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Meet the interns

Each year around this time, a group of promising future professionals pops up around our home offices. Let’s meet this summer’s crop of wonderful interns!

Vera Bradley Intern: Rachel Grim

Name: Rachel G.
College: Valparaiso University
Majors: Marketing, Art with a focus on Graphic Design and Photography
Interning with: Marketing Photography Team
Responsibilities: Every day is different, which I love! I get to work with so many different and wonderful people. So far I have been on location photo shoots for Winter and Baby, and it’s been awesome to see all the work they put into them. I was also part of the Classic. I worked the golf event and was in charge of taking the team photos.
Most looking forward to: Continuing to establish relationships with my co-workers and seeing all my hard work and effort be substantial and beneficial to the company. I’ll be sad when the summer is over, but I am really looking forward to the great memories I’ll take with me.
Fun facts: I am obsessed with weddings; I work with a wedding planner when I am at school. I’ve trained for two half marathons and my favorite family vacation is camping (yes, in tents with no electricity).

Vera Bradley Intern:  Lara Miller

Name: Lara M.
College: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York
Major: Industrial and Management Engineering
Interning with: Distribution
Responsibilities: My project for the summer is researching supply chain technology and how it could be beneficial for Vera Bradley to start implementing this technology from manufacturing to the distribution center to the retail stores.
Most looking forward to: Getting a hands-on experience within the field! I also love learning about the processes within Vera Bradley from how a style or pattern is designed to how it eventually gets in the hands of the customer.
Fun facts: My birthday is Leap Day, so technically I’ve only had 5 birthdays. I’ve traveled to 15 different countries and my favorite Vera Bradley style is the Miller Bag.

Vera Bradley Intern:  Rachel Wilkinson

Name: Rachel W.
College: Butler University
Major: Accounting and MIS
Interning with: Finance/Accounting
Responsibilities: Working with the team to provide financial information for other teams as well as our shareholders and other investors.
Most looking forward to: Intern “Lunch and Learns,” and having the opportunity to meet wonderful people.
Fun facts: I lived in New Zealand for 5 months, and I’ve traveled to 8 countries and over 15 states.

Vera Bradley Intern: Megan Bos

Name: Megan B.
College: Butler University
Major: Marketing, International Business and Spanish
Interning with: Indirect Sales
Responsibilities: Helping develop a program for new Vera Bradley retail partners
Most looking forward to: All of the “Lunch and Learns.” I think it is great that the Vera Bradley internship program really gives us an opportunity to understand all of the different departments. This also helps us get to know more people in the company.
Fun fact: I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, for a semester this past year.

Vera Bradley Intern: Molly Shea

Name: Molly S.
College: Graduated in 2012 from Savannah College of Art and Design
Major: BFA in Fibers
Interning with: Product Development
Responsibilities: I work with all of the Product Development teams, and assist from concept to the final product.
Most looking forward to: Learning how a bag gets made from conception to when its put on a Vera Bradley shelf!
Fun facts: My first Vera Bradley was a Miller Bag in Apple Green and my family farms cotton, which is why it is one of my favorite fibers.

Vera Bradley Intern: Eric Foster

Name: Eric F.
College: Purdue University
Major: Industrial Engineering
Interning with: Continuous Improvement
Responsibilities: I’m excited to be assisting with various projects, such as sewing efficiency and retail store stock rooms.
Most looking forward to: Continuing to enjoy the people and the fun atmosphere.
Fun facts: I have been to 16 Dave Matthews Band concerts, and will be going to 4 more this summer. I have been skydiving and visited 6 different Caribbean islands.


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  • Karen Maria says:

    Megan B. was one of my middle and high school English students, and I’m so proud of her for interning for my favorite company this summer! Enjoy the Vera experience, Megan!

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