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Grace carries …

Grace carries ...Around the country, a collective sigh can be heard, as students start planning lunches and sharpening pencils in preparation for the start of a brand new school year. We invited our Summer 2013 cover girl, Grace, in as the 5 year old faces a huge milestone … the first day of kindergarten!

Grace carries ...

As this popular petite poser gets ready to shoulder her backpack and head into the classroom, her mom couldn’t be more confident in her little learner. “Neither Grace nor I are completely ready for her to go,” Kristy M., Vera Bradley Multimedia Account Executive said. “But there’s no doubt in my mind she’ll do exceptionally well. She’s very mature for her age and quite the social butterfly. Her biggest concern is whether or not her best friend, Gabi, will be in her class.”

Grace carries ...

Grace carries ...

We learned quickly that, on set, Grace likes to express her personal style and knows exactly what she wants to wear. “She has been experimenting with her wardrobe since the age of 3. She doesn’t follow conventional trends. She definitely pushes the boundaries as far as mixing patterns or wearing a tutu with her tall boots.

Grace carries ...

We couldn’t help but wonder what kindergarteners have to carry, so of course we asked Grace for a peek inside her Backpack, and she kindly obliged.  There was a lot of Lola with pencils from the Pencil Box, Be Colorful Markers, a Pencil Pouch, and Colorful Hair Clips for gym class. But her heart also belongs to Heather, so a cute Composition Notebook and Initial Keychain made the cut as well. A matching Lola Lunch Sack and 16 oz. Water Bottle, and she was all set for her big day.

Grace carries ...

A quick Q&A with Grace, Class of 2026

Most excited to: play on the computers and go to the library
Favorite school lunch: pepperoni pizza
Favorite hair style: braids, pigtails or a cute headband
Favorite playground pastime: playing princesses and climbing on stuff
Favorite singer: Katy Perry (she was the singer for Halloween)
Favorite princess: Belle, Ariel or Sleeping Beauty
Favorite movie: Madagascar 3
Favorite color: pink
Makeup musts: bright pink nail polish, lip gloss and chapstick

Good luck, Grace, and all of the students starting a new school year!


  • Willa Cline says:

    Love this! In the picture of everything laid out, what’s the little keychain thing (coin purse?) under the water bottle and to the left of the pencils?

  • natnicbanks says:

    love the backpacks, all black microfiber, monogramed for my teenage daughter. she loves them. any thoughts about a lunch bag in that “color”? Thanks!

  • pam hodder says:

    How darling! She is a beautiful little girl

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