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A Bright Direction

In just 10 short days, an exciting assortment of fun, functional and fashionable styles will be hitting the hallways near you! There’s nothing like buzz-worthy styles dressed in Ziggy Zinnia, Pink Swirls and African Violet. It’s still early, but we’re predicating it’s going to be the Brightest Year Ever!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s ahead …

Welcome Fall 2014Welcome Fall 2014

Shop these new colors in select styles when they arrive online and in stores Thursday, June 26, and be sure to stop by the blog all week for more on the inspiration behind our pretty new prints.


  • Jennifer Essad says:

    backpacks and book bags are essentials for back to school, this campaign looks refreshing. I also caught that navy jacket, looks like it could be a Vera design

  • Jamye Calvin says:

    I can’t wait!

  • Marcia Pape says:

    I understand the desire to appeal to young females, particularly those in high school and college, as that is a big market and VB is very popular with them, but don’t forget those of us who are “slightly” older. This video showed just one brief shot of a woman with a scarf around her neck. Adult women were once the core of your business. Please continue to make products and patterns for us! For example, some of us prefer more muted patterns, and we love accessories to keep our bags organized. [Bring back the slim case!] Thanks!

  • Katie Connell says:

    Out of these new colors, I like the African Violet the best!

  • Lynne Jackson says:

    The new look just like the old. VB has apparently figured out what sells and just keeps doing it
    OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I am so disappointed. I have been buying Your product for
    over 25 years. I long for some of those beautiful traditional prints from the old days. Also loved
    the zebras and roosters and elephants …….. Such character ! Are the truly tasteful prints gone
    forever ? I have seen enough wild florals to last me the rest of my life. what a shame ! I still
    love your styles but I just can’t handle the look of the fabrics. It makes me SAD.

  • eamber1984 says:

    Wow! The African Violet is especially stunning.

  • Emory says:

    Will the square ribbon be available in ziggy zinnia?

  • dholcomb1 says:

    love the African Violet!!!

  • I want the Pink Swirls

  • J Crawford says:

    PINK, HOT PINK, and more PINK! Please, enough pink. I’m not a teenager nor am I a girly-girl. How about some geometrics, stripes and checks for us women in the business world that need to tone down our accessories.
    Thank you.

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