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This Winter, we’re calling for color

Make a Winter wish ...While just outside your window the trees are nearly bare, the season’s in full bloom as far as we’re concerned! Two fetching new colors – Dogwood and English Rose – are arriving just in time for the holiday season. Mark your calendars for Friday, November 2!

Stop by tomorrow for more on the inspiration behind these stunning new patterns. Until then, you can dress your desktop in one of these lovely Winter downloads

Desktop Download: Dogwood
Desktop Downloads: English Rose


  • Pamela says:

    I do not like either of these patterns. I agree with the ladies who believe the patterns are getting repetitive. I have purchased a lot of vera over the years but the past few patterns have just fallen flat of my Vera expectations.

  • Colibri says:

    Hmmm…Sadly, these patterns are not attractive to me. It seems silly to name a pattern “dogwood” when the printed flowers are NOT dogwoods! What were they thinking? When their products were made in USA, I did not mind paying VB’s high prices and I was proud to be supporting an American business & American workers, but these Chinese products are not worth such a price tag. I won’t be buying this season.

    • Cady says:

      I agree with many of the above comments. We need fall and winter
      patterns smaller prints richer colors, less loud and kiddie looking color
      combos. Take a look back at the great fabrics and patterns that made Vera a classic. Thank You

  • Vicki says:

    I keep trying to buy a VB but could never find a pattern I would be happy to put out the $$$ for; so tired of the crazy prints & florals, they are all starting to look alike!. You are leaving out a HUGE segment of the population who love the concept of the VB bags but prefer a more classical & sophisticated pattern. Animal prints would be AWESOME for a change, ie cheetah, snake, zebra & leopard! How about stepping out of the box a little Vera?

  • Patricia says:

    How about a pattern that does not have spring or summer colors…..skip the white for winter. Like the solids for a change…….and maybe a more classic print rather than the cutesy ones. Really like the Vera bags but need something with a little zing.

  • Cindy says:

    I used to LOVE Vera Bradley but have not bought anything for two years because the patterns are repetitive and the colors are getting too bright. I did notice the decline in fabric quality (thinner and a looser weave) and then found out that Vera Bradley has moved its manufacturing to China. Please go back to producing your high quality, unique, handbags and other items in the good old USA! I, too would be willing to pay more for QUALITY!!!

  • Kim Wells says:

    I agree with many of the people that have commented before. I would love, love, love, holiday patterns. I would love holiday patterns in a few styles such as tote bags, Vera, Saddle Up, a smaller one for an evening or event and one for kids. I would really like for these to be for many holidays – working in hearts, shamrocks, easter eggs, pumpkins or turkeys into the patterns. I think people would like patriotic prints or one with a “picnic” theme. I think dog, cat and horse lovers would really like prints for them. I hope we will see some of the ideas people have suggusted. I also LOVE the frill collection so I hope you keep this line!!!

  • Willa says:

    Bring your manufacturing back to the USA!!

    • Audrey says:

      Just ordered the mailbag in Indigo Pop because Vera sent me a $20 birthday coupon, but this will be my last purchase. I did not know that the manufacture was done in the USA and is now done in China. Very disappointing!!!

      • Shirley says:

        I agree with Leslie, buy what you like, we all have different tastes and likes. That is what I do in all my clothing. I wear what I like and do not care who does not like it, I LIKE IT!! Enjoy the Veras. I love the Indigo Pop, that is such a nice pattern.

      • Shirley Herson says:

        I agree, buy what one loves and soon one will come along that you will adore. We all have such different likes and dislikes.

  • Agree with those who want less spring flowers for Winter.Would love to see some nice rich Celtic designs in a paisley that wouldcover Holiday/Winter nicely.

  • Susan says:

    Another one for purples and blacks. All time favorite is now Indigo Pop. Camelia is beautiful too. Not getting any of these, nor the last batch of patterns.

  • mabel says:

    Have been very disappointed with the quality and the patterns recently. Until I see a drastic improvement I will not be making any purchases.

  • Lindsey says:

    Sorry these are ugly. Bring back blue rhapsody. Or bali gold. Ellie blue was nice too. The dogwood is similar to yellow bird, but yellow bird was way cuter. The roses are eh.. I have seen so many cuter ones, these and last season as well are just boring and ugly.

  • Gertrude Girr says:

    Please return to the U.S. That will help everyone. Perhaps you could do a special U.S. pattern with state symbols (animals, perhaps?) the way you do special breast cancer patterns.

  • Annie says:

    “Dogwoods” and Roses — Just in time for WINTER. hmmm.

  • I would love to see Vera Bradley do a traditional English pattern with horses galloping across the countryside in a hunting scene…reds, browns, greens, black, with plaid. There are so many women who love the equestrian look and it is particularly popular at this time with leggings and riding boots. Please give your consideration to this request.

