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The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

The season of cozy socks, chunky cardigans and felt fedoras is finally here! We’ve been mentally preparing for weeks, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we have a fall bucket list. Print or screenshot this list of fall must-do activities and check them off before the season ends. Our bucket list captures the best parts of fall – but you won’t see the typical apple picking or PSL drinking here – these are seasonal experiences that will create lifelong memories.

fall bucket list

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1. Farmer’s Market

You may have hit up your local farmer’s market weekly over the summer, but it’s a completely different experience in the fall. You can wear your favorite fall jacket and new peep-toe ankle boots while sipping hot chocolate for days (well, for hours, but you get the point). Don’t forget to bring a tote to hold the pumpkin-scented candle you’re bound to buy.

2. Bonfire

So many favorite childhood memories involve a bonfire at your bestie’s house. Fall is the time for nostalgia, so why not invite a few of your girlfriends over for an evening bonfire? You’ll love catching up by the heat over a cider or two – and of course, all of the s’mores.

3. Tour Cider Mills

Speaking of cider, have you ever toured a cider mill? If you live in the Midwest or Northeast, cider mills are an absolute must. Match your fall outfit to your bag and you have the perfect backdrop for your next profile picture. Find one near you.

4. Host a Tailgate

Everyone loves a good tailgate, but hosting one can take the game to a new level. Whether the weather isn’t cooperating or your squad prefers to enjoy the game on the comfort of a couch, an at-home tailgate can be the perfect opportunity to let your hostess skills shine. Bring on the spinach dip and (spiked) apple cider.

5. Bake a (new) Pumpkin Recipe

It wouldn’t be fall without a pumpkin recipe or two. Get out of your pumpkin bread rut with a new recipe. Roast the leftover seeds from your carved pumpkin for a delicious low-cal snack. This guide will help you achieve your ideal flavor from sweet to savory.

6. Sunrise Kayaking

Fall was made for spending time outdoors. Plan a sunrise kayak trip with bae to really appreciate the changing colors of the season. Pack a few breakfast staples in your lunch bag, get in an arm workout and sip a toasty thermos of coffee in the crisp morning air.

7. Halloween Costume DIY

Your best friend always throws her annual costume party and you want a shot at the grand prize this year. Team up with your girlfriend for a clever group costume. Halloween doesn’t have to break the bank – spend an afternoon crafting and make them together! We have a feeling you ladies will win with this modern and hilarious costume.

8. Shopping Day-Trip

We all need a getaway every once in awhile, so plan a day trip with your girls. Go hands-free with a crossbody and make the drive to a neighboring town with an adorable Main Street. It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping, so take a day to treat yo’self (and everyone on your holiday list).

9. Hiking

If you’re looking to mix up your workout routine, throw a hike into the mix. Hiking is great exercise in a beautiful, Instagram-worthy setting (no filter needed). You’ll be thankful to get in a few final outdoor workout sessions before a coldfront comes through. Load up your backpack with snacks, layers and water if you’re planning on making it a long trek.

10. Fall Décor DIY

With the change in seasons, we love to infuse autumnal elements into our living space, just as we do with our closets. We know your Pinterest board is full of Fall DIYs, so plan an afternoon to make that fall wreath for your door or those glitter pumpkins to spruce up your entryway. If whimsical is more your style, how cool are these emoji pumpkins?

You better get started – or at least pin this for later. What are you most looking forward to this fall? Share below in the comments!


How To: Transition From Summer to Fall

September can be a tricky month for choosing your daily wardrobe. Now that it’s officially PSL and tailgate season, you’re ready for fall – but the weather doesn’t always make it that simple. With chilly mornings turning into scorching afternoons, it’s hard to go full-on fall with your blanket scarf, sweater, cords and booties. Until the weather cools, you need to master the art of transitional dressing. For the few weeks of September leading into October, there are three things you should do to transition your summer wardrobe into fall

transition to fall
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1. Play With Coverage

The first step to transitioning your wardrobe is playing with coverage using the 50/50 rule. If you are planning to wear shorts, pair it with a lightweight sweater or cardigan. If you prefer to keep your arms bare, go ahead and wear your slim chinos (but make sure to bring a light jacket for the mornings). The general rule of thumb is to cover at least half of your body to accommodate the swing in temperature.

2. Update Your Palette

Even though it can be hot outside in September, you can still dress for fall while keeping cool. Update the colors in your wardrobe to include more jewel tones – your outfit will feel more autumnal, even if you are wearing an off the shoulder dress.

3. Flip Your Accessories

The last step in transitioning your wardrobe can make the biggest impact in making your ensembles feel more “fall.”  Flipping out your accessories instantly can take your outfit from breezy-summer to autumn-chic. Our Big Sky Backpack in Mesa Brown is a perfect addition to any fall outfit. Dig the suede booties out of the back of your closet, grab your scarf and top it off with a felt hat for an envious autumn look.

