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  • 808pooh says:

    Any word if colorful day is coming back?

  • streets says:

    So disappointed. Colors are redundant. Not a red in sight.

  • BFGreene says:

    I am sorry to hear that LITTLE MANDY is being discontinued. A lot of older women like to have a
    bag that is not real big. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  • Martine Bykowski says:

    I have a couple of Metropolitan bags and would like to get one in a two toned/black for winter months. This design is so versatile! I love to use it as my purse/tote for work. Please bring back that design. My laptop needs it! :)

  • W. Scott says:

    Bring back the Betsy & Little Betsy’s please…..

  • Michele Costa says:

    I live so far away in Massachusetts and I can’t afford to go to Indiana!
    Is there any way to still be able to participate?!?!

  • Miss the Stephanie. I love the purses that have the metal rings on the straps for clipping your keys. Like the Stephanie and the Lisa B style.

  • Debra says:

    Campus tote! Campus tote! Campus tote! PLEASE make these again!!

  • S\ says:

    I live in NYS and would love to go to the tent sale…love, love my VB purses…but there is no way I can get to Indiana….would be nice if you could manage some sort of Tent Sale on line for those who cannot get to Indiana….

    • Deborah says:

      I second that comment! I live in Kansas and can’t make such a trip. I too feel that an online sale would be an awesome event. Maybe still having shoppers register and set designated shopping times for each time zone?

  • Trascy says:

    Been coming for the last 5 years. One year you didn’t have session times and it seemed to be less stressed to shop. It seems to be so crazy when there are sessions times.

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