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What’s Inside: The Dog Mom Bag

We all know the power of the perfect handbag. You know, the one that fits every outfit, occasion and essential. We know that your beautiful leather clutch can’t double as Fido’s travel bag (he gets his own, obvi), and a crossbody may not hold enough ice cream and wine to cheer up your bestie after a bad breakup. Enter our latest blog series. Each month, we select and assemble a bag that caters to a situation in which you’re bound to find yourself.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’ve had mamas on the mind. We recognize there are all kinds of moms out there, from new moms (see the perfect baby bag here) to the moms who swore they’d never get a minivan. Today we’re helping out the dog mom and sharing how to make her day a little more organized. These fur-baby moms came to the rescue for their pup and life has been more hectic (and happier) ever since! Dog Moms, this one’s for you.

We know that your furry friend is along for the ride for most of your outings and needs his own essentials. You’re tired of carrying a separate bag with his toys and treats and are looking for something that conforms to your busy lifestyle and can fit both your and his needs in one bag. Meet the Leighton Backpack. The most compact of our backpack styles, this lightweight bag is hands-free, so you can easily hold onto the leash on his most hyper days, while still fitting everything you need. We know that life can get messy, so you’ll be relieved to toss this in the washing machine to clean up any messes! Now that you have the bag, here’s what you’ll need to pack.

what's inside: dog mom bag

1. Collapsible Water Bowl. One of our favorite hacks for long afternoons out with your dog: collapsible water bowls. We love this keychain version so it can easily hook onto your bag strap or keys. Hot days just got a whole lot easier.

2. Dog Toy. Your pup’s motto? “That’s so fetch.” But seriously — don’t be caught at the dog park without his favorite toy.

3. Treats. Every good boy deserves a few treats now and then.

4. Wet Wipes. Messes happen. You’ll thank us later.

5. Wallet. Although this bag holds all your pup’s goodies, this is still your bag! This is a smaller backpack, but it can still hold so much. No need to downsize to a compact wallet, you can fit your full size to ensure you have everything you need.

6. Flats. We love your strappy, tassel wedges too, but they won’t cut it for an impromptu walk in the park. Toss in your comfiest pair of flats and you’ll never suffer those blisters again.

Give the moms in your life a shout-out for all of the ways they show their love. From the endless hugs they’ve given to the sleep they’ve lost over the years, say #thankyoumoms with a photo that’s worth a thousand words.

The Monthly Edit: May

April flew by and now May has arrived. We’re crossing our fingers that the rain goes away and the flowers start to bloom. May is a busy month around here and sometimes it’s hard to keep up! Lucky for you, we rounded up the five highlights this month, so you don’t miss out.

The Monthly Edit: May
The Monthly Edit: May
The Monthly Edit: May
The Monthly Edit: May
The Monthly Edit: May

What are you looking forward to most this month? Share below in the comments!

Annual Outlet Sale 2017: By the Numbers

The 2017 Annual Outlet Sale is officially in the books! Thousands of fans traveled from near and far to our hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana to shop the best deals and a huge selection. Although the Sale lasted for only five days, it took a lot more than you’d think to pull this huge event together.

VBAOS 2017

VBAOS by the numbers

VBAOS 2017

VBAOS 2017

VBAOS 2017

VBAOS 2017

Didn’t make it to this year’s Sale? Join us next year in Fort Wayne April 11 – 15

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Card

Mother's Day Printable

When it comes to gift-giving, there are two types of people: perfectionists and procrastinators. The perfectionist takes her time — far in advance — selecting a thoughtful gift that is perfect for the recipient. Procrastinators (you know who you are) may wait until the last minute, but that doesn’t mean their gifts are any less thoughtful. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning Mom’s gift (or putting on the finishing touches, for those perfectionists). Regardless of what stage your gift is in, you should think about how to tie it all together. Our free printable Mother’s Day card uses a fill-in-the-blank format, so you can personalize it to fit your relationship. We just know Mom is going to love it.

Mother's Day Printable

Download Printable

If you still need some gifting inspiration, we’ve got your back.

Give the moms in your life a shout-out for all of the ways they show their love. From the endless hugs they’ve given to the sleep they’ve lost over the years, say #thankyoumoms with a photo that’s worth a thousand words.