Play with your fall outfits, then plan one of these fun outings with friends! Get more summer to fall style inspiration from your favorite bloggers.


Morning Routines of Successful Women: Sherry

Morning routine: Sherry
Eight out of the twelve members of our executive committee at Vera Bradley are women. Ahem, who runs the world? It’s no surprise that we admire women who shatter glass ceilings and break stereotypes in the work place, but now we want to know how they do it. In search of the secrets of Superwoman, we’re studying highly successful females and how they spend the first few hours of the day. Take out your schedules; you’re going to want to write this down.

Sherry, Sr. Director of Design in Product Development and resident fashionista, is known around the office for her keen business sense and killer shoe game. Sherry oversees the Trend, Print, CAD, Design and Color teams at Vera Bradley – a total #girlboss. Her favorite part of the job is collaborating with teams and presenting ideas to internal cross-functional partners. Sherry is a busy woman, but we caught her by the coffee bar long enough to ask her about the habits she follows in the morning to set her up for a successful day in the office.

Morning routine: Sherry

“My alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. – I try my best not to hit snooze. The first thing I do is read emails on my phone… Terrible habit, I know! It’s just to make sure that nothing urgent needs to happen for the day.

Then, I make coffee and have breakfast – usually a banana. As I’m getting ready for the day, I check with my hubby to see what’s happening in the world. He is always reading the news on his phone and he talks to me while I select my outfit – my favorite part of the morning!

My cat, Calvin, is always with me while I put on my makeup, purring up a storm. I use the Large Blush and Brush Makeup Case to store all of my cosmetic essentials. I love the separate compartments it has for my brushes and the extra organization it offers.

Morning routine: Sherry

The last thing I do before I walk out the door is brush my teeth, look in the mirror and repeat the mantra I try to follow every day: ‘think and be positive!’ I grab my work bag – the Canyon Tote – checking to make sure my laptop is securely inside and then head into the colorful world of Vera Bradley.

Morning routine: Sherry

We were interrupted by a buzz from her phone and the reminder of another meeting. She gathered her things and started to walk away, not without turning around to give us her advice for every one striving to grow a career:

“Be open to opportunities. Be positive. Travel to broaden your mind and experience something new. Work hard no matter what the task. Help others as much as possible.”

And with that, she was off – her pink Valentinos tapping the tune of her departure.

Morning routine: Sherry

We love looking into the lives of those that inspire us, some say it’s nosey, we prefer curious. Stay connected with us as we give more glimpses into the morning routines of other successful women next month. If you’re still hungry to see more hustle – take a look at how seven female leaders spend their first hour at work.


What’s Inside: The Tailgating Bag

We all know the power of the perfect handbag. You know, the one that fits every outfit, occasion and essential. We know that your beautiful leather clutch can’t double as Fido’s travel bag (he gets his own, obvi) and a crossbody may not hold enough ice cream and wine required to cheer your bestie after a bad break up. Enter: Our latest blog series. Each month, we select and assemble a bag that caters to a situation you’re bound to find yourself.

Let’s face it – flip flops didn’t stand a chance once you indulged in your first PSL of the season, so we’re declaring fall. Tailgating is one of the best activities of fall since you get to enjoy the outdoors over drinks, snacks, outdoor games and the company of fellow football fans.

The perfect bag for tailgating is the Get Carried Away Tote. Spacious in size, this tote offers both organization and flexibility to carry you  from dawn to dusk. Now that you have your bag, let us help you pack it with essentials needed for a game day win.

what's inside: the tailgate bag

1. Throw Blanket. Whether you’re sitting on it during the day or curling up with it at the end of the night, a throw blanket is an absolute must. Adorned with the school logo, we have a feeling everyone will be asking where you got it (we’ve got your back).

2. Wristlet. Keep your cards, cash and ID handy with our Front Zip Wristlet. Bonus points for showing your school spirit!

3. Phone. A fully charged phone that is. Between Instagramming your squad’s matching shirts and that Snapchat filter you’ll use at least ten times, you will need every last bit of juice in your phone to document the day.

4. Sweatshirt. Even though the day may start out with that familiar summer warmth, the evening is bound to be chilly.

5. Sunglasses. “The lights are so bright but they never blind me.” Unfortunately, we can’t all be Taylor Swift, so you’ll definitely want to pack your favorite sunnies. You’ll thank us in the third quarter when the sun is at its peak.

6. Drinks. No tailgate is complete without a few drinks with your friends – and it’s your turn to bring them. Since your college days are over, upgrade to a cider – you’ll be feeling fall in no time!

7. Snacks. Many tailgates are potluck style, so you’ll want to bring a snack or two that won’t be too harsh on the waistline. Enter: popcorn. It’s light, low-cal and a tasty complement to your cider.

