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What’s Inside: The Dinner Party Bag

We all know the power of the perfect handbag. You know, the one that fits every outfit, occasion and essential. We know that your beautiful leather clutch can’t double as Fido’s travel bag (he gets his own, obvi) and a crossbody may not hold enough ice cream and wine required to cheer your bestie after […]

5 Apps to Get You Through The Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time between the constant traveling, frequent spending and weekly dinner parties. How some women still have time to squeeze in their daily yoga practice is beyond us. For those of us who don’t breeze through the winter months with as much ease, there are definitely things to make your […]

What to Pack: Meeting the Parents

Let’s face it – the holidays can be a stressful time. Although winter is a time filled with family get-togethers, plenty of shopping, and of course, cute sweater dresses, the constant traveling can be exhausting. On top of that, this year you’ve been dating someone and now it’s time to take the next step – […]

A Closer Look: Scottie Dogs

Although we love fall, there is just something about the holidays that immediately improves our mood. Thinking about upcoming holiday parties, family get-togethers and putting the finishing touches on our winter-themed display in our home can make us instantly giddy – which is why we designed a pattern with holiday festivities in mind. Available to […]

Morning Routines of Successful Women: Jessica

Eight out of the twelve members of our executive committee at Vera Bradley are women. Ahem, who runs the world? It’s no surprise that we admire women who shatter glass ceilings and break stereotypes in the workplace, but now we want to know how they do it. In search of the secrets of Superwoman, we’re […]

A Closer Look: Kiev Paisley

The first frost will be rolling in any day now and winter is around the corner (no matter how much we try to fight it). Icy snow and blistering wind come to mind, but we know winter also brings holidays (and new patterns)! So, we keep the resisting to a minimum. Available to shop on […]

A Closer Look: Bohemian Blooms

Even though it feels like fall has only begun, we all know the season is fleeting and winter will arrive in the blink of an eye. Whether you’ve started your holiday shopping or are looking for a little something for yourself, we have two new patterns that will feel at home in any closet. Available […]