5 Bags for 5 Types of Moms

April is finally here and spring has only just begun, so it may feel early to start thinking about Mother’s Day … but we have a feeling that in the whirlwind of spring, it may just sneak up on you! We want you to be prepared, and we recognize that not all moms are alike, which is why we’ve created the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide to cater to each type of mom. From the professional mom to the first time mom, we have the perfect bag and accessories to make her life more organized and beautiful. Whether it’s your sister, mother, daughter or friend, these gifts are great for all of the mothers in your life.

Digital Dynamo

gifts for the digital mom

From her relatable Snap Stories to a perfectly curated Instagram feed, we all know the mom who is ahead of the digital curve. This early adopter always has the latest technology from the newest iPhone to her trusty smartwatch. Don’t let her be caught with a dead battery on the go — gift her a bag from our Keep Charged Collection. From backpacks and crossbody bags to totes and travel bags, this collection features her favorite styles with integrated charging capabilities so she never suffers a drained battery again.

In the event that your digital dynamo is on it and already has a Keep Charged bag, load her up with accessories to style her tech! Our Laptop Organizer is padded to protect her computer on the go, with a slip pocket for her cell phone. If she never leaves the house without her tablet, go for the Tablet Tamer Organizer, which can hold her notebook, pens, charger and iPad.

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Marathon Mom

gifts for the marathon mom

From hot yoga to Soul Cycle, this mom has never met an exercise class she didn’t like. Being a mom keeps her schedule full, so she really has to make that time to herself count. Gift her the styles that will make her workouts (and life) that much easier. The Compact Sport Bag has everything she wants and needs — it’s lightweight and colorful, with plenty of compartments to keep her gym essentials separated.

If her fitness accessories could use a refresh, pack her bag with a few essentials. Our active moms around the office love using the Ditty Bag to keep their tennis shoes separated on trail run days. Bonus points for tossing in some cute hair ties and a new water bottle.

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First Timer

gifts for the new mom
Some moms are total pros, while others are still brand new. Help a sister out by giving her the baby bag of all baby bags. The Backpack Baby Bag is a lifesaver for new moms with the functionality she needs and the fashion she wants. With both interior and exterior pockets and a built-in changing pad, this bag can hold everything she truly needs so she can keep her hands free — the changing pad detaches so she can toss it in the washing machine. If backpacks aren’t her thing, see which bag new mom Kelly of Kelly in the City recommends for all first-timers.

Let’s face it — life with a newborn can get messy. First time moms (or any moms for that matter) appreciate all the help they can get. A Ditty Bag is a versatile cinched style that she can use for just about anything from separating out dirty clothes to holding lotion, baby powder and even hand sanitizer. Surprise her by filling her new baby bag with essentials she is bound to need — extra wipes, pacifiers, bottles and those cute little moccasins you just couldn’t resist buying.

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Closet Curator

gifts for the fashion mom
We all know the mom who always looks stylish no matter the occasion. These moms know that motherhood doesn’t mean sacrificing personal style and always make an effort to look and feel their best. Summer is around the corner and she is going to need a new bag (she does switch them out by season, after all). Our Carson Mini Saddle Bag is already a customer and blogger favorite this season for its classic shape, playful interior pattern and diverse color options. If she prefers a timeless crossbody, go with Black or Mesa Brown. If your girl loves a showstopper statement piece, Watermelon Slice or Lemon Slice are definitely the way to go. She won’t be able to set foot out the door without everyone asking where her bag is from (which is how she likes it).

Closet curators know that it’s all in the details, so she’ll find it thoughtful if you add on an accessory or two. Bag charms are on trend and right up her alley — so we have a feeling she’s going to love the Citrus Slice. Add an extra surprise by slipping a new pair of earrings or a bracelet into the bag charm.

Shop gifts for the Closet Curator

On-the-Go Pro

gifts for the working mom

Shout out to all of the career moms! We all know the moms who bust their booties during the day, just to go home and take care of their families at night. They have mastered the delicate balance of work and home life and as a result, they have very little time to themselves. These moms are on-the-go pros and any gift you can give to make their lives easier or more efficient is definitely appreciated. The Commuter Tote is designed for these professional moms who rush from work to meetings with clients and back to work again. With a separate laptop compartment to keep her tech safe and multiple interior and exterior pockets for organization, this tote is spacious enough to fit everything she needs to make it from 9 to 5.