What kind of bag do you want us to help you pack? Let us know in the comments!


10 Ways to Connect Without Coffee or Cocktails

As you get older, it seems harder to find time in your busy schedule to meet up with your friends. You obviously want to make time for the important people in your life, but sometimes your calendar (and wallet) don’t always make it easy. If you are able to catch up with your college roomie, it’s usually over coffee or cocktails, right? After so many meet ups with martinis and lattés, your wallet (and waistline) may be suffering. Break the routine without breaking up a friendship and try reconnecting with one of these alternatives.

10 Ways to Connect Without Coffee or Cocktails

Whether you’re staying in and Netflix bingeing or going to your local drive-in, movie nights are a great way to spend time with friends. We’re partial to drive-in movies for the casual atmosphere. Go in a group and bring a blanket, snacks, drinks and even yard games. Get there early to play a few rounds of cornhole and then enjoy your snacks while you watch the movie – or don’t, because at the drive-in, you can talk all you want!

10 Ways to Connect Without Coffee or Cocktails

One of the easiest ways to meet up with a friend during the busy workweek is to go to a workout class together. Knock out your daily exercise while spending time with a friend. Bond while breaking a sweat at Soul Cycle or chat while your burn it out in a barre class. Go in on a Groupon with a few friends to save your wallet.

10 Ways to Connect Without Coffee or Cocktails

You were already planning to swing by your local farmer’s market anyway, so why not invite your girlfriend along? You can catch up while munching on fresh kettle corn and picking out your produce – and who doesn’t love to spend their fall mornings outdoors? Answer: No one.

10 Ways to Connect Without Coffee or Cocktails

Learning something new together provides plenty of memories and time for girl-talk. You can extend your farmer’s market trip and bake a delicious pie together with the apples you bought that morning. This way, you can have your pie and eat it too!

10 Ways to Connect Without Coffee or Cocktails

Few things bring people together like a shared love of sports. Gather up your girls, grab a few throw blankets and take your love of football to the outdoors. Tailgating is a great way to see multiple friends at once, while staying on a budget. Make it a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite game-day snack. Dibs on buffalo chicken dip!


We all have those friends that we want to connect with, but the thought of filling silence with easy conversation creates a little anxiety. Enter: trivia night. Trivia nights are great because the bulk of the conversation is around the question, which creates the perfect ice breaker for everyone. Awkward silence averted.

10 Ways to Connect Without Coffee or Cocktails

Between the live music, food trucks (hello, apple cider), craft booths and lively atmosphere, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, festivals give you an excuse to wear that boho-chic outfit with those round sunnies (a win/win in our book).

10 Ways to Connect Without Coffee or Cocktails

You know that entire Pinterest board you have dedicated to home décor DIYs you’re going to do, but never actually get to them? We feel you – it’s hard to find time to relax and craft the day away. We can guarantee that your friend has a very similar Pinterest board with the same homemade door wreath pinned on her to-dos. Invite her over for some rosé and test your artistic abilities together. If anything, you’ll have an epic Pinterest fail to give everyone a good laugh. Need some inspiration? These Fall DIYs are a must.

10 Ways to Connect Without Coffee or Cocktails

If you’re a pop culture nut, this is perfect for you. Think of this like a book club, but better, because you can discuss weekly trending topics, last week’s TGIT line-up on ABC, the upcoming award shows and politics (if that’s your thing). Meet up with your fellow media mavens once a week or month and gab about what’s really important to you – when Taylor Swift is going to make her comeback and if the new Nicholas Sparks movie will actually be as good as the book.

10 Ways to Connect Without Coffee or Cocktails

If you and your friend are still wanting to dress up and go out, attending a show is a great way to do so in a unique setting. Whether you are watching a friend in a community theatre production or you managed to snag tickets to Broadway’s Hamilton, you’ll experience something new together (while looking super fancy). If you haven’t snagged tickets yet, you can find many discounted seats on Broadway Box. We think we just found you a new topic for your pop culture club next week!

Do you have a favorite way to spend time with your girlfriends that we didn’t include in our list? Let us know below in the comments – we’d love to hear!

The Duffel Stories: NYC

Each Vera Bradley pattern has a story behind its colorful stitching. Whether it was created in support of the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer like Art Poppies, or designed with the 1970s in mind (Painted Feathers).  The iconic Large Duffel took a trip to the big apple and came back with a whole new set of stories to tell. Each duffel design is inspired by a symbol of New York City and exclusive to our Soho store. Read the inspiration behind the designs from the artists themselves.

Chrysler Building Large Duffel

– Designed by Molly S.

