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Mother's Day Store Windows

The question was first posed in early February … “How can we translate the lovely, heartfelt feelings of Mother’s Day into a Store experience?” To take it a step further, our Visual team ventured to not just celebrate the occasion, but to gift all of the Mothers who stop by and see us, as well.

Two ladies took to the task. Vera Bradley Sr. Retail Visual Design Specialist Janielle Gregory (who used her recent wedding as added inspiration) and Retail Field Visual Design Specialist Courtney Lauderdale began conceptualizing a gorgeous display especially for May.

Sketches of Mother's Day windows

With sketch in hand, the Visual team enlisted the expertise of Toles Flowers, Inc. in Anderson, Indiana, to assemble a living model. After 6 hours of pruning and strategic positioning, the intricate details of the ladies’ drawing were decided.

The team reached out to a bouquet of accomplished florists across the eastern part of the country to recreate the final Mother’s Day display. This past Wednesday, blossoms started popping up in 11 Vera Bradley Store locations, as our impressive group took to fabricating the installation.

So, what kind of experience does it take to assemble a retail window display consisting of roughly 660 flowers of 10 different varieties constructed around two separate wire forms? In the case of Fort Wayne florist Sherry Armstrong-Miller, of Armstrong Flowers, Inc., a few years of assembling arrangements for the White House Easter Egg Roll (yes, the White House), certainly helps.

Making of our Mother's Day windows

“I love working with Vera Bradley,” Armstrong-Miller said, “because they’re so connected to the community. I [also] love a challenge.” As a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers, her “challenges” have included parade floats, displays for the Oscars and forming a “showstopper” for Elton John.

Armstrong-Miller and her assistant Leslie Presley, allowed us to peek over their shoulders and document the 3-hour process of bringing our Mother’s Day design to fruition. It’s amazing to think that each display will be refreshed every 2 – 3 days, as needed.

Making of our Mother's Day windows

“It’s been awesome to see how each window is a little different,” Lauderdale said. “True to the nature of our individually unique retail spaces, the arrangement and setup of each installation has been influenced by everything from the color of the wallpaper to the personal creativity of the florist. Small nuances like that is what I think makes this so special for our guests.”

Making of our Mother's Day windows

Our hope is that you’ll bring the special women in your life – Mom, Grandma, your daughter – in to enjoy this beautiful arrangement in person. It is, after all, our gift to you for all you do.

The window display will be in Stores through Friday, May 11, at Vera Bradley at Burlington Mall, Jefferson Pointe, King of Prussia, The Shops at La Cantera, Mall of America, NorthPark Center, Roosevelt Field, Tysons Corner Center, Twelve Oaks Mall, Water Tower Place and The Woodlands Mall

Making of our Mother's Day windows


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