If you love to be organized, you know that pretty desk decorations and essentials can turn your mood around. Add a few extra gifts inside her tote to make her day a little more beautiful: include a notebook and Note Cube to add some color to her desk. The Lunch Bunch will fit her snacks and lunch for the day — plus, she’ll never have a mix up of lunch bags in the break room again.

Shop gifts for the On-the-Go Pro

Which mom are you shopping for? Let us know in the comments!

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Mom Life with Kelly in the City

Last year was a special Mother’s Day for blogger Kelly of Kelly in the City: she had announced that she would soon become a first-time mom, with her mother becoming a first-time grandmother! Kelly and her mom took over the blog to share a little about their relationship and their favorite Mother’s Day gifts.

One year later, we’re following up with Kelly just in time for her first Mother’s Day as a new mom to the adorable Emma. She’s dishing on everything from her lifestyle as a mother to the baby bag every new mom needs.

Mom Life with Kelly in the City

What has surprised you most about motherhood?

“I’m surprised by how much I love it! Being a mom is demanding and I’m faced with new challenges every day — but I can’t get over how much more fulfilled I feel. I’m still the same person I’ve always been, but I have more purpose in my life and my world has been filled with an indescribable amount of love. I’m also surprised by how little sleep I can get by with!”

Mom Life with Kelly in the City

What bags are essential for a new mom?

“I love the Stroll Around Baby Bag and Ditty Bag because they are both functional, yet stylish. Over my eight months of motherhood, I’ve found that most ‘mommy gear’ is one or the other, but Vera Bradley does an amazing job blending the two. As I carry Vera Bradley bags all the time, these bags fit my style — and now my new lifestyle. I also just adore the new Santiago pattern. I wear a lot of navy and this print complements my outfits!”

Mom Life with Kelly in the City

How can the right bag make life easier as a mom?

“The Stroll Around Baby Bag and matching Ditty Bag have made my life as a new mom SO much easier! The insides are fully lined with laminate, which means that spills are no longer devastating like they used to be. The baby bag also attaches to the back of the stroller and can slide in and out of the undercarriage basket very easily! I also love how many mesh pockets it has — I’ve never been so organized! There’s truly a place for everything.”

Mom Life with Kelly in the City

What is the one item you can’t leave the house without?

“A changing pad. Before we got the Stroll Around Baby Bag, I was constantly forgetting it. There’s simply nothing worse than dealing with dirty diapers without your gear! Now, the changing pad is always in its place and it’s essentially impossible for me to leave the house without it.”

Mom Life with Kelly in the City

She sure persuaded us! Shop Kelly’s favorite Stroll Around Baby Bag and Ditty Bag.

Mom Life with Kelly in the City

We’re so glad the mom life is treating Kelly well! To keep up with Kelly and Emma’s adventures in the city, follow @kellyinthecity on Instagram.

Sneak Peek: Santiago

sneak peek: Santiago

Fresh off spring break, we’ve got a serious case of summer fever. The sunshine, sandals and sunglasses have us wanting summer — and wanting it now. We still have a few weeks to go, but lucky for you, our newest pattern is launching this week! Arriving online and in stores on Thursday, April 6, Santiago is the pretty floral that will transition your wardrobe from spring to summer. A mix of teal, cream and shades of blue, our newest pattern features tropical foliage inspired by the climate and culture of Cuba. 

sneak peek: Santiago

sneak peek: Santiago

sneak peek: Santiago

sneak peek: Santiago
sneak peek: Santiago

Blue is undoubtedly one of our favorite colors since it goes with everything! With the neutral palette of Santiago, we think you can wear it with just about anything in your closet — brights, darks, pastels, shorts, dresses… you get the point. Our favorite way to wear it is with a bit of pattern play and a pop of color! Try pairing it with a striped tee and chambray shorts. Play up the color with some fun accessories — a fruity bag charm, tassel earrings and comfortable espadrilles. This look is perfect for busy weekend errands since the Hadley Satchel can be worn as either a handbag or a shoulder bag!

how to wear it: Santiago

Style your tech
Dress up your phone, tablet or desktop screen with our new pattern:

desktop download: Santiago

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Santiago board on Pinterest.

Shop the entire collection when it arrives, online and in stores, Thursday, April 6!

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