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Airport Secrets You Should Know

Airport Secrets You Should KnowYou’ve booked your flight, packed your bags and now all that’s left is to travel to your destination! We’ve pulled together the tested-and-approved hacks we use each time we fly.

Screenshot Your Boarding Pass
Instead of downloading your boarding pass on your phone, take a screenshot of it for quicker boarding and in case your airline app freezes.

Bring a Laptop Case
Since security makes you scan your laptop separately, always have it in an easy-to-reach spot of your bag or suitcase. A bright and colorful case will ensure that your laptop won’t get lost in the chaos of security.

Airport Secrets You Should Know

Go Left
When you’re going through security, pick the line to the left. Most travelers are right-handed and automatically pick the right lane. As a result, the left line is typically shorter.

Keep Unused Hotel Toiletries
The mini bottles make perfect carry-on items and fit perfectly in the Hanging Organizer.

Airport Secrets You Should Know

Pack Your Carry-on Like a Pro
May we suggest reading this post?

Brighten up Your Luggage
Whether you purchase a unique and brightly colored piece of luggage or you use one of our luggage tags, you will easily be able to spot your suitcase in the sea of black bags rolling out in baggage claim.

Airport Secrets You Should Know

Ask and You Shall Receive
Don’t be afraid to ask for freebies! If you are on your honeymoon, have a birthday or are traveling for some sort of special event, tell the airline staff — they may be willing to upgrade you. The worst that could happen is a polite no, so why not ask?

Bypass Long Lines
Sign up for TSA Precheck or Global Entry. These programs allow you to skip the long lines and get into another country twice as fast. Explore before your next trip at

Once you’re on the flight, try these tips to make your flight more comfortable. Bon voyage!

How-to: Artfully Arrange Your Accessories

How-to: Artfully Arrange Your AccessoriesFor jewelry junkies like us, the struggles of untangling necklaces, locating the elusive other earring and cringing at the sight of countertop clutter can be all too real. But with a few pretty and practical accessory organizers, you can create zen in your morning routine and bedroom decor. Some of our favorite (and most beautiful) tips for grab-and-go bling are below.

How-to: Artfully Arrange Your Accessories

On the Hook
Stop getting your tinsel in a tangle!

How-to: Artfully Arrange Your Accessories

Bold Holder
Your most precious pieces deserve their own designated space.

How-to: Artfully Arrange Your Accessories

Tray Worthy of Display
A gold (or silver) platter makes a beautiful home for extras of any size.

Need more reasons to redecorate? Shop new jewelry now!

How-to: Pack Your Carry On

How to: Pack your carry-onWhether you’re flying for work or pleasure, a carry-on bag is essential for a comfortable trip. Think of the items that go in your carry-on like the pieces you’d pick when answering the classic question: what five items would you take if you were left on a deserted island? Answer: See our list of carry-on must-haves.


Snacks and a water bottle (fill it up after the security checkpoint) are vital to any successful trip and carry-on bag. You never know when your flight will get delayed or how long you’ll be seated on the airplane. We recommend this lightweight water bottle.

Tech Supplies
Nothing is worse than being stranded without battery juice when you want to share your arrival shot on Instagram. Pack your chargers and a power strip. Outlets at airports are scarce, and you’ll make fast friends when you have a power strip in hand. If you need your laptop, we recommend protecting it with this soft case that takes up minimal space in your carry-on.

You never know what could happen with your luggage. If it gets lost for a day, wouldn’t it be nice to have clean socks and undergarments? Enough said.

how to: pack your carry-on

Travel Documents
Use this slim and trim Slim Travel Organizer to keep your boarding pass, passport and tickets organized and at the ready. We also recommend keeping any valuable jewelry outside of your main luggage and in a zippered compartment of your carry-on bag.

To save on space, download books onto your phone before your trip so you don’t have to bring extra weight in your bag. A pair of headphones is always helpful for blocking out airplane engine noise or unhappy kiddos and can easily be zipped into an interior pocket.

Now that you’re packed, let us help you make your flight more comfy. See our favorite ways to soar into relaxation.

Your turn! Name three of your carry-on essentials below

Word on the Street: Fortezza

word on the street: FortezzaWelcome to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where the Vera Bradley headquarters was founded and resides today. While it may seem like an unusual location for a fashion brand, we thrive in this Midwest city where our roots are strong. With each post in this Word on the Street series, we’ll show you our favorite hot spots, share secrets only the locals know and give you a glimpse into the hometown of Vera Bradley Designs. First stop: the coffee shop!

