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  • Jill Flewitt says:

    And for women in National Panhellenic Conference sororities, National Badge Day is March 4. If you are a member (collegiate or alumnae) break out your badge and wear it proudly!

  • alovesherdoggie says:

    Love it! It’s my desktop background now!

  • Jessica R. says:

    I have heard rumors that Vera Bradley herself was a Kappa Delta, and that there is a special KD print. Can anyone confirm for me if this is or isn’t true? I haven’t been able to find anything in Google searches, and The Girl Scouts of America is one of KD’s two biggest Philanthropies. Thanks for any replies in advance!

  • Sparky says:

    I would adore it if VB teamed up with the Girl Scouts to make a special pattern (trefoils maybe?) or make special camping gear!

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