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Meet the Mailbag (again)

Meet the Mailbag
After a few alterations, our Mailbag style is back and better than ever. But, don’t take it from us. Here’s what you had to say:

This is the one for your iPad…

July 29, 2012 | Posted by Llilly from Illinois
“I’ve tried a lot of bags, and finally found the perfect one in the Mailbag. There are two separate main compartments, one zips and the other under the flap so I can store my iPad in one and not have to have it interfere with any other articles in my bag when I don’t need it. It has a slim profile, but deep bottom so there is plenty of room for what I need to carry without it looking and feeling bulky. The adjustable strap is icing on the cake. If you carry your iPad daily, you need this bag.”


July 18, 2012 | Posted by KelllyAnnn from Columbus, Ohio
“I’ve been waiting for a bag that was a little bigger than the Hipster and I’m so glad it’s here! I absolutely love the Mailbag and can fit everything I need into it. I love the different pockets for organization. It’s just a perfect everyday bag for me.”

It’s like it was custom made for me!

July 24, 2012 | Posted by stcy252 from Jacksonville, FL
“This bag is absolutely amazing! It fits everything you need without looking too bulky, and the crossbody design frees up your hands. There are three large pockets and one small zippered pocket on the back. The first pocket under the flap is perfect for holding a notebook (I bought the matching Paisley Meets Plaid Notebook) the second pocket is a bit larger and is able to fit my iPad perfectly (even in the case)! The next pocket is very accessible at the top of the bag, it’s a zippered pocket and is perfect for your wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc. The last pocket is a small zippered pocket on the back of the bag, it’s perfect for gum, [lip balm], pens, or whatever small items you need. I am definitely in love with this bag!”


July 23, 2012 | Posted by JacquelineB from Oklahoma
“I am not a person who usually carries a crossbody bag but I purchased the Mailbag in Paisley Meets Plaid and absolutely LOVE IT! I can just drape it across my body and go…hands free shopping, etc. This bag has so much room and you wouldn’t expect that. Everything I fit into a large bag, fits comfortably in the Mailbag with room to spare. This is a must for any student, parent or grandparent who likes to have their hands free to do other things.”

A little hipster, A little saddle!

July 10, 2012 | Posted by Gleechick609 from New Jersey
“The only word to describe this bag is AWESOME! It has the full body of a Hipster (much bigger in width! Includes the two inside pockets and a zipper closure) and outside flap mimics the Saddle Up bag (magnetic closure). When you open the outside flap, there are two compartments: one medium and one large. You can honestly fit an iPad inside the large compartment, that’s how big it is! It sure is a great bag! I have a new favorite crossbody!”

Want to submit your own review? You’d have to try it first! Comment below and tell us why you think a new Mailbag would be marvelous, and we’ll select five lucky ladies at random to receive this style, in the color of their choice.

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting, and congratulations to our winners: Donna A., Sarah G., Amanda H., Adria and Angela! 


  • Helen says:

    Sure, you can use the Mailbag for different things, but the first thing that comes to my mind is for carrying mail. Seriously, when I go to the mailbox, it’s STUFFED with stuff. I get tons of magazines, and the Vera Mailbag is the perfect size to hold my mags and other everyday necessities. It’s also great because it has separate compartments for things like outgoing mail, incoming mail that’s important, and incoming junk mail. I usually get the mail when I’m on the way out, or coming home from somewhere. So this bag is idea for outings AND mail (hence the name).

  • Kas says:

    It would be perfect for air travel … roomy without the hassle of bulky !

  • So cute! I wish I could have one in every color! I like this Mailbag and the Hipster for traveling with my iPad.

  • Chris says:

    Yet again an amazing thing has happened in Vera Bradley world!! I think the mailbag would be perfect for school. There is so much room, and it is very to carry with to every class. But of course it is fabulous!! It is also perfect for a night at a friends house, so simple!

  • Jamie A. says:

    I love that VB got rid of the huge cumbersome flap for a more sleek design. The fact that they redesigned the bag to include a spot specifically to fit the iPad. I carry my iPad all over and I like that it will have a secure spot for it! Add in the adjustable crossbody strap and it’s a must have!

  • Liza says:

    This would be a great bag for shopping or travel.

  • Kimberli says:

    What an adorable bag!! I’m a busy, working mom of 2 toddlers, so this would be perfect to throw on and go! The crossbody style is perfect for not having to worry about it falling off my shoulder if I need to scoop up one of my boys – love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • stephanie says:

    I LOVE all of your bags! This one is the PERFECT size! I am a teacher of 30 2nd graders and a mom to 4 and I have always had a vera that meets my needs! I love the long strap and love that it can fit an ipad! I also love all the slots you always put on the inside to help keep things organized! Fingers crossed for one of these! I LOVE my veras!!!!

  • Jamie Beck says:

    The mailbag would make an awesome bag to carry on campus. I have a hipster but I think the mailbag would give me more room for all of my essentials. I would LOVE to win one!!!

  • Aurora Zeledon says:

    I live near the beach and like to hike out among the cliffs. The mailbag would be perfect to hold books to take with me, as well as snacks, sunglasses, etc.!

  • dotmoody says:

    I was just looking at this bag yesterday at the Pittsburgh Store! I must say, it sure does have plenty of room, I LOVE the front flap and slip pockets, the interior is pretty large, after you fill it with books & folders you will still have room for your personal items. This bag is perfect for every student and business woman. I told my husband I want an Ipad just so I can get this bag to carry it in “LOL”

  • I am looking for a new bag, the mailbag might be it!!! I would like to try it out! Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to carry my purse by the handles!!! I hope I win one!!!

  • Celyna says:

    Who doesn’t love a revisit? Especially when the new and improved version is so fabulous?!

