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Material Matters – Neoprene

material matters: neoprene

Recent releases have brought along an exciting mix of fresh materials for Vera Bradley. We invited members of the design team to discuss one of the latest that our techie ladies are loving, Neoprene.

Inside Stitch: What words would you use to describe this collection?

Rachel F. (Trend and Materials Coordinator): Modern, techie, sleek and protective.
Liz M. (Trend Reporter): Sporty, which is the trend right now. Going forward, styles will move toward a more casual and athletic look.

Inside Stitch: What influenced this collection?

Liz: We knew we could incorporate this sporty look into our tech accessories using a new fabrication. We find it interesting and chic and, most importantly, right for our brand.

material matters: neoprene

Inside Stitch: Why is Neoprene such a great material?

Rachel: It protects your devices, yet it’s slim and lightweight.
Liz: It’s fun, too. Colors look really vibrant on the fabrication.

Inside Stitch: What are some of the other benefits of these styles?

Rachel: They don’t add bulk to your sleek tech pieces.

material matters: neoprene

Inside Stitch: Why was Neoprene a good fit for our lineup?

Rachel: We wanted to offer something different as far as accessories, so she could carry her tech items inside her bags.
Liz: Vera Bradley is known for our colorful accessories in cotton, but we wanted this new fabrication to keep up with the latest trends and make sure she has what she wants.

Inside Stitch:  What do you love, personally, about these styles?

Rachel: I carry the Neoprene Laptop Case. The front pocket holds my cord and a Mini Notebook with Pocket.
Liz: I love how they complement our Signature styles.

material matters: neoprene

Inside Stitch: Where do you see this collection going?

Rachel: Beyond tech pieces. You are seeing Neoprene a lot in fashion because of the shape and body that it gives to an item. The fabric allows you to play with form and volume.

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  • Sherry Pierce says:

    I sent you a message once before about your book covers, I have tried to find a pattern to make my own but can’t find one, I was wondering if you could help me with a pattern so I can make my own covers I really need a paper pattern to go by with directions on how to put it together.

    Thank you
    Sherry Pierce

  • Phyllis Niehaus says:

    Love, Love, Love all of Vera Bradley styles. Would love to see more solid colors. I don’t feel that comfortable wearing prints and carrying a purse that is also printed. I like the idea of a solid color that I can add monograming to.

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