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5 Bags for 5 Types of Moms

April is finally here and spring has only just begun, so it may feel early to start thinking about Mother’s Day … but we have a feeling that in the whirlwind of spring, it may just sneak up on you! We want you to be prepared, and we recognize that not all moms are alike, […]

Mom Life with Kelly in the City

Last year was a special Mother’s Day for blogger Kelly of Kelly in the City: she had announced that she would soon become a first-time mom, with her mother becoming a first-time grandmother! Kelly and her mom took over the blog to share a little about their relationship and their favorite Mother’s Day gifts. One […]

Sneak Peek: Santiago

Fresh off spring break, we’ve got a serious case of summer fever. The sunshine, sandals and sunglasses have us wanting summer — and wanting it now. We still have a few weeks to go, but lucky for you, our newest pattern is launching this week! Arriving online and in stores on Thursday, April 6, Santiago […]

Top Travel Tricks You Need to Know

With that spring break trip and a highly anticipated summer getaway around the corner, you’re in need of all the travel tips you can get. It’s not very often that your travels go off without a hitch, so any extra tricks and hacks you can incorporate during the packing process, the better. Don’t worry; you’re […]

Summer Photo Shoot: Q&A With The Crew

We love looking into the lives of successful women, and our Summer 2017 photo shoot had several sources of inspiration. Since more than half of the photo shoot crew was comprised of women, we had to fire off a few questions to get a peek at what their lives are like on and off the […]

Destination Diaries: Allison

If you’ve been diligently planning your tropical vacay but are at a loss for what to bring, we’ve got your back. Our Associate Art Director, Allison, got to take the trip of a lifetime for our Summer 2017 photo shoot. She’s dishing on what she did, and brought, for her island adventures. I had such […]

How-to: Pack a Carry-On for Two Weeks

If you’re a frequent flier, you know what a hassle it can be getting from one destination to the next. Between long lines at check-in and security to hopping terminals for connecting flights, it would be a miracle to travel without delays.  One of the biggest pains of travel is checking luggage — no one […]