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Monthly Archives: May 2012


Human Resources Manager Alicia Wilkins recently journeyed to Japan to interview candidates for our new overseas locations and observe a very special sale event. She shares her experience here. We had such an amazing trip to Tokyo! Our agenda was twofold: One, to reconnect with our existing seven employees, and second, to hire more team […]

Come on in and smell the roses

The question was first posed in early February … “How can we translate the lovely, heartfelt feelings of Mother’s Day into a Store experience?” To take it a step further, our Visual team ventured to not just celebrate the occasion, but to gift all of the Mothers who stop by and see us, as well. […]

Tie the knot

Whether you choose to loop it, wrap it, or tie it in a fancy knot, our Scarf (available in five Spring and Summer colors) is one of our favorite wardrobe additions. We’d love to hear your styling suggestions for the Scarf! Feel free to comment and share below.