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How-to: Organize Your Bag

Even though our back to school shopping days may be over, there is something satisfying about reorganizing in the fall. Whether your apartment could use a good cleaning or your desk is in need of some love (we have tips for that here), you’re sure to feel like a brand new person once you restore some order into your routine. Organizing shouldn’t stop in the home, but rather be a habit you carry on-the-go. They say you learn so much about a woman by what she keeps in her purse and we find that rings true. We’re sharing our three best tips for keeping your bag organized to reflect your most put-together self (even when your schedule is crazy busy).

1. Clear it out

Even in as little as a week, it’s amazing how much stuff we can accumulate in the bottom of our bag. Between receipts, gum wrappers and extra pens, we often use our purse as a dumping ground throughout the week. Make it a habit to clear everything out weekly. Divide the essentials from the non-essentials to set yourself up for a more successful week.

Triple Zip Hipster

2. A bag for your bag

One of the easiest ways to keep your bag organized is to use smaller bags within to organize your essentials. Small cosmetic bags are perfect for organizing your three shades of lipstick, mints, sunglasses and keys. Just using one or two of these helps separate the items that you will constantly need to access, so you won’t spend time digging around for them.

Triple Zip Hipster

3. Bigger isn’t always better

If you, like us, are tempted to throw your entire life into your bag, it may be best to eliminate that temptation and go for a smaller bag. Crossbodies make the perfect everyday bag, fitting the essentials while being small and hands-free. You can fit everything you need, but you’ll start to make smarter decisions about what should stay and what can go.


If the change in seasons is bringing travel opportunities your way, check out our tips for how to pack like a pro for a weekend getaway and overnight stay.

Vera’s Birthday Game

Vera's Birthday game

The game is now over and a winner has been selected. Thanks to everyone who played! We’ve updated the quiz with all of the correct answers below. How did you do?

Around this time every year, we look back on Vera Bradley’s fun, colorful life and timeless sense of style. We’re celebrating her birthday with a question game to see who knows our namesake the best.

Vera's Birthday game

If you answer all of the questions correctly, you could win a prize! Ready to play? Here are the rules of the game:

1. Comment below with your answers to all four questions.
2. If you answer all four questions correctly, you will be entered to win a prize
3. Contest will end on 8/7 and answers will be posted.

Let’s see how well you know Vera Bradley. Game on!

1 / Where did Vera live?
a. Miami Beach, Florida
b. New York, New York
c. Fort Wayne, Indiana
d. Chicago, Illinois

2 / Vera was a model at one point in her life. What company did she model for?
a. Ralph Lauren
b. Vera Bradley
c. Ford Modeling Agency
d. Elizabeth Arden

3 / What was her job with Vera Bradley?
a. Model
b. Sales Consultant
c. Marketing Associate
d. Designer

4 / What is Vera’s relationship to our co-founder, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard?
a. Mother
b. Grandmother
c. Aunt
d. Friend

Sketching in Style

Whether you’re campus bound or living the desk life, we have stationery that fits everyone’s personality. Our two favorite pieces this fall have to be the Agenda and Notebook in Sketchy. Perfect for the organized planner and doodling daydreamer alike, Sketchy is an eclectic pattern hand drawn by our design and product development associates. Although these doodles may seem random at first glance, there is a story behind each sketch. We chatted with some of the designers behind the doodles to get the inside scoop on their inspiration.


fashion girl






Shop the entire Sketchy collection

5 Things Not to Miss in August

August is a transitional month – it’s still scorching summer weather, but our minds are starting to wander toward all things fall. Pumpkin Spice Latte season is so close, we can almost (literally) taste it, and our fall shopping list has spilled over onto a second page. August is jam-packed with tons of exciting new things, so we have a feeling it will fly by (and you’ll be sipping that PSL before you know it). Here are the five highlights that you do not want to miss this month:

5 things in August
5 things in August

5 things in August
5 things in August

5 things in August

How-to: Upgrade Your Rosé

The most memorable summer nights usually involve dining al fresco with your girlfriends. There’s nothing like laughing until the sun goes down over wine and a great selection of cheeses. You always have the best time at these get-togethers, but now it’s your turn to host. Luckily, you’ve seen your share of backyard renovations on HGTV – so your chic patio is ready for guests.

upgrade yoru rosé

Now that the ambiance is set, you need to decide on a menu. We like keeping our sips and sweets simple with three of our favorite food groups: wine, cheese and fruit. If you really want to wow your girlfriends, try an upgrade to your typical rosé. Rosé sangria is a fruity spin on your favorite wine that’s as refreshing as it is easy to make.

upgrade yoru rosé

1 bottle rosé wine, chilled
¼ c triple sec
1 c raspberries
2 peaches
2 pears
Optional: toothpicks

1. Thinly slice peaches and pears. Set handful aside as garnish.
2. Place all fruit in pitcher and pour rosé and triple sec over top. Stir until combined.
3. Enjoy with sliced fruit speared on a toothpick!

upgrade yoru rosé

Whether fruity is your style or you prefer something a little drier, we have a little cheat sheet to make your wine and cheese pairings a breeze.

