A closer look: La Neon Rose

La Neon Rose

The final Fall color, La Neon Rose, is a special limited-style release. Our Trend Reporter, Liz, shares more on this electric fall selection.

La Neon Rose

What inspired it …

“With its bold colors, geometric shapes and ornamental design, La Neon Rose illustrates the richness of art deco style. We took stylized, neon green roses and artfully arranged them on a forest green background, for colors that are right on trend and paired with classic black and white that makes it easy to wear.”

How to wear it …

“Play up the mossy green trend by wearing several shades of green together or taking a timeless winter white ensemble and punctuating it with black or emerald jewelry. A black-and-white color block look can always benefit from a great pop of color and some monochromatic sequins.”

Available in …

La Neon Rose

Check availability with your local retailer when La Neon Rose arrives online and in stores Thursday, September 19.

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our La Neon Rose board on Pinterest

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6 Responses to A closer look: La Neon Rose

  1. Sparky says:

    This is such a great color combination, why are they limiting it to just a few styles? Baroque continues to be popular year after year. I think if Vera Bradley gives La Neon Rose a chance and releases it in more styles it will be just as popular.

  2. dotmoody says:

    Not feeling this at all

  3. Sue says:

    Let’s have some handbags in La Neon Rose. I, for one, would certainly buy and use this pattern in a handbag or a scarf.

  4. Zara says:

    Love art deco and love La Neon Rose! I already picked it up in a Boxy Tote, but I hope to get my hands on a few more styles before it’s gone!

  5. Jane Pilecki says:

    I absolutely love la neon rose. Wish i could get it in Glenna.

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