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Outlet Sale: Make it an adventure

Keep your getaway with the girls going long after your shopping session ends. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite areas, eateries and shops so you can make the most of your trip.

VBOS Travel Guide



Black Canyon Restaurant [$$]
1509 W. Dupont Rd

Banh Mi Barista [$]
5320 Coldwater Rd.

Hideout 125 Restaurant and Lounge [$$]
10350 Coldwater Rd.

Salsa Grille [$]
7755 Coldwater Rd.

What to drink:

Country Heritage Winery and Vineyard
185 Co Rd. 68

What to do:

Crazy Pinz
1414 Northland Blvd.

Sky Zone
401 Fernhill Ave.

VBOS Travel Guide


Where to eat:

Bravas Burgers [$]
3412 Fairfield Ave.

Bourbon Street Hideaway Restaurant [$$]
(Thursday – Saturday, dinner only)
135 W. Columbia St.

Fortezza Coffee [$]
819 S. Calhoun St.

Henry’s Restaurant [$$]
536 W. Main St

Pembroke Bakery & Café [$]
300 E. Main St.

Wine Down Tastings & Tapas [$]
301 W. Jefferson Blvd.

What to drink:

Beet Street Juicery
534 W. Berry

409 West Brackenridge St.

Summit City Brewerks
1501 East Berry St.

What to do:

Creative Women of the World
125 W. Wayne St.

Fort Wayne Museum of Art
311 E. Main St.

VBOS Travel Guide


What to eat:

Rise’n Roll Bakery and Deli
5129 Illinois Rd.

Salsa Grille and Salud! Tapas N Tequila
5735 Falls Dr.

What to drink:

Mocha Lounge
6312 Covington Rd.

Two EE’s Winery
6808 US-24

VBOS Travel Guide


Where to eat:

Grandma Sue’s Pies and More
212 N. Main St.

Joseph Decuis [$$] (dinner) and
Joseph Decuis Emporium [$] (lunch)
191 N. Main St.

Moose & Mollie’s
171 E. 2nd St.

Rolling Pin Bakehouse (Roanoke)
14401 Winters Rd.

What to do:

Drive by our headquarters!
Vera Bradley Designs
12420 Stonebridge Rd

Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shoppe
126 West Second St.

The North End
196 N. Main St.

Paper Moon
188 E. 2nd St.

The Trove
270 N. Main St.

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A Closer Look: Pixie Blooms

Pixie Blooms
Pop the Confetti and prepare to party, because this coral beauty is cause to celebrate. Pixie Blooms, the second of our exciting new colors, is a pastel-lover’s dream, created from a peachy, pinky palette. Brilliant next to warm spring neutrals, this print will have us all blushing come spring and summer.

Pixie Blooms

Available in …

Pixie Blooms

Perfect in Pixie …

Pixie Blooms

A Solid Assortment …

Coordinating colors

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Pixie Blooms board on Pinterest.

Shop the entire collection when it arrives, online and in stores, Thursday, March 19.

A Closer Look: Marrakesh

MarrakeshOur first newcomer has a worldly presence. Marrakesh is drawn from a cool, moody palette and inspired by intricate Moroccan tile. With a universal appeal and oceanic color scheme (with a playful, punchy orange), it’s a dream for destinations, near and far.


Available in …

Marrakesh Fabrications

More in Marrakesh …

Marrakesh Styles

Pairs perfectly with …

Coordinating colors

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Marrakesh board on Pinterest.

Shop the entire collection when it arrives, online and in stores, Thursday, March 19.

