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Here comes the sun …

The release of our Spring 2012 Signature collection is so close, we can almost smell the bouquet of fresh florals!

We will officially welcome Rosy Posies, Camellia, Island Blooms and Ellie Blue to the family when they arrive online and in stores Thursday, January 19.

Here’s a little something hold you over …


A techie treat: Here’s four pretty palettes to paint your desktop background all the sensational hues of Spring …


  • Melissa says:

    i really like the color integration!! Well done!

  • CAfan says:

    If you take a look at the enlarged picture of the new bowler, you can see that the interior pockets aren’t quilted, but the exterior ones are. The old bowler’s pockets were quilted both inside and and out and the exterior pockets had flaps.

  • Tracy Martin says:

    I just got my Spring 2012 catalog in the mail…This Michigan girl was happy to see that the photo shoot was on Mackinac Island!! 🙂 Thanks Vera Bradley for choosing Michigan! 😀

  • Janet Novak says:

    I agree with the people who feel that this is a product that can and should be made in the USA. Manufacturers go to third world countries so the labor force is much less costly. These wonderful products are not inexpensive in any way. As much as I love the designs, styles, and variety I will be very hesitant to purchase in the future because these products can and should be made in the USA. It may mean a somewhat smaller profit but let’s be real, it will not cause anyone in your company to need foodstamps. This country is in a crisis and every American needs to do what they can to help stimulate the economy on whatever level they can.
    If the Executive Board has any conscience or even appreciation for the benefits of living in this country, they need to reconsider and put our workforce back to work instead of sending this manufacturing to another country. I, personally, wiil certainly have more confidence in the quality and safety of the delivered product. We are all aware of the shortcuts taken in China. DO THE RIGHT THING! Word of mouth is a very powerful thing and I am confident that you do not want to lose customers because of a certain level of greed in the name of “smart business decisions”.

    • Tracy says:

      Well said Janet Novak! I agree!

      • Barb says:

        I agree I stopped buying Very Bradley as they moved production to China trying to only buy made in USA products

        • L Cato says:

          I have scaled back on my purchases because I am of the same mindset. They charge a substantial amount for these fabric products that could easily be manufactured in the USA. If Allen Edmonds can do this with their fine leather shoes, why not? They would attract more consumers like myself who feel it is important to keep our citizens working. Social compliance is another issue altogether.

          • Lolo says:

            Very disheartening to find that these expensive items are made in China! Shame on you, Vera Bradley!

  • Kathryn says:

    These patterns are great, if you’re 40! I loved all the winter 2011 designs, but these are so boring!

  • Elizabeth says:

    What type of purse is Liz holding??? I really like it, but did not see it on the Vera Bradley web site!

  • Carole Akers says:

    Why does everything have to be made in China! Lets support America!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marolyn says:

    I love Vera Bradley hand bags until that they are made over seas.We need to keep
    our USA. going in jobs.

  • sammy says:

    cute but lacking in origin. wanna see more old vera

  • Debbie says:

    The colors in the Island Blooms pattern look a lot like the ones in the Peacock pattern. Does anyone else think so? I had no idea VB bags are now being made in China. I thought they were made in Indiana.

  • Sharon says:

    What bag is the model on the bike showing? I don’t recognize it.

  • mk says:

    I want Symphony in hue back!!!!

  • Barbara Bauman says:

    I am aother person that has lost thier enusthisan afater finding out they are not made in the USA. The person that thinks globally mustnot have a person not working. I am retired could always use the cheaper merchendaise but when Ican I wll buy USA. Sorry Vera Bradley. I guess that is the end of my beloved bags.

  • Elaine Gough says:

    CHINA is not where I live. Sorry, but I will think twice or thrice before I buy more.

  • Sharon says:

    It’s silly to blame Vera Bradley, or China, for your employment problems. If you don’t want to buy Vera Bradley handbags.. Fine! More for the rest of us who aren’t nationalistic bigots!

    • NotSharonNotChinese says:

      Nothing silly about it, it is the TRUTH. Chinese get paid less than our $8.25 minimum wage, therefore US companies make more $$$ by selling products made by cheap labor. Companies even get government tax write offs just for employing Chinese that are here in the US on work visas, many do accounting work. Yet, lots of US college grad accountants cannot find work. Now do you understand?

  • Hannah says:

    I agree with Sharon :))))

  • Kristyn says:

    Not loving the new colors for spring. Won’t be purchasing any of these new patterns anytime soon.

  • Gretchen says:

    I just went to my local Vera Bradley store and was totally shocked at the low thread count of the fabrics. I almost bought a tote, but felt like the cloth was already threadbare. So sad because English Rose is beautiful!

  • KATE O'HARA says:

    Does anyone know the wallpaper design name/maker in the North Carolina Vera Bradley store in Raleigh? Fell in love with it and did not stop to ask!

  • JustAskJenn says:

    Oh VB, how disappointing. I have never purchased a VB before, however my fiance’s daughter wants one & I thought, what a great gift for her 15th birthday. These days, when I want to purchase designer or higher end items, particularly one that is an icon, I want it to be made here. If its not, I want to know the company is “fair trade” affiliated… guess what: Not buying a VB. Period. Knowing that precious US jobs are now lost & that there are SERIOUS human rights violations taking place at these overseas factories/facilities, is enough for me to say: no thank you. And to those of you who think its silly; shame on you.

