Reader Appreciation Giveaway No. 1

Comment for a chance to win a Weekender and Straighten up and Curl!

This week is all about celebrating our Friends and Family – online, in stores, on Twitter and, of course, on the blog!

What could be better than a giveaway for giving thanks? But which styles? We decided to put the product picking in your hands by turning to Pinterest to see what our followers are pining for. These styles seem to pop up on your boards more than others …

Top pinned styles

Pictured: 1. Straighten Up and Curl in Bittersweet | 2. Glenna in Heather | 3. Laptop Carryall in Olivia Pink | 4. Apron in Venetian Paisley | 5. Saddle Hipster in Tutti Frutti | 6.  3-1-1 Cosmetic in Lola | 7. Weekender in Bittersweet

Comment below and tell us which styles you’ve pinned or plan to pin and we’ll select one lucky commenter (at random) to receive a Weekender and Straighten Up and Curl! And be sure to follow Vera Bradley on Pinterest to join the fun.

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting and congratulations to our winner, Erica G!

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2,112 Responses to Reader Appreciation Giveaway No. 1

  1. Tere Bektran says:

    The weekender in bittersweet is perfect for jeans orange flats scare and a jacket I love all of them and they pinned

  2. Kelci says:

    #2! Love the Heather pattern!

  3. AngelicMaria says:

    I’m addicted to Vera Bradley! Love all the fun fabrics, stylish bags, & versatility.

  4. Margaret Hornock says:

    The weekender would be my choice. I love the size of it.

  5. clara mcl says:

    I really like the weekender and number 3 and 5 I really love Vera Bradley, I have about 7 different ones in different styles and colors.

  6. Janelle Westgerdes says:


  7. Tracey Olekas says:

    All things Vera are my favorites but if I had to pick from these choices, it would be the versatile WEEKENDER because I still need to add this one to my collection. Who couldn’t use one of these????

  8. Holly Falcofsky says:

    Love my Vera’s. I take them everywhere. So easy to care for.

  9. Julie dalton says:

    The weekender in bittersweet is the perfect bag!!!!!!!! It has all the space to hold everything I need when I go away. And the color is amazing!!!!!

  10. Shannon says:

    I would choose the weekender because it comes in handy for those small overnight trips. I love this product! Having all the cute patterns are just bonuses!!!

  11. Karen Pauley says:

    Oh my – I love them all, but I would go with the Weekender – I absolutely love it!!

  12. Marcy Bauer says:

    Love the weekender in Bittersweet!!

  13. Lori Hugley says:

    Just purchased the weekender and used this past weekend on fall break. Next on the list is the 3-1-1 comestic bags.

  14. Ann Aylman says:

    love the weekender – holds a lot.

  15. Hailey Dubuque says:

    The weekender looks perfect for me! For traveling to and from school! love ittt

  16. jeannine johnson says:

    i would choose the saddle hipster. i love the crossbody style, so i can shop hands free. thanks.

  17. Marci says:

    The weekender would be perfect for a carry on!

  18. Liza Cheuvront says:

    I would pick up the Apron #4.

  19. Barbara Krupp says:

    Great size for a weekend getaway, & just the right size for airplane travel

  20. Phyllis says:

    I Love Love it all I can not choose my favorite

  21. Sandy says:

    Love the saddle hipster.

  22. Sarah O'Keefe says:

    I love a happy apron, but between theses products, I would love to have the weekender.
    This summer I cut the cake at my cousin’s wedding, this pretty apron would have been great!

  23. Would love to own the WEEKENDER. I wish it came in Suzanni!

  24. Rachel says:

    I would take the weekender. Perfect for short term business trips

  25. Sherry Siemsglusz says:

    # 5 or 7. Love them both and the pattern as well!

  26. Angelia Tucker says:

    My husband just doesn’t understand that I DO need a weekender in every pattern ;)

  27. Carol Olin says:

    the apron is really nice,have given them as gifts.

  28. Kari says:

    I certainly will pin #7 the Weekender. I have an upcoming trip to NYC for a wedding and this bag would be absolutely perfect. Just the right size to carry everything I need, but easy to carry on and off a train. Stylish, yet accommodating. I will also pin #1 Straighten Up & Curl as well. This is an awesome product since I will be curling my hair for all the main events – Rehersal Dinner, Wedding, and Brunch on the last day I will be there – so it would be great to stash the curling iron right before I have to check out of my hotel and head to the brunch with a great bag and then quickly head over to catch my train home.

  29. Katie K says:

    The apron would be a lovely accessory to wear when hosting holiday dinners.

  30. Mozhgan says:

    It looks perfect for traveling!! love it.

  31. Kathy says:

    The weekender!! I need that.

  32. Shelia says:

    Never had the Glenna but it really looks like one I need to try. I am addicted to Vera Bradley

  33. Robin Hamlett says:

    The Weekender. Just picked one up as a gift and would like another.

  34. Penny Cauley says:

    I love the weekender. I already have one, but this one looks so good, it makes we want another one. Especially nice for those fall getaways.

  35. Kellyann Herrington says:

    The weekender (#7). I have two of them, and plan to get more. I can’t believe how much they hold, and I can take them as carry on luggage. Plus, they match all my VB duffel bags, so I look stylish when I arrive at conventions with an entire luggage cart full of matching bags!

  36. I would choose number 7!! I want a bag in that color exactly!! <3

  37. Katie Hope says:

    Weekender for sure!!

  38. Kaili Gustafson says:

    I do believe the weekender could possibly be one of the best bags for shorter trips with girlfriends! Especially for those trips to buy MORE Vera!!

  39. Lisa says:

    The weekender and the glenna. Love both styles.

  40. thohlbein says:

    Love the cosmetic bag!!

  41. Heather Jones says:

    I love the weekender and the Glenna in Heather! I love that there is a print with the same name as me :) definitely be pinning those

  42. Amanda says:

    This is my favorite color of the new ones that have come out recently. So warm and cozy looking!

  43. Emily says:

    The Weekender in Bittersweet is so pretty!

  44. Paula Holston says:

    Love the Glenna style and the Heather color is beautiful. One of my all time favorites.

  45. says:

    the weekender! it is on my list of bags to own!! LOVE IT!

  46. I would LOVE to add the weekender to my Vera Bradley collection!!!

  47. Jeanine Holland says:

    Apron…for sure!!

  48. Debra says:

    The weekender is fabulous. I love it in every pattern.

  49. Katelyn James says:

    I would definitely pin the weekender! It has lots of compartments for all sorts of things and it is the perfect size for a weekend getaway! Plus I love the pattern!

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