Wear. What. How. [Strap Wallet]

Ladies love options … this, we know. There’s nothing better than discovering a style that – with a quick adjustment – offers a completely different look or function. Why add just one style to your collection when you can acquire one that equals two, or sometimes more? We adore our convertible offerings, and thought you might like to see how the way they can be carried can vary. These styles are for the gal who goes for versatility as well as good looks in her accessories. The one who gives utility and beauty equal weight. (Plus, they’re just really, really cool.)

First up, we set the Strap Wallet in motion …

Wear. What. How. [Strap Wallet]

A wallet by day and crossbody by night, the Strap Wallet features a long, detachable strap and magnetic snap closure. Carry it as a cute, pleated wallet or convert the handsome pattern into a hands-free purse.

Come back next week for more Wear. What. How.

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19 Responses to Wear. What. How. [Strap Wallet]

  1. Zara says:

    I love the Strap Wallet! I have one in Island Blooms, and I am definitely in the market for another.

  2. Judy says:

    I also have one in Island Bloom & LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. Robyn Clark says:

    #3 could be a wrist strap!

  4. Carol B. says:

    Strap wallet is my favorite. Have it in a lot of different patterns.

  5. I would wear it over the chest or as a wristlet. Love the new fall patterns

  6. Linda Macklin says:

    Would love this better if the video would slow down so I could actually see something. Based on this I am not rushing out to buy anything!

  7. ev says:

    I took my zippered wallet and added a matching lanyard when I got it two (three?) years ago and carry it that way all the time. I never understood why that wallet never had a strap on it to begin with.

  8. ev says:

    I suppose the only phone this one will hold is an iphone?

  9. Sammie Warwick says:

    I love it! It works for so many occasions. I would love to get one.

  10. Kacey says:

    I love these! I got mine and one for my friend here: http://brandbagexpress.com

  11. Denise Caywood says:

    I love the look for this. It will make life so much easier shopping and traveling.

  12. ronyshapira says:

    I love the strap wallet and love this print!! fabulous!

  13. Brittany says:

    Can i say beautiful! Love it

  14. maria says:

    Hi Can you please make a pencil case in Heather? My daughter likes her school bags and everything match. Thank you!

  15. Tilly McLeod says:

    Phi I’m tilly McLeod Vera bradly should create an otter box case that would be a big sell!

  16. Anna says:

    The Strap Wallet is so cool! I got one in Summer Cottage, and I love it!

  17. Bernie Chamberlain says:

    I love it so much I think I am up to 5 of them!!!

  18. Diana Love says:

    Can’t see the inside as it flips back to quickly in #1

  19. Gladys Pelletier says:

    I have three strap wallets , one in Canyon , one in English Rose , and Va Va Bloom. Love them all . I want to get Midnight Blues also . There great .I’m really hooked on Vera Bradley…..

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