  • Jo Ann says:

    I agree with all of the comments that relate to VB foreign manufacturing. Thank you to everyone who is spreading the word. The duffel bags are wonderful, no doubt about it, but corporate greed is making me ill. No sale here.

  • Janet McCann says:

    I have several Vera Bradley pieces and love them! With the state of our economy, I wondered if VB was manufactured in US. It donned on me when I saw on Ebay that overseas countries are selling on ebay — from Malaysia and Singapore — with cheaper prices for Vera Bradley.

    It makes me sad. I can say that I’m going to search elsewhere for a product made in the US. And I will spread the word that Vera Bradley isn’t manufactured in the US. 🙁

  • Christine says:

    I purchase from a Vera Bradley store but look on Ebay and see the so called “fake” Vera Bradleys…which appear identical…and are likely “Made in China” as well…so what sets each a part? I think it was a poor choice going to China who have obviously have been cheating companies for years by duplicating things reputable brands. Sad sad sad…obviously your customers prefer Made in USA…and you should as well being Americans….but I guess greed gets the best of so many.

  • oldsaddlebag says:

    I fully agree with those that hate it that VB has gone to China with their business! I have been proud to have several pieces now, but will NOT BUY another one labeled Made in China ! My 2 recent cosmetic bag purchases seem authentic, but are labeled China, altho fabric & tags say VB .Any future purchases by me will be older ones sold on Ebay, authentically USA. There are beautiful bags, etc made by USA women for sale on Ebay and other sites, I just bought one. If we all kept our China purchases to a minimum some of the manufacturers will be encouraged to come back to the USA. We need to learn to do without some things if China products are the only choice. Our government rewards mfgs that take their business to other countries ! No wonder our jobs have gone overseas !

  • Suzy says:

    Never buying this product until it is made in the USA!!! I do not enjoy the thought of what happens in China for these to be made and neither do others. Your sales will eventually (if they haven’t already) start to decrease at a fast pace. No sales here.

  • chris says:

    I can’t tell what is what anymore. I have Java Blue pieces, retired, that are made in the USA….then noticed some other pieces I had purchased later, were made in Thailand, some in China. I think VB is HELPING the “fake” situation along, by not telling us WHICH pieces and prints are made where. I do know, that some of the retired colors, made in the USA, are released and created in newer designs and made in China and Thailand. Some pieces have the VB tag, same info on the back, but doesn’t mention WHERE the bag is made. Then some, have a flat tag, sewn to the item on all four sides with just the VB name, and no other tag to tell us WHERE it was made. I think VB is betraying us all and I will NOT purchase any more and will make sure I spread the word.

    • Brianne says:

      I agree. We need to know where the product is coming from. I only want to buy things that are made in the USA first, to support our local economy and second, know I am for sure getting a high quality product. I am very disappointed Vera Bradley is no longer making their products in the USA and will spread the word as well! Hopefully if more people decide to no longer buy from them, then they may decide to come back to the USA.

      • Jessica C. says:

        I couldn’t have said this any better. When recently shopping for another VB purse, I was truly shocked when I found it was manufactured in Thailand, when I believed it was the USA. I was so angry! I am now determined to boycott Vera Bradley and I am spreading the word. When I see anyone with a VB product, I stop them to advise them of this. Many were not aware of this and are stating that they intend to shop more wisely from now on & are determined to boycott & spread the word also. There is no reason for not helping our own friends and neighbors by providing them with the opportunity for a job rather than some foreign country again, while our own people are struggling! To VB company: “Are you really that desperate and greedy? What is wrong with you people?? Shame on you! Be aware that you are being boycotted by not only me, but by many, many others!!!”

  • Mike says:

    Hellllooooo do you all know that CINDA B makes a similar product made in Ft Wayne Indinana. You want local or made in USA products look them up. You will love it!!!!

    • Jessica says:

      Awesome!!! Found the site…will definitely be checking this out! Thanks. Now that’s the way it’s supposed to be! Thought I would miss VB, but I was wrong.

  • I got my first Vera Bradley purse at a second hand store and fell in love with it so I was very excited when I purchased my on the go bag. I was very disappointed to see that the quality was not up to par with the older bag. I would have thought it was a knock off if it had not been purchased at a Vera Bradley event. The first was made in the USA the second in China. It’s really too bad that this company had to get so greedy that they took their product to China,kept the high price and cut the quality. I will not purchase this new cheap brand of Vera Bradley product again.

  • may says:

    Boycott! This brand has become JUNK. I’m only 30 but the difference is clear, and I want the good old stuff too.

  • Penny Lovell says:

    I don’t want to export my money to China. I prefer to keep it here.

  • Pattie Wo says:

    I have purchased a significant amount of VB over the years, but am in agreement with the thought process that once the work was shipped to China, VB lost my business. My decision is based on everything from human rights violations in China, jobs lost here in the US, product quality and corporate greed. Let’s face it, the bags were never cheap, and I’d have happily paid a bit more to keep the business her in the US- I guess I’ll just enjoy my past purchases, and try and find vintage
    new on EBay-

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