Chrysler Building Large Duffel

“While living in New York City, I was very inspired by all the shapes and details in the architecture throughout the city. I loved walking around the city and just thinking about all the different ways I could interpret the interesting patterns on the buildings into beautiful pieces. The Art Deco movement has always been one of my favorites and the Chrysler Building is the epitome of the movement with its intricate pattern that is at the top of the building. I thought the iconic Vera Bradley duffel was the perfect platform to abstract this idea on in fun metallic leather!”

Taxicab Large Duffel

– Designed by Molly S.

Taxi Cab Large Duffel

“When thinking about New York City and all of the icons that could represent it, the taxicab was one of the first ones that came to mind. Taxicabs have been a part of the NYC landscape for over a century, adding a wink of color to the sometimes grey and monochromatic city with their bright yellow hue. From the black and white check pattern to the vibrant yellow exterior, the iconic symbol has changed over the years but its essential characteristics have remained the same. The duffel incorporates all of these elements of taxicabs throughout the years and hints at my favorite version of the icon, the 1950’s taxi, with its chrome detailing.”

Big Apple Large Duffel and
Hudson River Blue Large Duffel

– Designed by Lindsay N.

Big Apple Large Duffel
Hudson River Blue Large Duffel

“I lived in New York for a few years and one of most distinct memories I have is watching the city go by through a cab window, late at night. It was always a quiet space in the course of the evening, just watching the colors go by through the glass, and it was a peaceful way to end the night. The print I created is an abstraction of this feeling, this sensation of neon lights rushing by, at once loud and quiet.”

Runway Model Large Duffel

– Designed by Lindsay N.

Runway Model Large Duffel

“This print is a nod to the peacocking of New York Fashion Week street style, the women who look impeccable no matter the temperature or circumstances. Even those who are not attending the shows or involved in the fashion industry find themselves paying a bit more attention to their details, on the off chance the camera lens swings their way.”

Gold Skyline Large Duffel
and Silver Skyline Large Duffel

– Designed by Kat K.

Gold Skyline Large Duffel
Silver Skyline Large Duffel

“This duffel was inspired by my last work trip to New York City. I flew into New York in the evening and saw the city as more of a silhouette against the night sky. It was a calmer way of looking at the always-busy city.”

Which duffel makes you think of the big city? Visit our Soho store to purchase one of these exclusive Duffels.

If you win our sweeps, you could see them all in person at our VIP store party.


It’s Good to Be a Girl: Our Reasons

We live in a world that constantly reminds women of their disadvantages. The pay gap. The glass ceiling. Playing “the woman card.” The list goes on and on. It’s time to start a new conversation. Vera Bradley is a company by women for women. We stand for the belief that being female is an advantage.

In 1982, our founders Patricia R. Miller and Barbara Baekgaard changed the luggage industry with a line of iconic patterned bags. Today, we strive to provide bags that are both feminine and functional for every girl, woman, sister, mother, gal and friend.

It's good to be a girl

We want to prove the value of femininity by celebrating all of the reasons why it’s good to be a girl. We use the term “girl” a little differently than its definition. It’s more than just a noun or synonym for young female. It’s women who mix socially or belong to a particular group, team or profession. It’s a fun and rejuvenating celebration of femininity. It’s inclusive of every age, race and geographic location. If we eliminate the word from our vocabulary, we have no girl power, girls’ night out, girls’ weekends or the answer to Queen B’s iconic question: Who runs the world?

Vera Bradley is an optimistic, fun and colorful brand. We want our dialogue to be the same. Using the word “girl” feels appropriate for embracing and celebrating femininity for women all over the world.

Our goal is to flood the world with reasons womanhood is an advantage. We believe there are thousands of reasons it’s good to be a girl, and we’re ready to prove it.

The quest for reasons began with Vera Bradley associates (and a cocktail or two). We sat down with associates of all different backgrounds, ages, occupations and genders to uncover the powerful – and often hilarious – truths surrounding modern femininity. The reasons they shared below will make you laugh, nod your head in agreement and feel a sense of “girl power” no matter your preference for the name girl, woman, gal or lady.

It's good to be a girl

What natural abilities do women have that men don’t?

Balance – physical, emotional, work/life, right brain/left brain.

– Tom A. Demand Planning Manager

It's good to be a girl

What do you love most about being a girl?

I can juggle a job while raising kids and running the house!

– Shannon H. Corporate Expense Specialist

It's good to be a girl

What are three things girls can do that guys can’t?

1. Wear magenta lipstick and look good doing it.
2. Order a fruity martini with no shame.
3. Run the world in a pair of 4 inch heels.

– Kaylee D. Social Media Coordinator

It's good to be a girl

What about being a woman makes you feel strong?

When I am able to be a good wife, mom, friend, sister and employee all in the same day!

– Jill D. Human Resources Manager

It's good to be a girl

How do you define femininity?

Being girly, being strong, being smart, being yourself.

– Deborah S. Director, Communications

It's good to be a girl

Join the conversation and share your reason with us here.
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