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Stefanie carries ...If we were to designate one team member as the face of Vera Bradley, there’s a good chance it would be Stefanie C. “I grew up with [Co-founder] Barb’s kids, so I really have always been familiar with Vera Bradley,” she said. “I started as the receptionist in 1995 and have held about five positions since then.”

Stefanie carries ...Today, as the Corporate Training Specialist, Stefanie has the opportunity to meet and work with almost every single new employee. Wondering why she looks so familiar to you? She also appears on QVC regularly to walk through our latest style launches.

We invited our congenial coworker to share her must-have style from Winter, and she graciously obliged, offering a glimpse inside her spacious Caroline. While the spacious interior sold Stefanie on the style, the color really sealed the deal. “Dogwood is my new neutral!” she said. “I like to wear a lot of color and I think Dogwood has enough black, tan and olive to go with just about everything. For the holidays, I think that subtle pop of orange/red really gives it a great festive feel.”

Stefanie carries ...Nestled in next to her daily essentials – lipstick options, sunglasses and a fashionable nail file – Stefanie carries the adorable Anniversary Wristlet. And with Thanksgiving just around the corner, she tucked a food magazine inside for recipe gazing when time allows.

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