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How to Keep Your Desk Organized

We always feel more productive surrounded by cute desk accessories. There is nothing like a gold stapler or paisley pencil cup to inspire and help us get ready to work. For this reason, we find it very important to keep our desks neat and organized with the prettiest pieces to maximize productivity. If you struggle […]

Style Your Space: Before

Out with the old, in with the new hues! It’s time for a summer clutter cleanse and we brought in the experts. Our stylists show you how to create a space that is both organized and beautiful. We know that busy girls need a place that feels peaceful, where you can relax and still blaze […]

5 Supplies to Keep at Your Desk

With back to school on the horizon, college students are already looking for the shiniest new accessories for campus. But for us postgrads, we just can’t seem to kick our old habits and instead use this time for reorganization. Don’t you just always feel like a brand-new person when you’ve done a bit of overdue […]

The Perfect Bridal Party Gift

The invitations are out, her dress is altered and the flowers are ready. The bride has checked all the boxes on her list but one: gifts for the bridesmaids. Always appreciated, but never easy, bridal party favors are a to-do that takes thought. What do you gift the girls that mean the world to you? […]

From Beach to Boardwalk

We don’t know about you, but we keep ourselves pretty busy in the summer. Longer days bring packed schedules of picnics, sunbathing, errands and dinner dates al fresco. There’s no time to make a quick stop back at your house, so you need to pack for a day’s worth of activities before leaving your place. […]

Tips to Throw a Bachelorette Bash

She’s getting married! And you’re throwing the bachelorette party … a task you promised among all of the excitement of the engagement. Now, everyone is looking to you to throw the last fling before the ring — a daunting assignment. To make sure you’re up for the job, we pulled together a few of our […]

First Day of Work: What to Wear

You did it. You graduated, nailed the interview and landed your first real job. It’s been a long road to get to this point, but you’re so thrilled to begin this new chapter in your life. As exciting as starting a new job can be, it also tends to be a pretty nerve-racking experience. The […]