Fortezza Coffee is a specialty coffee shop located in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne. It has an urban vibe and large, open counter space for coffee dates or reading your favorite book. If you go on any given morning, you’ll see friends huddled together over steaming lattes, commuters grabbing a quick coffee on their way to work and maybe even a Vera Bradley associate, stopping in to sip on a mocha.

word on the street: Fortezza

Don’t miss the …
Brunch menu! It’s the first thing you see when you enter and changes constantly with the seasons.

Go for the …
Atmosphere. Within walking distance to many of Fort Wayne’s major corporate offices, you get a big-city vibe with small-town charm.

word on the street: Fortezza

Our favorite …
Trionfale Espresso. Made with fresh whole beans and brewed and roasted right in front of you, it’s a Fortezza classic.

What makes it unique …
Fortezza Coffee is the first coffee shop in Indiana to have a Modbar installed in their shop. This machine allows all of the bulky equipment of an espresso machine to be stored underneath the counter, creating more space on the bar for coffee and conversation.

word on the street: Fortezza

What’s your local watering hole? Let us know in the comments below!

How-to: Make Your Flight More Comfortable

how to: make your flight more comfortableRight around this time, spring fever sets in and we get the itch to travel. We look forward to the destination, but not as much to the path it takes to get there. If your next trip requires a jet-plane journey, you’ll want to bookmark this page. Traveler-tested and approved, here are the items to bring and tips to use to make your flight more comfortable.

how to: make your flight more comfortable

Bring a scarf to wear when the plane gets chilly. It can also double as a blanket or fold up into a pillow for longer flights.

The Oversized Scarf is cute and comfy  |  Shop all Scarves

how to: make your flight more comfortable

Water Bottle
Air travel is dehydrating and we don’t always have water at hand. Pack an empty water bottle in your carry on and fill it up after you go through your security checkpoints.

We like the Water Bottle in Tonal Stripe  |  Shop all Lunch Accessories

how to: make your flight more comfortable

Bring a small bag of toiletries in your carry-on with hand sanitizer, a hairbrush, lotion and a toothbrush. You never know where you will be stuck and for how long.

The Lighten Up Clear Cosmetic Case packs perfectly  |  Shop all Cosmetics

how to: make your flight more comfortable

Lumbar Support
Placing a pillow, blanket or sweater behind your lower back will keep your spine in its natural shape. This will keep you comfortable and reduce stiffness when you land.

Try the Fleece Travel Blanket in Camocat Gray  |  Shop all Home

how to: make your flight more comfortable

Tech Support
A dead phone, laptop or e-reader makes travel frustrating. Pack your chargers in your carry-on, and don’t forget headphones to block out the engine’s roar and other noises to help make your flight more relaxing.

Keep everything organized in the Work Tote  |  Shop all Totes

how to: make your flight more comfortable

Perform In-Seat Exercises
Make sure to roll your shoulders and rotate your feet for three minutes every hour. This will help you avoid pain and possible blood clots during long flights.

… and if all else fails, have a drink!

how to: make your flight more comfortable

Shop Travel

Summer Love

Vera Bradley Summer 2016

Things are finally heating up, and our newest patterns are here to help. Cobalt Tile takes us on a relaxing ride to Mediterranean shores, while Paisley in Paradise teases us with a taste of the tropics. These two destination-inspired prints remind us of our most memorable vacations and the dream trips we hope to take one day … even if all we have planned this summer is a staycation.

Vera Bradley Summer 2016

Vera Bradley Summer 2016

Vera Bradley Summer 2016

Dress your tech.
Decorate your mobile device or desktop screen with our sunny summer patterns.

Desktop Download: Cobalt Tile

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

Desktop Download: Paisley in Paradise

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

Now, you can shop the nautical hues of Cobalt Tile, the tropical palette of Paisley in Paradise and their corresponding solid colors!

Lanyard Hacks

Playful in color and versatile in nature, the Lanyard is more than just a pretty way to hold your keys. We found four major ways this little item can help you stay organized when you’re on the go.

Lanyard Hacks

1. Water Bottle Holder

Wear your water bottle to stay hands free while running errands, or use the Lanyard as an easy handle when carrying your water bottle.

Lanyard Hacks

2. Hairbrush/Accessories Solution

Is your hairbrush constantly falling to the bottom of your gym bag? Clip your Lanyard through the end of it, and you’ll follow the colored cord to find your brush every time. Slide on some extra hair ties just in case.

Lanyard Hacks

3. Sanitizer Storage

Save yourself from sticky situations by having your hand sanitizer clipped onto your Lanyard with your keys. It’s there for a quick squeeze after pumping gas, a grocery-store stop and other errands that leave you feeling less than clean.

Lanyard Hacks

4. Style Your Badge

Clip a Lanyard onto your work or school ID badge to add a little pop of color and functionality to an otherwise dull card.

The Lanyard’s functionality doesn’t end here. Tell us how you use it in the comments below!