Looks of the Irish

Regardless of ancestry or residence, everyone wants to ride on the coattails of the St. Patrick’s Day traditions come March. Join the day’s parties and avoid getting pinched with these lucky looks, incorporating one of our favorite Spring prints.

no. 1

Looks of the Irish

[Get the look: Breakaway Tote in Lucky Stripe, Whimsy Hybrid Hardshell Case in Lucky Dots]

no. 2

Looks of the Irish

[Get the look: Braided Charm Bracelet in Lucky You, Medium Bangle in Gold Tone with Blue,
Quilted Sophie Wristlet in White]

no. 3

Looks of the Irish

[Get the look: Umbrella in Lucky Dots, Trifold Wallet in Lucky Dots, Turnlock Crossbody in Lucky Dots]

no. 4

Looks of the Irish

[Get the look: Eyeglass Case in Lucky You, Embellished Scarf in Lucky Stripe, Bucket Crossbody in Classic Navy]

Shop Lucky You online and in stores

Map My Style: European Adventure

Map my style: European Escape

Map my style: European Escape

Adventurer: VP of Product Design, Veronique

Destination: Paris (or a biking trip along the Loire in the spring)

Carry-on: Weekender [4] or Large Duffel [6]

“I bring socks and a cozy cardigan, an extra T-shirt and underwear (I’ve had my luggage arrive one day after me a few times), the pile of fashion magazines I have not read, my clear cosmetic and my MacBook Air.”

Travel Bag to Check: 27″ Spinner [7]

“I am a last-minute packer. I probably fuss over it too much considering black is the base of my wardrobe for travel (and most other days). Anything that might wrinkle, I put on top, folded in half, in a dry cleaner bag.”

Travel Accessories: Large Ruffle Cosmetic [3], Blush and Brush Makeup Case [5], Envelope [2] and Small Cosmetic

“I can put so much in the Large Ruffle Cosmetic but it’s never full! The Envelope is great for receipts and I use the Small Cosmetic for chargers.”

Around Town: Quilted Sydney Crossbody [1]

“It’s hands-free, light and chic!”

Colorful Companion: Rio

“It makes me happy and screams sunshine!”

Define the Design: Laser-Cut

Define the design: Laser-Cut

We have a sweet spot for the richly hued, exquisitely symmetrical features of our latest Laser-Cut collection. For more on the inspiration, we asked Senior CAD Artist, Lindsay, to share the story behind the styles.

Laser-Cut inspiration

“The honeycomb patterns I was seeing in interiors – flooring, wallpapers, tiles – and the minimal geometric look is an aesthetic I love. It’s the Scandinavian in me.”

“Patterns going smaller definitely plays in to this design, as does the simpler, cleaner look of a limited palette.”

“Clean, graphic, sophisticated and versatile.”

“The Laser-Cut Tote is great for a farmer’s market (the interior wipes clean!) as well as the beach. The crossbody looks perfect with your spring weekend wardrobe, and I’m looking forward to carrying mine while on vacation in the South next week!”

Shop Laser-Cut online and in stores

Map My Style: Big City Break

Map my style

Packing list: Big City Break

Adventurer: EVP of Design Kim Colby

Destination: New York City

Carry-on: Lighten Up Expandable Travel Bag [6] or Lighten Up Medium Backpack [5]

“These are water-resistant, soft, squeezable, stuffable and great for travel to the city where you always come home with a little extra!”

Travel Bag to check: 27” Spinner [7]

“It’s the perfect size and so easy to roll. Think about a color scheme – black or brown – for the city. Don’t forget sunglasses and a scarf [3] (I love the Midnight Paisley Dots), sneakers and sandals, flats or a wedge. Lay a couple dry cleaner plastic bags in the bottom of the spinner. Then lay pants and dresses across the bottom to create a second layer. Fill the case with the rest of your clothes, rolled or folded, and bring the edges of the lining layers over the top of everything. No wrinkles!”

Travel Accessories: Lighten Up Cosmetic [2]

“I adore the wipeable, washable material and size.”

Around Town:

“Once in the city, I carry the Faux Leather Drawstring Backpack [1] in Off White. It’s the ideal hands-free handbag for shopping.”

Colorful Companion: Rio

“The whole collection is gorgeous! It looks great with navy and so many colors. It just makes me happy and I love pairing it with the Yellow Leather.” [4]

Bonus! Kim’s NYC agenda

Kim's New York Agenda