  • mallardhen says:

    I have been wondering why the vintage prints go for so much money second hand, now I know why first they were USA made and why buy new when a slightly used vintage bag is way cheaper and made in USA to boot. You are just recreating yourself why bother. Don’t get me wrong I love my Vera but to buy a bag in a print that is another version of a vintage one is rather silly

  • Erin says:

    Why does Vera Bradley keep releasing patterns covered wtih spring flowers and saying they’re for winter? I love ribbons, but I have put my bag up to carry in the spring when the little flowers and butterflies will make sense. And now dogwoods that don’t look like dogwoods and English roses for winter? How about something that looks seasonally appropriate for a change?

  • Karen says:

    I think many of us agree that there needs to be
    Diversity in the patterns. But I don’t think it should
    go too far from the original ideas that started the
    company. Just Classy and sophisticated patterns that can. E
    worn with several outfits!
    I don’t think wildlife animals belong on a Vera Bradley bag.
    You can get knockoffs like that at discount stores.
    For winter, how about a Nordic, ski sweater pattern?
    And as others have mentioned…plaid?


  • Hope Lumis says:

    Dogwoods don’t have 5 petals! Pretty colors but already have them. Ribbons is great..and another vote for “Made in USA!” Also like the animal suggestion!

  • Shirley Herson says:

    I guess I am different as I love the new Floral designs. Lovely colors and I certainly would buy a bag in these colors. I am a lover of bright cheery colors especially here in the frozen north in the winter time. I love most of Vera’s patterns and have many bags and accessories. It is a favorite gift to receive from family too. So thanks Vera for the lovely new patterns. Some of us love them. Shirley

  • sandy says:

    I think you really need to get some different patterns for the between ages…and not just the teenagers….they are just to young looking for a gal in her 55 plus

  • dotmoody says:

    My winter wish is a Glenna in Portobello Road and a Two Way Tote in Ribbons!

  • Leslie says:

    Ladies, you take this too seriously. Whenever a new pattern speaks to you, buy your favorite bag (I have 4 different Hipsters) or try something new… and then enjoy it thoroughly. But if you don’t like the new patterns, just wait about 10 minutes and there will be more to come! Personally I’m thrilled with the Dogwood print and couldn’t care less that it’s not botanically correct. What’s in a name, anyway? Love it, buy it… or wait til next season when you’ll get another chance.

    • Karen says:

      May be taking it too seriously, …. But they are asking for comments from their faithful Customers…..I think this is all valuable input from people that buy their products. Kind of a focus group for them!

  • AMH says:

    LOVE DOGWOOD~~~ its a classy YELLOW & BLACK!!
    However…PLEASE consider making in the USA!!!
    Bring the jobs HOME VB…USA!!!

  • Karen says:

    Odd choices for winter…I mean, Dogwood? I love watching mine bloom in the spring but I’d love to see deeper, richer patterns. VB, we don’t want you to take recent color palates and remake them, we like fresh offerings & a twist from what you’ve been doing. Whatever happened to cool print offerings like Medallion or the great color pop of Symphony in Hue? I know each person has their own taste but this feels repetitive. I believe I’m heading back to Etsy to be able to get a bag that doesn’t feel like a remake, redo or redundant accessory.

  • Karen says:

    And thanks to those who commented about made in China, I was completely unaware of it and now I certainly won’t be buying any VB unless they come back to USA manufacturing. And thanks, also, to those who talked about Equestrian patterns, I found a few already online from small USA handbag designers. 🙂

  • Kelly P says:

    I’m not too found of either of these prints. They kind of look like something I would expect to find on my great grandmothers couch. Not something you’d see me carrying around campus or to this weekends tailgate… not really relatable to my age range (college students), all my sorority sisters also agree!

  • Karle says:

    Thank you soooooooo much for the beautiful flowers! Until recently, I did not purchase Vera products because the colors and patterns were dull and boreing. I finally became addicted to Vera when they brought out Mocha Rouge. Keep the bright colors and bring on the cheerful flowers!

  • misskat53 says:

    Please bring back barnyard animals, pets, and nautical themes soon.

