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In the Bag: Delivery Day

You’re almost there! You’re due to deliver any day, and the waiting is proving to be the hardest part. Pass some time and run through our packing checklist of recommendations for a stylish, comfortable hospital stay.

in the bag: delivery dayin the bag: delivery day

In the bag:


  • Susan palmer says:

    I just delivered my baby girl on may 11th and I used all of my vera bradley bags for the hospital………I need to get a new baby bag……love the one on here

  • Marie Osypian says:

    Stay away from tumbler: Moisture between layers!
    It has a crumpled looking insert already and moisture you can see moisture between layers. I have never had a product do this like this one has. It has been hand washed carefully too. Very poor!

    I tried to post to product comments but that appears not to be working.

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