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Dockside Canvas is coming!

Liz Money, Fabric and Trend CoordinatorOur favorite Fabric and Trend Coordinator, Liz, stops by Inside Stitch to introduce our sun–kissed canvas collection, available for your warm–weather enjoyment this Thursday.

In the fashion world, every season brings about several colors that are very “trend right,” as they say. At Vera Bradley, we usually use these colors to heighten our patterns for the upcoming season or sneak them in as subtle accents to elevate the offerings. For example, last spring the “it” hue was turquoise … hence, Totally Turq. But, for every shade we work in, there are several that we get excited about but can’t fit into the Signature line.

Large Tote in ClementineLarge Tote in Clementine (pairs well with Folkloric)

Small Tote in SandSmall Tote in Sand (pairs well with Lemon Parfait)

The Spring 2011 forecast projected sun-drenched colors as important staples (imagine the bright shades we love, left out to brave and soak up the intense rays of the sun). But placing them in our Signature patterns just seemed to take away from the integrity of the colors and gave the visual impression the fabric had been left out to fade in the elements; not so pretty. So, we found a new outlet to showcase these trendsetters. For the first time, we are offering a laid back collection in durable canvas and three simple styles for you to take, well, anywhere!

Dockside Canvas in IndigoLarge Tote in Indigo (pairs well with Blue Lagoon)

Clutch Cosmetic in PeriwinkleClutch Cosmetic in Periwinkle (pairs well with Boysenberry)

Dockside Canvas accent trim inside

To complement our Signature patterns, we chose three colors that exemplify this sun-drenched fad. We even piped the inside with a micro-floral pattern that ties back to Signature. Look for Clementine (meant to coordinate with Folkloric), Periwinkle (Boysenberry) and Sand (Lemon Parfait) to get your dose of sun-kissed Spring color and Indigo (meant to coordinate with Blue Lagoon) just because we couldn’t resist including this trendy (and one of our favorites) color.

Dockside Canvas officially arrives online and in stores Thursday, March 3!


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