  • Cheryl says:

    I commented above that I am happy about the Dogwood pattern because I would like a few accessories to coordinate with a few Yellow Bird pieces I have that I never accessorized. However, I also have to agree with many of the posters here about the selection of patterns and colors. I sometimes wonder if VB listens to their customers because it seems I’ve read comments like these repeatedly over the years. Customers are getting tired of all the patterns and flowers. Granted, that is what VB is about but it IS 2012. I think women are looking to ‘trendy up’ the quilted bags and lets face it, not everyone is into flowers and loud colors. I concur with the suggestions above regarding animal prints, plaids, maybe offer a paisley pattern and please, more solids and NEUTRALS. I do not like looking like a Christmas tree when I go out so therefore I never mix my patterns. I will use maybe one stand out travel bag (such as a duffle, weekender OR tote) in a colorful pattern and then coordinate some solids with that. I think VB should offer solids that coordinate with the patterns so that if you want a solid purse with patterned wallet and other accessories you can do that or visa versa-a patterned bag with solid accessories. As for colors, I think they missed the boat this fall not picking up on purples, greys and OXBLOOD which if you look at fashion blogs and mags its all over the net! Plus, some of the winter colors they introduce do not look like winter to me. But to be honest, comments don’t matter much. Sales do. And if their sales are still doing well then they think they don’t need to change. Money talks.

    • Karen says:

      I very much agree, Cheryl. So disappointed that the real stand-out colors of the season like grey and oxblood are completely missing from either the fall or winter lines. And what about cobalt or color blocking…they don’t have to an entire line in these trendy colors but it would be nice to see some pieces to add some pop to regular basic black microfiber too.

      • shirleyherson says:

        I truly love the color blocking idea. Would love that a lot. It is right in style now days and I bet it would go over very big. Great Idea!!

  • Colibri says:

    Taking it too seriously? Maybe Leslie is right. Or perhaps we’re writing out of frustration and disappointment. We love our older VB bags, but find that the newer patterns & colors don’t “fit” us anymore. Maybe I am no longer in VB’s target market. 🙁

    • Amy L. says:

      Good point Colibri, I beginning to wonder the same as well.

      • Jasmine says:

        Me too.

        Actually, the smaller scale inside patterns of the handbags are more the scale of pattern I would love to see.

        Maybe they could use the inside patterns on the outside….

  • Marie Schwarz says:

    I agree with most of the e-mails. Bought my first Vera, Fall of 2011, since then bought Elle Blue and a backpack Tea Garden. Wissh the bags were made in the USA. Keep the jobs here. Would like a darker color and not so much with the Florals.

  • Sharon says:

    What negative comments about such beautiful, wonderful purses that millions of ladies from young to eldery are purchasing daily all over the world. I personnally love each and everyone that I have purchased or received as a gift, from a key fob to a duffle bag to my perfect black, classy, evening bag. I do not plan on retiring any of my Vera items in the new future. Ladies, be happy that YOU can afford these classy purses and remember, not everyone is lucky enuogh to afford just one. Vera Bradley Staff keep up the good work. You are doing a great job. Remember, you can not satlsfy everyone.

    • shirleyherson says:

      I agree with you Sharon. I truly love my Vera bags and accessories. I will always love them and only use Vera bags. I appreciate the company and love their bags. So yes, Sharon, I am also grateful to have our Vera’s!! Thanks Vera

  • Dee says:

    Love to see some purple and black.

  • Kim says:

    The moment I saw English Rose…..I was in LOVE! Can’t wait for it!

  • biscuit says:

    I wish they would make some winter scenes instead of flowers. I can think of several – a horse drawn sleigh, a snow covered small town, a snowman in front of a house,deer in the woods… i thought they might do some special things when they went to QVC. Today’s Specials that you could only purchase on QVC and maybe an autoship for different seasons.

  • Elizabeth C. says:

    I agree with the other comments about bringing back the holiday patterns! I also wish that Vera could bring back some of the favorite retired prints…maybe pick one “throwback” pattern every year. The older prints were so pretty!

    • Shirley Herson says:

      I am with you Holly, I also love the new English Rose Pattern. It is just lovely and I will surely get something in i

  • maria elena alcala says:

    Wow! never noticed the fact that these beautiful bags were made in China, What a set back! Why are we paying so much money? I’ll reconsider my Christmas shopping.

    • Shirley Herson says:

      I feel badly that I also have never noticed the bags are made in China. I have not noticed that they were not of excellent quality though. They wear well and wash well and serve me well. I like things to be made in our own country also. But I will not give up Vera’s due to that. Love them too much to let them go.

  • Barbara says:

    I have been a VB customer for a number of years and have always thought that some level of research was part of the production. A life-long resident of Atlanta, the Dogwood City, I am actually shocked that you have produced dogwood blossoms with anything BUT four bracts. Part of the culture of the dogwood :blossom: is that it is the shape of a cross. Now that I have learned that your production has moved to China, what is the surprise?! I’ll go to the fabric store and buy quilted fabric or quilt my own and make my bags.. At least the final production will be made in the USA.

  • mom says:

    I agree that the new patterns are very similar to recent patterns. I have been collecting Vera for years, but miss the older, more subtle patterns. The new ones have too many colors, and they are all too bright. There is no sophistication anymore. VB is popular with young teenagers, but has lost a good share of the middle-aged market. I also miss the medium and small sized toggle bags. We need a tote that is smaller, with quilted shorter handles. And yes, please bring them back to the USA!

