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This Winter, we’re calling for color

Make a Winter wish ...While just outside your window the trees are nearly bare, the season’s in full bloom as far as we’re concerned! Two fetching new colors – Dogwood and English Rose – are arriving just in time for the holiday season. Mark your calendars for Friday, November 2!

Stop by tomorrow for more on the inspiration behind these stunning new patterns. Until then, you can dress your desktop in one of these lovely Winter downloads

Desktop Download: Dogwood
Desktop Downloads: English Rose


  • Clara says:

    The black one is GORGEOUS

  • Fran says:

    I would like to see some small animal prints again.

  • mom says:

    To the comment that Vera has been floral since its inception, Vera also had many other prints. Also, the prints were smaller, fewer colors and the bands at the top of the bags were more detailed. Now often there are too many bright colors, and some of the patterns are garish, rather than understated and sophisticated, like French Provincial patterns. It would be nice if Vera offered something like the earlier patterns now and then.

    • Jasmine says:

      I so agree, mom. All I ask is maybe one softer, more muted refined print a year. I recognize that VB is aiming at the youth market, but please don’t forget us more mature ladies who have been supporters for decades.

      I love florals, paisleys, french provincial, all of it…would just like to see a few smaller scale prints more in scale with my size, and also I think for me I am missing the cooler, softer colors that go better with my wardrobe and skin tone. There is plenty for all the other customers who like brighter, clearer or warmer tones already…..

  • Trina S says:

    I really liked the “Dogwood” pattern, but since reading about the name goof, I am on the fence. I agree with everyone on the older patterns, they were a lot easier to carry since the print wasn’t so large and overbearing.
    I would like to see more smaller, not so flashy patterns. I would also like to see something wintery with snowflakes or evergreens. I think the Realtree pattern in pink would be cute! The colors lime green and gray are really big now and would love to see those colors in a pattern close to Paprika.
    I have also noticed the quality is slipping, hate to say it, but more than likely due to being made overseas. I have noticed lots of crooked seams and some not even matching up like they should, but the prices continue to rise.

  • Like to see some purple and black.

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