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You tell us: Which Summer style is the hottest?

Around here, one of our favorite things about a new collection launch is the opportunity to try out all the new shoulder bags, handbags, crossbodies and accessories. We know Thursday can’t get here soon enough, so we’re sharing some of the fresh Summer fashions and asking you to vote for your early front runner.
Summer 2012 New Styles

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  • Irene Negedly says:

    I agree, please bring back the pleated tote. It is so pefect.along with the squared away. I love the new prescilla pink. Maybe next time a black and white with a scroll pattern. What happened to the black quilted hobo style? Would love to see that with soft single strap.

  • Elaine Gough says:

    Please, please, please, re-instate BETSY!!!!! It is my “Double Twin” the Mandy. These two are so great and both hold EVERYTHING A GIRL NEEDS and wants in a handbag. Villager is #3 in my favorite line-up. #4 is another doduble, Whitney and Saddle UP. I’m desperate for Betsy to stay in the line

  • Joan H. says:

    Please bring back the STEPHANIE Bag. It is the most perfect bag I have ever purchased! You can organize all your things and never have to fumble for what you are looking for. Great purse and just the right size. Please think about bringing it back! thank you!

  • julie anderson says:

    My favorite is Vera. Wish it had a zipper. Love the key fob!!! My favorite color is Priscilla Pink. And from a while ago, Floral Nightengale and Mesa Red and Java Blue. Please bring back some very old prints. I started with “Emily”, a beautiful blue years ago. Thank you for your quality.

  • rockytopgirl says:

    I LOVE the frame bag! I love being able to open my purse and see everything right off the bat. And it STAYS open! JUST LOVE IT! Now, if I could just afford it! Thank goodness for the ability to buy Vera bags online and on sale. this girl would never have Vera if I couldn’t do that. So, I just have to be patient about new styles and fabrics. I just willl never be able to have something brand new….sigh…..

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