  • Laura says:

    For the Steeler fans out there like myself, this pattern is amazing!

  • Jenny says:

    I didn’t know VB was made in China now. Will now re-think what I am giving for Christmas gifts. I feel real bad about this because my sister loves VB & she is always so happy with our gifts but she works so hard to buy USA & when I tell her where VB is made she won’t want any more. This makes me very sad.

  • WHOA!! Before anyone writes another comment, I think I have figured it out! I am from the south, and having grown up with dogwoods all my life, AND magnolias, I kept looking at this pattern and sensing something was amiss. Then I enlarged the pattern on the “apron” and Googled “Magnolia” images and BOOM! You’ll catch it, too – that is NOT a dogwood, it’s a MAGNOLIA. Fairly certain- look at the centers and leaf structure and spacing of the flowers. (not sure what the tiny blooms around are but filler) It is not a dogwood for sure. I’m thinking someone goofed somewhere– is it too late to rename the pattern? Magnolias are actually almost more appropriate for a winter pattern, as it is an evergreen, and at least the leaves are around in the winter. Am I right here? That pattern will not fly as a Dogwood in the south! It is VERY much tied to the story of the Cross and Christ – it blooms here at Easter!
    “Never again shall the dogwood grow
    Large enough to be used so.
    Slender and twisted, it shall be
    With blossoms like the cross for all to see.
    As blood stains the petals marked in brown,
    The blossom’s center wears a thorny crown.
    All who see it will remember Me
    Crucified on a cross from the dogwood tree.”

    • Mig says:

      Absolutely!! And not just in the South. Here in the mid atlantic I have a beautiful old Dogwood outside my front window that my husband and his Grandfather replanted out there when my hubby was a child. It means a great deal to me. I think they need to change the name…

  • mom says:

    I actually think there is too much purple!

  • Susan Gonchar says:

    Vera, I have loved your bags–and have plenty of them, but now will think twice before buying again since they are being made in China. I am so disappointed. Please return the quality and manufacture to the United States of America.

  • Jean says:

    I love Vera bags especially the solid colors which I use most of the year. I save the flowers for spring and summer. I am very disappointed that they are not made in the United States and that will keep me from purchasing Vera bags in the future.

  • Nicole says:

    Dogwood looks like yellowbird. I agree about the patterns repeating with tweaks. If we are going to continue this trend revamp the mod floral blue, mod floral pink, piccadilly,and chelse green.

    • Tracy V. says:

      I’d love it if they could bring back mod floral pink so I could pick it up in some of the newer styles. Hands down, one of my fav patterns ever!

  • Angie D says:

    Quatre foil , medallion, and chevron prints are quite popular now. Those would make lovely Vera patterns. The chevron print would look great with a personal monogram.

    • shirleyherson says:

      This is another great idea for winter bags. So many ideas here. What a selection there would be if they made all of these patterns.

  • Cindy says:

    I think Vera Bradley is losing their signature look. All the new colors since Va Va Bloom look like Vera Bradley impostors. I’m not impressed Vera.

    • Shirley says:

      I noticed someone saying VaVa Bloom looks like a fake Vera. I have one and I love it. I get so many compliments on my colorful Vera Bags. I realize not everyone is loving color, but it is cheery and pretty and truly cheers a soul! I love your prints Vera. Please do not change and keep them coming to up.

  • cindylou says:

    I have been waiting for a cute blue and brown pattern to come out. I just purchased my first home and the colors I picked are blue and brown

  • Jasmine says:

    RE: This Winter, we’re calling for color!

    PLEASE, no more color. I’m calling for NEUTRALS, like VB used to make. One dominant color, a neutral, with maybe one or two subtle accent colors in a smaller scale pattern, like the older patterns were. Bags that can be used for more than one outfit!

    I used to be able to carry my VB bag to work at a corporate job wearing a suit, and then wear it on the weekend too. No way could I do that with these new super bright multicolor large patterns, which would clash with any other colors or clothing I might wear.

    After a certain age, carrying a large patterned bright colored bag just looks wrong….I too am beginning to wonder if VB doesn’t want our business anymore. Sad, because I still want VB.

    Please, listen to us and provide some other options for the more mature customer. ie,
    Smaller patterns
    Neutral colors
    Just look at the retired patterns………..

    • Debra says:

      I think VB is after the “young” crowd with the colors. They seem to have forgotten us, the ones that have supported the line for 20 years! Bring us something our age! And back to the USA! By the way, I think the items that come from China are easy to identify, they have a funny odor to them, especially the ones with plastic lining.

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