  • Jenn says:

    I’m going to Disney World for my honeymoon, and this bag would be perfect!

  • Kylie M says:

    The mailbag would be the perfect bag to use on a day of light classes. Just enough room to fit my iPad, note paper, and a pen! A great bag for professionals, students, moms, anyone!

  • millerk14 says:

    The mailbag is the perfect back-to-school addition! It is just the bag for a day of light classes. Slide in your iPad, some note paper, and a pen and you are all set! Definitely a bag I must have to return to college – but would be an amazing addition for moms, professionals. . . anyone!

  • Ky says:

    A great, revamped version of an amazing bag! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • krm0115 says:

    Ohh! So excited about this newly redone addition to the Vera family. This looks like a great bag for people of all ages!

  • Amy says:

    LOVE the updates to this bag! Move over, Carnaby Mailbag…you need a new colorful friend!

  • Tara S. says:

    I love all the updates! The new mailbag would be a great everyday bag for me. I carry a lot in my bag so I need plenty of space and organization, and that’s exactly what the mailbag provides. love it!

  • Rachel says:

    Oh ym gosh. This is the perfect bag fo school. It can hold my ipad and all my books, i need this bag.

  • Tashiana Tselikis says:

    I would love to win this bag! I’ve been a Vera fan for over 15 years & the new mailbag is something I’ve been dying to add to my collection. It would add the perfect pop of color to my new 2013 Kia soul car I just purchased one week ago. Got to be colorful where ever you go!!! Pick me!!

  • Denise Beisel says:

    I have carried the “On the Go” crossbody bag for years. I think I have 5 different colors. But now I am hooked on my ipad and when I saw the description of the new Mailbag, I thought it should be the next addition to my Vera collection. I looked at it in person at the Vera Bradley store in the Denver area and hope to someday own one. The reviews I have read make it sound like the Vera designers have a winner in this bag. I would love to have one — Indigo Pop is my favorite of the new colors!

  • Stacey says:

    What a cute bag! I am a 1st grade teacher and the bag would be perfect for back to school! I would love to have the chance to win one!

  • Ashley A. says:

    I love this bag. I was looking for a new bag to hold my iPad and other things for a daily bag. This bag would be perfect! I love how Vera Bradley thinks of everything!

  • Debbie says:

    I have been looking for the perfect crossbody bag. May have just found it in the new Mailbag. I like that it has a lot of room and keeps things organized. I also like the flap on the front.

  • Fran Tretera says:

    I’ve been having shoulder problems and am planning on buying a crossbody to eliviate the strain. Great that there is a special place for my Ipod.

  • Karen C. says:

    I think this is a marvelous bag because of the multiple compartments that offer more storage than other crossbody bags. Also, it is not too small, but too big so that it would be annoying to carry around for sight-seeing or even everyday use! Looks beautiful in Indigo Pop!

  • Danielle says:

    This is a fantastic bag because it’s hands free, has so many pockets, I think it’d be great for travel or a personal item on a plane for someone who is only carrying an iPad and not a laptop. It’s roomy and the front pocket is a great addition, it’s nice to know my iPad will be safe. Paisley Meets Plaid is a great fun color!

  • Ashley P. says:

    I’ve always been a hipster/crossbody girl as I’m a college student and always on the go. The new Mailbag design perfectly accommodates all of my needs! Whether you’re running to class, the store, shopping, traveling, or on an outing, there’s not a day that this bag wouldn’t have enough space for you! It fits slim to the body (even when full), but it doesn’t look bulky on my small frame. Like previous people have commented, it is perfect for carrying an iPad (even in my Vera Bradley case). Vera Bradley really listened to everyone’s comments and concerns on updating the Mailbag and I think y’all really did an amazing job. I will be purchasing this is many colors and also as gifts for friends and family. The function and design of this is timeless and ageless. Thanks again Vera Bradley!!

  • Clarissa Litzenberger says:

    This bag is great! Just the right size-bigger than the hipster, but not too big and bulky! I need the new mailbag! <3

  • ingrid obrien says:

    Great bag would be ideal for my trip to Germany!!!!

  • -- SB says:

    A bigger crossbody bag is certainly a big advantage for back to school!

  • marlys bridgeman says:

    love the colors, the design is great, cross body is always a handy must bag for any outing. would love this for my daughter,<3

  • Carla says:

    Omg. This looks fantastic! My teen that starts college this month would absolutely love this bag !

  • Becky Wishart says:

    A new style for me to love because it is Vera Bradley and because it will hold everything I need to carry with me.

  • Megan says:

    This bag would be a perfect bag to carry things in!! I LOVE cross bodies and the messenger seems AWESOME!!

  • Martha Lowry says:

    I love the new mailbag! My local VB store’s manager suggested it to me as I needed a bag to carry my Nook where ever I go. I had everything literally shoved into a Hipster and it was bulging at the seams! I am so glad she pointed it out. I got one in Indigo Pop and would love another one so I can switch things up. It is a great crossbody bag and I highly recommend it if you have more stuff than a Hipster will easily hold!

  • brandi says:

    WHO WOULD NOT LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!!!!!!! this is awsome!!!!! <3 😉 <3 🙂 <3 🙂 <3 😉

  • Cassie Block says:

    I think that this bag will be perfect because the design is pretty and it looks supportive and it will be easy to carry!

  • mrsckugs says:

    How much bigger is this bag compared to the Hipster?

  • Shannon Cebula says:

    I am In high school and this is the perfect size and is so much better than a normal backpack which hurts my back at the end of the day. The mailbag fits all of my notebooks and also fits my ipad i have to carry in school rather then textbooks (“Im in a smart school”). I got the pattern tutti frutti and i always get compliments on it. I RECOMMEND THIS BAG TO EVERYONE !!!!

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