Rosé + Sharp Cheddar

Riesling + Blue

Chardonnay + Asiago

Moscato + Muenster

Sauvignon Blanc + Gouda

Pinot Grigio + Ricotta

Pinot Noir + Feta

Merlot + Brie

upgrade yoru rosé

Now that you’ve chosen your wine and cheese combination, raise a glass to unforgettable summer nights. For more tips on how to throw a patio party, get your inspiration here

The Gallatin Collection

Gallatin CollectionThere are a few things that get better with age: a great denim jacket, fine wine and our new casual leather collection – Colorful, printed pouches and pockets line the vegetable-tanned leather pieces for a vintage meets Vera Bradley feel. The name “Gallatin” comes from Gallatin County, Montana, a location dear to co-founder Barbara Bradley Baekgaard. Featuring beautiful vistas of mountains and plains and the big sky Montana is known for, Gallatin invokes the beautiful, casual feeling of this collection. Trends and Materials Associate, Rachel breaks down more reasons to love the new leather.

Gallatin Collection

What is the best part about Gallatin?
The smell! You’ll have to buy it to sniff for yourself.

What sets Gallatin apart from other leather products?
This is a vegetable-tanned leather, so not only is it super soft, but it is environmentally friendly and has great durability. Gallatin will soften and gain character over time because of how it was tanned.

Gallatin Collection

What is your favorite bag?
The Canyon Tote. It’s a core style that I will use forever. It’s not structured, so it has a slouchy, relaxed feel but it still has a zip-closure on the inside that keeps everything organized.

Gallatin Collection

Shop the Gallatin Collection

The Intern Diaries

Do you dream of spending the summer surrounded by all things Vera Bradley?  Shruti Sharma, one of Vera Bradley’s summer interns, is living that dream!  Shruti is interning in the Product Development department this summer.
Take a peek into the life of a Vera Bradley intern.

Vera Bradley Intern Profile

Quick Facts:
Hometown: New Delhi, India
College: Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Major: Industrial Design
Favorite Vera Bradley pattern: Lucky You
Hobbies: learning guitar, watching “Friends” and Bollywood movies

What drew you to Vera Bradley?
I’ve owned a lot of Vera Bradley products throughout the years, but the “moment” I was really sold as a designer was when I had a project in one of my classes to take a toy apart and see how it was made. After that project, I decided I wanted to see how Vera Bradley bags were designed and constructed.

What has been your favorite part about working here?
It’s a close tie between my mentor and the people here, with my mentor just a little ahead! The first day, my mentor took me to lunch with a few other people, and we were talking like best friends. I told her I wanted to volunteer at the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Classic. She offered to pick me up since I’m still getting used to driving here, and we volunteered together. The people have made me feel so comfortable here. Even on the first day, I didn’t feel like an outsider.

Vera Bradley Intern Profile

How did you become interested in product design?
I love to make things with my hands, design, solve problems and work with colors. That’s essentially what product design is.

How does product development fit into the Vera Bradley business?
First, the Trend team picks trends for the season. Once we have the trends, the CAD team develops patterns for that season, and the Materials team works on developing new hardware, trims and fabrications, as well as existing components in new colors. The Design team creates concepts, gets trend translation prototypes made and creates tech packs to send to the vendors for sampling. The Product Development team receives the first samples, reviews them, makes corrections, sends them back to the vendor and repeats the process until everything is finalized. During this process, we ask people to test the products and report their feedback.

What is your summer project?
I’m reviewing all the materials we’ve used for handbags, as well as all the quilting patterns. By the end of the internship, I will have developed a new quilting pattern and designed “halo” (elevated seasonal concepts) bags for Fall 2017. My mentor also helps me learn her responsibilities, takes me to conferences and connects me with other teams.

What is something you think Vera Bradley fans may not know?
We change styles, patterns, colors, trends and so much more every season, and it takes so many people and a lot of time to come up with fresh and unique designs.

What is your dream job?
To be a designer who creates products that really make a difference in this world and in people’s hearts. If that doesn’t work out, plan B is to be an Indian rock star!

If you had any advice for future interns, what would it be?
Learn as much as you possibly can, network and work hard to make your mentor proud.

Vera Bradley Intern Profile2016 Vera Bradley summer interns

Why do you love being a girl?
Girls don’t need to worry if a movie is good or bad … as long as we get to see Shah Rukh Khan or Brad Pitt for three hours!

Job goals! If you’d love to live the dream at Vera Bradley, be sure to check out our current job postings