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  • Marie Byrnes says:

    Every Christmas we roast a turkey with all the trimmings. However,on the years that my sister and I are together before getting the turkey ready for the oven we dress it up for that year’s tradition. This year was a “chillin’ Christmas. So we decided the turkey was a female and we wanted her dressed and relaxed. We spread one wing out on the sink, darned in real pearls, for her neck, a puzzled for a hat, and a bottle of bear under her right arm to relax.

  • Amy Appleby says:

    Our favorite tradition is that we all gather for mass late in the evening. It seems so
    Magical to sing along with the choir and have the entire family gathered together in prayer and reflection.

  • Artzzle says:

    When the family was smaller, every year I would get identical ornaments for each member and write the year on them in gold paint pen. The family grew and interest dropped so I dropped the idea. Still think it was fun.

  • Rita says:

    \This Christmas greeting was so nice of you and so unexpected from a company. Thank you again it was really appreciated. By the way my daughter loved the handbags, so I will be returning to your store. I see you now have an outlet in Jackson Mall.

  • Deb says:

    My favorite tradition is the Christmas Eve “program” that our adult kids produce each year…songs, music, readings, etc., started when the four of them were just little tykes dressed up as a shepherd, an angel, and Mary and Joseph. What fun it’s been through the years. This year everyone got tickled during one of the songs and even the mess-up was fun…great laughter and good times.

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