were really amazing  — beyond what we’d hoped,” Digital Associate Creative Director Greer Hall said. “And now we’re busy creating all the ways to use them.”

Watch for these fabulous, unique snowflakes
throughout the winter season.

Snow Report

Snow Report

Snow Report

A Closer Look: Midnight Paisley

Midnight Paisley
Sometimes, love is complicated. And sometimes it’s entirely black and white. Meet the newest object of your affection, Midnight Paisley. The most versatile palette there is dances in perfect harmony with our folk-inspired floral and paisley pattern. The result is a play on Parisian, laid-back glamour. This newcomer is perfect paired with a complementary pop of color and outstanding dressed in the timeless houndstooth interior.

Midnight Paisley

Available in …

Midnight Paisley fabrications

Two-tones to try …

Midnight Paisley styles

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Midnight Paisley board on Pinterest.

Shop this new color when it arrives online and in stores Thursday, November 20.

Home for the Holidays: Short and Sweet

When traffic-jammed schedules and less-than-smooth flight plans only allow for a quick trip home for the holiday weekend, at least you’ll have a seamless sidekick.
Home for the Holidays: Short and Sweet

Shop Travel online and in stores

Don’t forget anything …

Print this helpful packing list with style essentials and
spaces for the rest of the items you can’t leave behind.

Winter Break Packing List

Home for the Holidays: Stay Awhile

Long distance can be tough. But with the right accessories, a lengthy journey can be joyful. When reuniting with loved ones requires a longer trek, use luggage dressed in colors you love (with the space you need).

Home for the Holidays: Stay Awhile

Shop Travel online and in stores

Don’t forget anything …

Print this helpful packing list with style essentials and
spaces for the rest of the items you can’t leave behind.

Stay Awhile Packing List

How to tie a scarf. And … action!

Vera Bradley Scarves
One of our all-time favorite accessories is also one of the most versatile. The latest collection is teeming with scarf options. Whether you choose to use yours as a winter warmer, way to punctuate your wardrobe, or both, the timeless touch just never loses its effect.

Take our bold Winter colors, add an animated stylist and voilà … you have a playful scarf styling tool fit to pin and enjoy over and over again!

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Polish off the Look with Cheery Blossoms

Polish off the look: Cheery BlossomsWe’re thrilled to have Product Development Design Assistant Van on the blog today with a bright, Cheery Blossoms-inspired tutorial to transform your manicure from mundane to merry.

Polish off the look: Cheery Blossoms

Van’s advice:

You can use the thin brush provided with nail art-specific polishes or a small paintbrush.

Let’s talk glitter. Make sure when picking a polish you select an option with both small and large glitter so you get depth. If your glitter polish is too runny, just add top coat into the bottle and shake it to thicken.

Before you apply your base coat, buffer your nails and then clean with alcohol or water (not soap).

After the base coat, apply top coat so the surface is smooth and easy to add artwork to. Let that dry for about 5-10 minutes before trying the rest of the steps.

Pumpkin Patterns

Vera Bradley Pumpkin StencilsTransform your squash from orange to outstanding just in time for trick-or-treating. Print these Laser-Cut inspired patterns and add a hint of Vera Bradley to your Halloween fun.

Stencil us in

1. Paint. Use a larger paintbrush to cover your entire pumpkin in a base color, if desired. Once your first coat is dry, cut the pattern out of the paper. Adhere the paper to your pumpkin and trace the design in pencil. Paint the pattern for a finished colorblock treat.

2. Carve. Cut around the top of your pumpkin and remove all pulp and seeds. Tape the print out to your pumpkin and use the dark pattern as a guide to carve out the design. (A pumpkin carving kit would be helpful.)

Download the patterns

A warm welcome for Winter

A holiday-friendly palette of red and green has arrived. Today, you can shop the jewel colors at play on Emerald Paisley or blushing blooms of Cheery Blossoms, as well as their complementary solid counterparts, in standout new styles.Welcome Winter

Available now, online and in stores

Dress your tech. Cover your mobile device
or desktop in wonderful Winter colors.

Vera Bradley Desktop Download: Cheery Blossom

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

Vera Bradley Desktop Download: Emerald Paisley

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile