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Define the Design: Laser-Cut

Define the design: Laser-Cut

We have a sweet spot for the richly hued, exquisitely symmetrical features of our latest Laser-Cut collection. For more on the inspiration, we asked Senior CAD Artist, Lindsay, to share the story behind the styles.

Laser-Cut inspiration

“The honeycomb patterns I was seeing in interiors – flooring, wallpapers, tiles – and the minimal geometric look is an aesthetic I love. It’s the Scandinavian in me.”

“Patterns going smaller definitely plays in to this design, as does the simpler, cleaner look of a limited palette.”

“Clean, graphic, sophisticated and versatile.”

“The Laser-Cut Tote is great for a farmer’s market (the interior wipes clean!) as well as the beach. The crossbody looks perfect with your spring weekend wardrobe, and I’m looking forward to carrying mine while on vacation in the South next week!”

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Map My Style: Big City Break

Map my style

Packing list: Big City Break

Adventurer: EVP of Design Kim Colby

Destination: New York City

Carry-on: Lighten Up Expandable Travel Bag [6] or Lighten Up Medium Backpack [5]

“These are water-resistant, soft, squeezable, stuffable and great for travel to the city where you always come home with a little extra!”

Travel Bag to check: 27” Spinner [7]

“It’s the perfect size and so easy to roll. Think about a color scheme – black or brown – for the city. Don’t forget sunglasses and a scarf [3] (I love the Midnight Paisley Dots), sneakers and sandals, flats or a wedge. Lay a couple dry cleaner plastic bags in the bottom of the spinner. Then lay pants and dresses across the bottom to create a second layer. Fill the case with the rest of your clothes, rolled or folded, and bring the edges of the lining layers over the top of everything. No wrinkles!”

Travel Accessories: Lighten Up Cosmetic [2]

“I adore the wipeable, washable material and size.”

Around Town:

“Once in the city, I carry the Faux Leather Drawstring Backpack [1] in Off White. It’s the ideal hands-free handbag for shopping.”

Colorful Companion: Rio

“The whole collection is gorgeous! It looks great with navy and so many colors. It just makes me happy and I love pairing it with the Yellow Leather.” [4]

Bonus! Kim’s NYC agenda

Kim's New York Agenda

Meryl’s Favorites (Travel)

When you’re Meryl Davis, and your typical calendar year consists of 200-plus days of travel, you become somewhat of an authority on good, reliable travel bags. The all-star dance darling shared with us four of her favorite styles to take on her frequent treks.

Meryl’s Favorites. 5 for the road

Meryl's picks
2 Trimmed Vera Traveler in Rio Rosie with Navy Trim
“At first, I thought this would be too big for me, but it’s
perfect on the road. I’ve been obsessed and wearing it nonstop!”

Meryl's picks
3 Flap Clutch in Fuchsia

Meryl's picks
4 Laser-Cut Tote in Yellow/White Geo

Meryl's picks
5 Clearly Colorful Tote in Rio Squiggles

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Guest Dressed: radiant resort

In anticipation of sunny days ahead, we invited Nicole Feliciano from Momtrends to explore some of our brightest Rio Resort styles.

Guest Dressed

“I’m a girl that loves color. I’ve been living in New York City for more than 15 years, but I simply can’t adhere to the black on black wardrobe. Getting to play with this collection was a blast. Rio is all about celebrating color. Adding touches of the new Rio print was the perfect way to reinvent things I already own.”

Guest Dressed
Guest Dressed

bright and beachy.
Let’s start with white jeans. As a fashion staple, they are easy to dress up or down. For a casual day of shopping, strolling, and maybe grabbing a bite at a seaside cafe, I paired my jeans with the Oversized Scarf in Rio. I used my favorite tie–turning the scarf into a chic vest. I added a bright Flap Clutch in Yellow Faux Leather–it’s the perfect size for travel, and of course some splashy Flip Flops in Rio Squiggle.

Guest Dressed

When it comes to an outfit for travel, I like layers. I used the same white jeans in this outfit but changed up the top. I tossed on a linen jacket with an Ombre Scarf and the ultimate weekend getaway bag, the Expandable Travel Bag in Rio, a dream for packing. It’s got plenty of space and compartments–I was able to stash everything I needed for a weekend jaunt.

Guest Dressed

Warm weather means embracing sheath dresses, too. You just slip it on and let the bag steal the show. In this case, it’s the Resort Clearly Colorful Tote. Roomy, light and bursting with color, this bag works with all the hues I’m planning to dive into for spring–pink, navy and bright daffodil yellow. Tucked inside is the cushy Beach Towel.

Guest Dressed

Take 20 with Meryl

Take 20 with Meryl

Today, we are excited to announce our first celebrity ambassador – 2014 Olympic Ice Dancing Gold Medalist, Meryl Davis!

As the national brand ambassador, Meryl will share her passion for Vera Bradley with fans. “I’m excited to partner with a brand that is near and dear to my heart,” she said. “As a Michigan native, I grew up carrying Vera Bradley, and I love seeing how the company has grown in the fashion world while staying true to its heritage.”

In the spirit of getting to know each other, we were lucky enough to take a 20-question timeout with Meryl in the midst of her busy travel schedule.

1 Light packer or prepared for anything?

I like to be prepared for anything! I’ve become more efficient,
but rarely pack “lightly”.

2 Tropical or urban getaway?

I love excitement and exploring in big cities, but also love tucking away
quietly on a distant beach. I usually try to squeeze in a bit of both!

3 Salty or sweet?

Sweet for sure! I have quite a sweet tooth.

4 What’s in your bag right now?

Headphones, passport, laptop, phone, cozy socks, hand cream, phone charger, gloves and my Vera Bradley notebook (I’m at the airport as per usual)!

Take 20 with Meryl

5 What charity is near and dear to your heart?

Classroom Champions and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

6 How do you unwind?

I love cozying up on the couch to watch a movie or cooking for friends.

7 What’s on your reading list?

Mostly fiction. I love fantasy (i.e. Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones).

8 Favorite TV shows?

Downton Abbey, Reign, Modern Family and Nashville

9 Morning person or night owl?

I think it depends on the day, but I’m usually more of a morning person.

10 Are you a planner or spontaneous?

I’m a planner.

11 Favorite music?

Classical, pop and alternative ­– anything you can dance or sing to!

12 Three things you never leave home without?

Phone, Vera Bradley wallet and a scarf

13 After winning the gold medal and mirror ball trophy, what is your next big goal?

I’m in the process of starting my own foundation. It’s a big undertaking and it’s all come about quite quickly. Getting that off the ground and allowing myself to figure out what my other “next step” might be are my focus right now (besides enjoying all the skating we’re able to do)!

14 Favorite app?

Instagram for sure. It’s very entertaining while on the road.

15 Guilty pleasure?

Sleeping in, big weekend brunches and chocolate

Take 20 with Meryl

16 A trick to feel at home when you travel?

Bringing a travel candle in my favorite scent always makes the room feel cozy.

17 Best makeup trick?

Tinted moisturizer instead of foundation

18 Tea or coffee?

Coffee! I’m a coffee addict.

19 Personal motto or favorite quote?

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” –Thoreau

20 Favorite Vera Bradley pattern?

I’m loving Rio heading into spring/summer!

Take 20 with Meryl

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Choose your own adventure. girls getaway

Stress-free travel is often a product of the planning process, and as details go, the ones that pertain to styles are our favorite to sort out. By the time you enter the packing portion of your vacation prep, you’re just a handful of choices away from grabbing your best girlfriends and claiming a sweet spot on a sunny stretch of beach, bustling cruise deck or cabana bed. Let’s nail down the essentials so you can get on your way!

picks for paradise

Shop all Travel online and in stores

[Pictured: Beach Bags 1. Clearly Colorful Tote in Rio Squiggle, 2. Breakaway Tote in Rio Stripe, 3. Laser-Cut Tote in Yellow and White Geo  |  Cosmetics 1. Large Blush & Brush Makeup Case in Lucky You, 2. Lighten Up Travel Cosmetic in Rio  |  Accessories 1. Eyeglass Case in Rio, 2. Beach Towel in Rio, 3. Flip Flops in Rio  |  Evening Bags 1. Flap Clutch in Yellow, 2. Laser-Cut Crossbody in Navy, 3. Quilted Harper Clutch in White]

Map My Style: island retreat

Map my style

Map my style

Adventurer: Trend Reporter, Liz

Destination: Cebu, in the Philippines

Carry-on: Get Carried Away Tote [1]

“I pack disinfecting wipes, KIND bars, a reusable bottle, a waterfall cardigan that doubles as a blanket, headphones, a tablet [2] loaded with movies and podcasts, and a Scarf that doubles as a pillow.”

Travel bag: 27” Spinner [3]

“I always have a few Ditty Bags (one for toiletries and a couple for wet items and dirty clothes), a Blush and Brush Makeup Case [4] and an Oversized Scarf [5], too.”

Beach essentials: Large Family Tote [6], Beach Towel [7] and Flip Flops [8]

“Our Beach Towels are my favorite! And I use a clear cosmetics to put my phone, headphones and snacks out of harm’s way at the pool or beach.”

Travel tips: Think it through and be prepared.

1. Try everything on, that way you won’t overpack. 2. Pick a color and stick with it. If you pack in like colors you can mix and match and get several outfits out of a few items. This also helps with shoe selection. 3. No matter where you go, take your passport and your bathing suit! You never know when you will need them.”

Colorful companion: Anything in Rio!

downloads, darling

Carry the Love

With just 3 days until Cupid lets his arrows fly, we have four great suggestions for sharing some love on February 14. All you need is a printer and an object for your affection.

Help your sweetheart shop by leaving a not-so-subtle list of clues on this Valentine’s Day Wish List.

Carry the Love wish list

Sometimes a beautiful Card filled with touching terms of endearment is the grandest gesture you can make.

Valentine's Day card

Lady’s choice is always a hit. Give her the ability to pick the perfect style with a Gift Card wrapped in this cute holder.

Gift Card Holder

Declare your love or send something from a secret admirer, using these sweet Gift Tags.

gift tag

Looking for more ideas? Shop our Valentine’s Day Gifts, online and in stores.

Guest Dressed: cute and casual

We’re welcoming back Jessica Sturdy, the blogger behind Bows & Sequins, for a relaxed, yet rosy take on dressing for Cupid’s big day.

Guest Dressed: cute and casual

“No matter the holiday, I love a festive take on everyday ensembles! As soon as February 1st rolls around, I find myself incorporating pops of pink (and red) into my outfits, around my home, and into my beauty routine. It’s the month of love! Plus, it’s a fabulous excuse to brighten things up after the typically long, cold month of January.”

Guest Dressed: cute and casual

Guest Dressed: cute and casual

Guest Dressed: cute and casual

Guest Dressed: cute and casual

Guest Dressed: cute and casual

For weekend and work-from-home wear, I almost always style my outfit around a great pair of denim. Even though we’re in the dead of winter, I still wear my white jeans on the regular. I love the look of winter white! When you have a foundation of white, camel, and/or gray, it’s the best blank canvas to incorporate some pops of print and color. I paired my white jeans with a cozy gray sweater and punched it up with a pink Ombre Scarf, a fun Fuchsia bag, and a leopard pump. If you’ve got a busy day with lots of running around, leopard flats are a great alternative. I love how this look is casual, festive, put-together, and shows some fun personality, too!

[Get the look: Satchel in Fuchsia, Turn Lock Wallet in Cheery Blossoms and Tablet Sleeve in Cheery Blossoms ]

carry the love